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I treated myself to a bunch of Ranunculus as they are one of my absolute favourite flowers and I just cannot grow them! The mum of my very first boyfriend (many, many years ago) grew them in her garden in NZ where I spent my teenage years, I am sure that's where my love for them came from (my boyfriend used to pick them for me without her knowing lol!).


You may well see quite a few images of these beauties from me, I apologise in advance if I over do it!

I went back in my tent for 2 hours..i took 1 photo ! and it is my favorite ! (until now !)


Always remember the Hindu proverb .... i'll try to translate as best as i can.. i'm french canadian...


There is nothing great in the fact of being better then another person, the true nobility is being superior to what you were previously.


il n'y a rien de grand dans le fait d'être supéreur à un autre, la véritable noblesse consiste à être supérieur à ce qu'on était auparavent .



My contacts can see a bigger size !


No Photoshop, all in camera, minimal crop ;-)

Pas de Photoshop prise tel quel, à peine recadré ;-)


Get my new calendar ! Mon nouveau calendrier !

Me in the Mesquite dunes in the Death Valley desert, posing for a funny photo... shared with



None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Cabo de Trafalgar, Caños de Meca (Cádiz - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + Cokin filters: X121S


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

"I Love You" installation at Circular Quay. Vivid Sydney 2016

The heart sculpture measures people's love through courageous proclamations as they shout 'I love you!' as loud as possible.


Looking forward to Vivid Sydney 2017


Dedicated to Annamaria she is always so sweet with me and has a superb photostream, check it out!

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My best friend... People was telling me that a friendship between a man and a woman is possible and i was laughing saying there is not even a slight chance for that to happen . Well i stopped laughing and here i am today saying how right they were and the reason is this man here on my foto, Ali. He has been there for me in hard times, real life hard times and Sl hard times, supporting me, comforting me, kicking my a@@ when i was taking the wrong turn and bringing me back straight. He stand there just listening to me hours and hours without judging me but only reminding me how strong i was so strong that i could make anything happen.

And i say is a blessing to have such a person u can call "best friend" and is an honor to have such a person in my life.

So heres to our friends, to the people that give love without asking back, to the people that are not there for us in good times but in bad times, cause in bad times we see who our friends are...

Thank you hun and i hope im able to give back a small part of the kindness and smile u give to me every signle day.


I was searching utube to find a nice song that would fit to this foto to which he kindly posed with me, so i came across an amazing voice "Hollywood Anderson and his song Called Infatuated" his voice is devine... so really worths to listen to it.


Have an amazing weekend all :)

I was chatting to this monkey on the common, he's called Barry, and halfway through his rather interesting suggestion about the benefits of hair straighteners he just fell silent....stared straight passed me.....said, "Fuck... me!" and scampered off into the distance...

I was out buying groceries today and was kind of stuck outside the store for a bit necause of pouring rain! I saw these beautiful potted Hydrangeas and decided to buy them. There is just something so lovely, pretty, girly and romantic about Hydrangeas...definitely one of my faves. I used Isabelles Soulful actions (Comfort I think) folowed by Rain and Softblue of Christabelles actions. I must have made about 15 different copies and settled on these 2. The second one has a Gina's textue on it. I think I like this one better because it pops more.


to my Guardian:

"She stands firmly on her own two feet and I just behind her should she ever need me"

Pose by Coobs

I need another story

Something to get off my chest.

My life gets kind of boring.

Need something that I can confess.


Till all my sleeves are stained red.

From all the truth that I've said.

Come by it honestly I swear

Thought you saw me wink, no, I've been on the brink, so.


Tell me what you want to hear.

Something that'll like those ears.

Sick of all the insincere

So I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

This time

Don't need another perfect lie.

Don't care if critics never jump in line

I'm gonna give all my secrets away.


My God, amazing how we got this far

It's like we're chasing all those stars.

Who drive the shiny big black cars


and everyday I see the news.

All the problems we could solve

And when a situation rises

Just write it into an album

send it straight to gold

I don't really like my flow, oh, so.


Tell me what you want to hear

Something that'll like those ears.

Sick of all the insincere

So I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

This time

Don't need another perfect lie

Don't care if critics never jump in line

I'm gonna give all my secrets away


Got no reason

Got no shame

Got no family

I can blame

Just don't let me disappear

I'mma tell you everything


Tell me what you want to hear.

Something that'll like those ears.

Sick of all the insincere

So I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

This time

Don't need another perfect lie

Don't care if critics never jump in line

I'm Gonna give all my secrets away.


