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A common and versatile design originally produced in the fabrication pits of the Panama Free Economic Zone, the Grunt hardsuit has been called the AK-47 of mecha for its ease of use and reliability.




SHIPtember isn't even halfway over yet but I've got that MaK itch that only some mecha goodness can cure. Hope you guys like this one, I'm planning about 4 or 5 variants.


A German-American mecha :)

Kurashikaru meka,

nothing special, kinda was taken along by my actual mech building.

Heavy Artillery Unit Variant-002 Mecha


Cold weather type

He'll chop you in half and boogie at the same time.




Trying out new backgrounds! The mech was inspired by this talented person.




Enjoy, and don't get addicted to that lime green because I'll have a new colour next time. :3

I suck at naming things. The thing on it's back is supposed to give it electricity powers or something.

My entry for the Mechahub "junk mecha" contest.


It ended up being more like a junk-yard mecha than a junk mecha I guess. I liked the idea of using a bunch of those Power Miners roll cages to protect delicate joints like the ankles and shoulders, that you would always be banging on stuff in a crowded, disorganized space junkyard.


The grabber arm has sharpened fingers so it can double as a "jaws-of-life"-style hydraulic cutter. If you've ever worked construction, you know that a bucket attachment is useful for more than just digging--you can also carry stuff in it, and bash stuff out of the way.


Also features a roll-cage protected operator seat, plenty of handholds and hardpoints, warning light, two spotlights and a bunch of heavy duty chains for lifting/pulling.

Name: Onyx


Mecha Class: Oni


Unit Type: Heavy Defensive, Load Bearing Unit

Operator: Sir Jacob Lee

Height: 10.51m

Weight: 72.8 Tons

Top Speed: 150km

Max Vertical Jump: 3.4m

Armor Type: Extreme Heavy weight, high density organic carbon alloy infused with black mithril>

Some random MOC from me.

I wanted to build Matoran's statue with Copper mask (something like ""The Akilini Winner), but during building process I realised, that it look more like some futuristic mech. So I changed my plans and rebuilt body. Now it's an exosuit for minifigure. :P

Interesting fact - exosuit consist only from light grey details, except one 4 long stick in torso and glass. It was pretty hard no to use black 2 longed sticks. :S

For more realistic view black gun can be placed on model's back.

Pilot can easiliy be removed.

Just for lulz I added one photo with sword and shiled, it looks pretty good, IMHO.

I also have some photos of my original idea, you can see it here:


Early in the 22nd century, massive multi-ped cranes were designed which were capable of building generic pre-fab office buildings on greenfield prairies in a matter of hours. The resulting abundance of habitat for insurance and investment nerds, lawyers and accountants ushered in an age of economic prosperity.


Built for the Mechahub Civilian Mecha Contest.

This is my entry for the Brickworld 2011 event kit. It's a mecha with five sections (this year's theme is "5") in the five Brickworld colors.


109 pieces.

Name: Gleipnir


Mecha Class: Jaeger

Manufacturer: Armarth Armory

Unit Type: Heavy Defensive, Low Mobility Unit

Operator: Mass production unit

Height: 9.8m

Weight: 58 Tons

Top Speed: 80km

Max Vertical Jump: 4.4m

Armor Type: Heavy weight/ density, carbonated steel plating


Comments people, comments!!!

Just a couple of quick snaps of a civilian construction mecha.

So yeah I've been away for 7 weeks in Europe, it's been amazing, I met up with Stijn which was a crazy experience, hanging out with a mate you've been talking to online for over 2 years is pretty amazing. Needless to say I had a great time.


anyway now i'm back to the normal world and back building so this is my first contribution to Ma.Ktober, guess you could call this a warm up? anyways i'm pretty late so yeah.


Finally better pics. Be3f's mecha on the left and my iteration on the right


Thanks to .JSP. for the photos and kyleph for lending the lightbox

My entry for the MechaHub Iron Mecha Challenge. Photo by Neil Helm.

gave it some new shoulder armor.

For mecha madness

used Kyle's fancy new camera

Multi role mecha made forthe challenge over at Mecha Hub. Basic type.

An unarmed science mecha. He does science things. Like finding the last plant in existence.


Credit to my subconscious knowledge of Mark Sandlin's DEEPFRAH. Only after I completed it did I realize it beared striking resemblance, albeit much smaller and less FRAP-ier.


Follow me:



Is gonna rip you a new one, and will enjoy doing it too


A submarine construction/maintenance mech, built for the Civilian Mecha Contest (if I can figure out how to post an entry, I'm interweb impaired).

Just messing around with old grey. Enjoy! :P

feat apash and imf crew

"Back in War, I drive Natasha walking armor. At first I hate her. She is big and ugly.


After war, she is recycled. Make me sad... but I get to keep driver's seat. Put it in my home. No place feel safer."


A bit of a rush job on the render before the holiday. Might clean it up a bit later.


I wanted to make a mecha that housed a micro-figure - because reasons. It didn't turn out too bad.


This is just a WIP which will eventually turn into my entry over at Mecha Hub.

The Legs are from The AT-AT model....the rest is monsterized

A labour mecha, of sorts. It lifts and carries things. Thigh joints cribed from Ironsniper.

I was going for as small as I can get it.

I called this "Doom bug" at BF09. That was one of the names I came up with. However I like Olympus Defence mecha better. A kind of tribute to one of my favorite manga works; Project Appleseed by Shiro Masemune.


This took about a month to build and is rather big. As you can see it stands on its own.

Compact exosuit/mecha

Height: 9cm

My entry into round two of the Hardsuit All-stars Contest.


Largest mecha that I've ever built.

Every inch has been worked and re-worked.

It still may be updated if I get the time to do so.


C&C welcome!

I'm beginning to really like this mecha thing. :) This one is inspired greatly by Titolian, one of the greatest mecha builders of all time.

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