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Slightly revised. Steel Battalion-ish. Minifig pilot inside.

Inspired by MiloZ. I wanted to add functions to this one, and I did! The sub arms fold out, the back has an attachment to hold the minifig's gun as well. The entire thing is very posable and opens up to take out the fig easily. Enjoy! :)

Designed to be the frontline brawler the Sandpiper could never be, the badger was considered by most to be a success in it’s day. Well, mostly…


Learning from the mistakes made with it’s sibling, the Badger received a lower stance and a sturdier frame on which was hung heavy armor plating. To move all this mass, the engine output was upped significantly and everything was geared very low.


The result was basically what had been expected- heavy footed and ridiculously slow but well armored and significantly more agile than a tank. It was this unexpected “slow, stable, agility” that really ended up defining the Badger and its role in the war. Instead of duking it out right up at the front line as was originally intended, the Badger became a supremely agile mid range artillery platform.


Able to traverse any terrain and climb almost any slope, it could strategically position itself atop ridges, hid in dense forests, and even occasionally navigate its way to the upper levels of a crumbling building. To fire accurately from these superior vantage points, the Badger was fitted with a new long barreled, high velocity 37mm gun as well as the absolute state of the art in targeting hardware.


But it was this complex hardware that proved the Badger’s Achilles heel and not, as some had speculated, the exposed belts on the lower legs which were small enough to rarely be hit by enemy fire and supremely easy to replace in the field. No, it was the targeting system that, when functioning properly proved to be highly effective, never the less broke down almost constantly. Modifications were made to try and remedy the problem, but by the time they finally got it right, the war was all but over.


So the Badger never truly got its day in the sun and we are still left without the elusive “frontline brawler” walker the brass is clamoring for…




So…I have to be honest and say that I did not wake up this morning expecting to post a lego creation or even touch the bricks at all. And yet, here I am. Not sure if this is and end to my recent dark age or not, but I’m hopeful. And there is certainly still that veritable mountain of WIPs that has been staring me in the face for the past year, so…


Never quite got this one together...

Delightfully ugly and misshapen! The lower leg is one of these for everybody too lazy to search Bricklink.

Name: Onyx


Mecha Class: Oni


Unit Type: Heavy Defensive, Load Bearing Unit

Operator: Sir Jacob Lee

Height: 10.51m

Weight: 72.8 Tons

Top Speed: 150km

Max Vertical Jump: 3.4m

Armor Type: Extreme Heavy weight, high density organic carbon alloy infused with black mithril>

My entry for the Mechahub "junk mecha" contest.


It ended up being more like a junk-yard mecha than a junk mecha I guess. I liked the idea of using a bunch of those Power Miners roll cages to protect delicate joints like the ankles and shoulders, that you would always be banging on stuff in a crowded, disorganized space junkyard.


The grabber arm has sharpened fingers so it can double as a "jaws-of-life"-style hydraulic cutter. If you've ever worked construction, you know that a bucket attachment is useful for more than just digging--you can also carry stuff in it, and bash stuff out of the way.


Also features a roll-cage protected operator seat, plenty of handholds and hardpoints, warning light, two spotlights and a bunch of heavy duty chains for lifting/pulling.

I've been impressed by some Hollywood Sci-Fi concept arts.

Name: Onyx


Mecha Class: Oni


Unit Type: Heavy Defensive, Load Bearing Unit

Operator: Sir Jacob Lee

Height: 10.51m

Weight: 72.8 Tons

Top Speed: 150km

Max Vertical Jump: 3.4m

Armor Type: Extreme Heavy weight, high density organic carbon alloy infused with black mithril>

...And done. I've been working on this guy on and off for at least a couple months now. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Just wish I was better at taking pictures.

My first diorama for the Builder's Lounge contest.


Here is the BS gallery...

"Jacked up and good to go."

Just a couple of quick snaps of a civilian construction mecha.


For mecha madness

used Kyle's fancy new camera

A little fuel for your nightmares.


Sweet dreams, kiddies...

Because guys in big rubber suits don't go down easy.

builder walker unit at this time! stop the violence in the world of lego hahahahahah!

I called this "Doom bug" at BF09. That was one of the names I came up with. However I like Olympus Defence mecha better. A kind of tribute to one of my favorite manga works; Project Appleseed by Shiro Masemune.


This took about a month to build and is rather big. As you can see it stands on its own.

I think this is the most pose-able thing I've ever made.

I've been itching to build another mech for a while, but I really wanted to build something badass! This guy's based off my Moodland Scale Samurai Vader fig with some serious Gundam influence.

Expect more pics tomorrow!

A German-American mecha :)

Well it reminds me of the Scrin Shock Trooper.

It gets dark really early these days. Gotta wait for a day off to take some nice pictures.


Might add some more details and rework the rifle yet, too.

All terrain scout walker

My entry for the MechaHub Iron Mecha Challenge. Photo by Neil Helm.

Looked like ten thousand people standing on the burial ground

I didn't know that I loved her 'till they began to let her down


You know it's so hard to love

Someone that don't love you




A strange blend of Francis Bacon and White Stripes, what's not to love?

[I'm in my pretentious art student phase]

OK, took a little advice from SuperHardcoreDave and Apocalust and tweaked the original model a bit.

Originally it was going to transform into a jet but that didn't work out so well. :[

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Land, unmanned. Influenced by the works of Junji Okubo.

When it's cold outside and the battle is raging on, it's nice to have some of these on your side. Made specifically for low temperature conditions and proved itself helpful against pilots cold feet.


Not the best, but the nice one. ^_^

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