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Spring 2029

Outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


In the outskirts of Riyadh was where EU forces first encountered substantial Sharp Sky resistance. Weak forces further North had been little more than a nuisance to the EU. Now the PMC showed a little more muscle and activated some of it's scouts in and around Riyadh. Firefights took place near the Eastern edge of the city as Sharp Sky tried to eliminate at least some of the substantial force that was, up until now, making it's way effortlessly into the Middle East


Thanks alot to Paul (he is tagged) to help finish it and thanks to Eric The Red for making the description.

Travel clinics are medical facilities that specialize in providing preventive medical care such as vaccinations or altitude sickness medicine to international travelers.[1] The United States' Center for Disease Control publish recommended medical guidelines, the Yellow Book, as a reference for physicians treating international travelers.[2] Immunizations recommended for international travel normally include Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Typhoid, Jellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis.


Medical Response 2010 BMW 116i SE

"Now take a deep breath... You're going to feel a little pinch... I'll be sending you home with some of these."


This is our twelth entry for our Iron Builder. against Tyler Clites and Nannan Zhang!


*Ah yes, and since people have already started asking how the pills were attached, there are two methods we use. 1 is ultra secret and awesome, and we haven't created a tutorial yet, and is really hard to explain... the other is flex tube stuffed into rubber flex tube or pneumatic hose.


It also seems us and Kos keep building similar things this month :P, as well as Gil from the last IB round . (his piece was better suited IMO.)


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Sean & Steph Creations

Once you conclude that you have to make a medical negligence claim you might be worrying about it but if you find the right solicitor they can help you through all the complications and make it as stress free as possible. First of all though you have to find a capable and trustworthy legal representative. The thing is, how do you find the right one? This is a guide to help you in your search for the best Clinical Negligence solicitor for you.


Its easy first of all to find who you must choose between by finding all local medical negligence lawyers on line. Their websites will give you most of the information you need such as past cases and bios of employees. Its also helpful if any local law firms are recommended by your friends or relatives. Its up to you how much time you spend on research but eventually you must choose the most promising ones to meet with face to face.


Usually these first meetings are free and come with no obligation to use that particular law firm. This is a good opportunity to find out as much as you can about the firm and how they will handle your case. You will probably find this meeting nerve wracking so have a notepad, possibly have the questions you have previously down on paper, and jot down their responses. Your work should be to inquire and their own is to provide you with the the answers that you'll require.


You actually don't have to really feel obligated to do business with the very first solicitor, even should they have put in time together with you during this first appointment. It is crucial that you are making an educated selection therefore if a solicitor does not provide you with the complete and honest responses that you'll require please cross them off of your checklist and proceed to the next. the most notable concern right here is to locate a solicitor who will do the job, deal with your case and get the payment that you simply should have. Also, if at any time throughout the procedures you are feeling that you're not pleased with the one which you've chosen then you're completely in your legal rights to switch her or him but you should check first of all to ensure it doesn't impact your financing.


It will cost you absolutely nothing to perform the initial investigation on the internet to locate all of your local appropriate solicitors using the required expertise. Once you've made a decision to set up a claim for medical negligence, the earlier you get a solicitor, the earlier you may be paid for your problems.

Or whatever you want it to be, it's an old build and now I need the bricks. :3


The Mobile Medical Unit is like a space ambulance/ER. Comes complete with two operating/recovery tables and all the supplies needed to stabilize patients before their extraction. Huge sensor array guides the MMU with uplink to the carrier vessel for increased guidance.

Medical Archive Decay


HDR 7 scatti

Fotocamera: Nikon D700

Aperture: f/4

Shutter Speed: 5 s

Lente: 14 mm

ISO: 200

Exposure Bias: 0 EV

Flash: Off, Did not fire

Lens: Nikkor AF-S FX 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

Ho modificato questa tipologia di foto mediche in HDR per non mostrare immagini che potrebbero disturbarne la visione ad osservatori particolarmente sensibili.

Medical Rescue Fire Response car. Seen at ESS2014, NEC, Birmingham - 25.9.14

Ho modificato questa tipologia di foto mediche in HDR per non mostrare immagini che potrebbero disturbarne la visione ad osservatori particolarmente sensibili.

ERS Medical Renault ambulance perked up behind Vauxhall station - 16.9.14

Trinity Mission with Pere73 and Topoloco02

HH-60M Medevac Blackhawk.

Provide medical services of the highest quality in the fields of gynecology obstetrics, always with modern natural areas, state of the art equipment and highly qualified personnel to meet the needs and expectations of our patients. Visit us at

Homeworld Shipbreakers Microfleet

Just something that I used in Chaos.

Lincolnshire Medical Services Skoda RRV. Seen at ESS2014, NEC, Birmingham - 25.9.14

Summilux50/1.4 (3rd) Pre-ASPH

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