All my secrets away

Song by:One Republic


Happy First of May!


Straight from the camera:-)

I've had a print of this picture on the wall for around 6 months now and it still delights me as much today as when I made it. It has to be the all time favourite picture of mine, so maybe it's about time to get it printed properly, matted and framed.............

I've always had an affinity for the unique ..the unusual. I think we all one time or another thought ..Omg please just point me to the Island Of the Misfits!! Anyways ..I saw and fell in love with these two ...immediately ..had to have them and had to post em. Wanted to squeeze them tight SO Frankie and Annie .. you have a home in my lil ole photo stream. :))))


Photo taken at:

I was having my coffee this morning at my veranda, when this little bird made a rough landing on my table.

I thought it would go away but the little thing wouldn't move.

So I rushed inside to get my camera hoping when I come back it would be still there.

And it was!

But as I went nearer to get a picture, I noticed that it was something wrong with her left foot.

I'm not an expert on feathered birds and to tell the truth here, neither an expert on the other kind of birds.

I'm trying to understand them all my life, with no success, yet.....but there is a future.......

Cut the long story short, I took 3 pictures of it and as I was trying to think what should I do to save her, she flew away.

This is the best of the 3 pictures I got and I have no idea what bird it is.

I would appreciate if the experts on Flickr can help me.

Many thanks.

However, I understand Common Redpolls visit here as well as Alaska. This is a March snowy scene from 2013 during a Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin irruption. Bliss!


Please consider investing in the private protection of critical habitats. One I help to support is (Nature Conservancy).


Many thanks for looking.

Me and my Bestie ♥

Finally together

My last one of the highly publisied Cuckoo

I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs,

A palace and a prison on each hand:

I saw from out the wave her structures rise

As from the stroke of an enchanter’s wand.


--George Gordon, Lord Byron

For me this is just about my fave portrait i have taken of her. But the light streaming in the window totally blew out her hair, leaving that white blotchy bit, which is annoying...any idea how to fix that, i cannot clone it right. BW looks better for the hair, but i love her eyes here...

I’m afraid Cinderella is late to the ball and there’s no sign of those mice and their carriage. Looks like I’ll have to pick up my skirts and walk! This is a seriously beautiful satin ballgown from Junbug that you can still get for a few days more from the Enchantment event. If you’ve got any sense you’ll go and buy it!!



i eat them for anxiety to relax my lungs...munch munch munch, go eat strawberries #_#

My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

(Anna M Uhlich)


Thanks for viewing Flickr friends! :))


My mission was to drive out 15 miles south of town on old #52 where two eagles have a nest hoping for another chance of photographing the eagles.

The drive out there is fields and small little ponds and swamps and where many wild deer are spotted during the winter looking for food near dusk.


There was one eagle in the nest and laying quite low so am thinking it's sitting on an egg or eggs. I waited patiently for the other eagle to fly back to the nest so this one could leave and go hunt. There were no sightings of eagles or birds flying and so decided to drive down and turn around and head back.

It was like magic, while slowly driving back down the road, I saw this white bird fly into tall grassy area.

Pulling the car over on side of road hoping not to be noticed .

It was tricky crawling out of the car with camera and half bent over going towards the tall grasses . This is where I spot the gorgeous white egret standing in the water and what a beautiful sight. I slowly bring up my camera hoping to get at least one good photo of this amazing egret,


It's my first ever egret photo as they hide and are mostly in larger lakes however this one must have made a stop before heading to the lakes area.


Yes....I spy.....and soon he will fly....


leaving me feeling so blessed just to see it and get one good photo ....truly worth the drive !

My daughter is discovering old Kyoto

“Got stones in my stomach and they’re in my brain

You faded away and I lost my way

Too close to ignore, too far to talk to

Wrinkles around yours and tears around my eyes

At least it’s getting late tonight and I

Wonder if you think about me sometimes

I got your words in my pocket but they’re hard to bare

I started to cry and you didn’t even care

Put my pen in the box that will be opened tonight

Times have changed since you held me in your arms

At least someone is laying down in yours

Can I ask, do you even miss me sometimes?”

♫♪ d[-_-]b ♬♩ I Wonder ~ The Him (feat. LissA)


♥ Credits ♥


Featuring: BishBox | Chic Moda | Razor | Doe | Empyrean Forge | Identity | DRD | Bauhaus Movement

♪♫ If I ever said I'm never scared

Just know I mean it

If I ever said I fucked your bitch

Just know I mean it

And if I ever said I'm gettin' money

Just know I mean it

And, oh, Lord. Oh, Lord knows

He knows I mean it

Yeah, you know I mean it

You know I mean it

Just know I mean it

Just know I mean it

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah ♪♫





I have been infected please don't come near, for I may infect you. this disease is a monster, that attacks your weakness,

Look at this rain doesn't even removes those stain

I am just infected i wanna wash away those pains


@ mode one shiny katana resident

Visit this amazing sim who loves the rain


So I had this obsession with photographing every Yak I came across on a recent trip in south-west China close to Tibet.


This one was during a toilet stop on a mountain road. I came across the Yak casually grazing away so I snuck round to get a good shot of it. Then it turned and stared at me. My heart started racing and it was either just quickly snap the shot or duck into the (smelly) toilet block behind me. I held my ground and clicked away wondering if it would charge me. Thankfully it was more afraid and turned to run down the hill. Phew!

My beautiful Sis Kelsea ♥


Pose by .click - Dandelion



Kiss the Rain (inc 20 poses)




Natural Tones (size) Backward

FABIA for Black Fair start 07th april


Dress:Kastle Rock Couture


Kastle Rock Couture for Black Fair start 07th april




CODEX for Black Fair start 07th april


Shoes: Essenz

Italy (All colors)

Essenz for Black Fair start 07th april


Mask: :::NOIR:::

El Diablo Mask




Ruslana Maitreya



Gloves:Violent Seduction

Lilith Gloves (Red)

Violent Seduction


Location:Once Upon A FairyTale


Matterhorn, Riffelsee Lake, Switzerland.


My friends, wish you have a happy week@

I'm think that makeup doesn't matter, I don't care if die tonight. i wanna be beautiful at least just only tonight. Don't shed my tears. Don't shed.



I love taking nature photos as you may already know. This Moscovy duck was at a location I was temporarily staying in Delray Beach, Florida. Every time I would take a walk to investigate the neighborhood canal this little guy would see me and make his way toward me. Then he would proceed to follow me everywhere I went. This continued until the folks in the community would ask, "Is this your duck?" or "I've never seen a duck follow someone around like that!" etc. etc.


For some reason we bonded and then at night I'd sit beneath the palm trees with a few of these Muscovys and feel as if I was part of their family. I will never forget this moment in my life and I love my friend moscovy. Guess I'm the lucky duck!

I wish you all a beautiful & blessed day..

my weed is so loud I can't hear your bullshit :D



My brother posted a picture, he titled "eat your heart out Prada...", this is a cowboy version of the same shot. Here is a link to his picture

Thank you all (!!!) for so many views, comments and faves!! :)) This is now one of the most commented photo here in Flickr!!


Canon EOS 400D + Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM


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These are a few of my favorite things:

a lovely friend and

her beautiful daughters (my models, smile);

the beach, the sea, the sun,

and The wonderful Island...


When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad


"My Favorite Things"


Magpie mine on a windswept afternoon.....the conditions and clouds made for a very evocative scene....must thank good friend Tracey Whitefoot for calling me over to show this view, Tracey thought it would make a wonderful composition and of course she was spot on....

I recently visited an university for a try-out day where I followed a couple of lectures for philosophy. It was a rather interesting experience. Though I admittedly did not find all the lectures particularly interesting, there was one that stuck by me. [read more...]



Oh, and don't forget to take a look at Cyanna's version! ♥


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Information and credits in comments


Please don't use any of my images on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved

"I wonder if you realize that the colors in the sunset and the way the light reflects off of the now broken panes of glass, and the perfect little delicate flower petals were made just for YOU to remind you every day of the miracle of your own life.


I wonder if you see the perfectly imperfect way your life has unfolded up to this point, and how everything you have lived through has made you into the phenomenal soul you are today.


I wonder if you realize that sometimes difficult things do not happen TO you, but they happen FOR you?


I wonder if you know? And if you didn't, I hope you know now.

You are wonderful. You are valuable. You are unique. And you matter. "


~The Universe

"Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

mm, I get high with a little help from my friends!"



...just a way to say "thank you"...for your friendship!!!

Thanks all! :-)


A candid shot of my little daughter when she was busy playing. The 70-300 is surprisingly good for candid portraits as well. I have got many such beautiful shots from a distance without bothering her.


Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)

Aperture f/7.1

Focal Length 135 mm

ISO Speed 400

Exposure Bias 0 EV

Lens Canon EF 70-300

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