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I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;

And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,

And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea gulls crying.


John Maysfield (1878-1967)


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after singing God Bless America at the seventh inning stretch at the Giants-Phillies game in San Francisco Wednesday.

This is located on Highway 485 just a few miles east of New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maysfield, TX of Milam County, Texas. Take US77 north from Cameron to FM 485; turn east (right) onto FM 485 for 5.7 miles to FM 979; New Providence P. B. Church is at intersection of FM 485 & 979. A few miles east of the church is where this is located.

History of Milam County: In 1835 the legislative body of the Provisional Government of Texas named it the Municipality of Milam, in honor of Benjamin Rush Milam (For story of "Old Ben Milam" see: . It was during the first Congress of the Republic of Texas that the municipality came to be called Milam County. At that time the boundaries of the county were roughly the same as those of the colony granted to Leftwich, comprising one-sixth of the land area of Texas. In addition to the present Milam County, the counties of Bell, Bosque, Burleson, Coryell, Erath, Falls, Hamilton, Hood, Jones, McLennan, Robertson, Shackelford, Somervell, Stephens, and Williamson were eventually carved out of the original Milam County. Brazos, Brown, Burnet, Callahan, Comanche, Eastland, Haskell, Hill, Johnson, Lampasas, Lee, Limestone, Mills, Palo Pinto, Parker, Stonewall, Throckmorton, and Young counties also received land from Milam County. By 1850, with the exception of a small area between Williamson and Bell counties, Milam County had been reduced to its present size.

Cameron, the Milam county seat, is at the intersection of U.S. highways 77 and 190 on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, sixty miles northeast of Austin and 140 miles south of Dallas.

Wildlife in Milam County includes rabbits, wolves, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, wildcats, skunks, and armadillos, as well as a number of bird, fish, and reptile species. The climate is temperate; the average minimum temperature is 39° F in January, and the average high temperature is 96° in July. The growing season averages 256 days annually, and the rainfall averages thirty-five inches.

For more detailed info on the history of Milam County see:


9th inning of the 2014 NLDS Game 4 Giants vs Nationals

The fans go crazy sunday after pitcher Jonathan Sanchez triples and scores the game's first run.

early to the first row!


(from the field on photoday

at san francisco giants ballpark )

About 4.30 we saw loads of gulls headed out to roost, then this flock of oystercatchers came literally over my left shoulder and landed on the quay down by maysfield. There's about another six or seven of them out of shot.


Pentax K7 and Sigma 105mm 2.8 EX DG Macro.

prior to the Giants - Rangers game, June 19, 2009

Down near the Maysfield Lock/Leisure Centre in Belfast, looking upriver towards Ormeau and Ravenhill Reach.


K7 and Sigma 17-35mm 2.8-4.0 EX DG.

They brought back poor Crazy Crab, the mid-80's hated Giants mascot, for a salute last Friday.

moment of love: looking into the ballpark at night from the right field fence. san francisco

Pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim reels after throwing the ball that was hit today for Barry Bonds' 715th career home run, passing Babe Ruth for second on the all-time list.

The crowd went wild....


As the sign said it was "the land of The Freak, not the home of the braves" tonight in San Francisco in game one of the SF-ATL NL Division Series. Lincecum pitched magnificently, 14 strikeouts, a complete game shutout.

As the players rush onfield after the victory, Pablo Sandoval and Jose Uribe do a congratulatory flying belly-bump.

at the giants-dodgers game on the fourth of july

In San Francisco for the first round of the Giants/Dodgers rivalry for 2007.

More pictures from the game at

and and

David at the Ballpark


an Episode of David's Pointless Minute


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Two years ago when I last photographed this piece of public art it was not in good condition but it is now looking good.


Location: Cromac Springs, Maysfield

Title: Weights 2000

Artist: Mike Hogg and the Markets Development Association

Three stainless steel weights on a bed of tiles, which include reflective text. The piece was designed and made by Mike Hogg in consultation with the Markets Development Association to recall a time when the markets contributed greatly to Belfast’s economy.

a regular K for each swinging strikeout and a backwards one for "caught looking". 13 recorded on the wall at AT&T Park last night in Game One of the National League Division Series between the Giants and the Atlanta Braves.

Tim Lincecum struck out the last batter as well, but I don't know if they ever got that 14th K on the wall.

shea hillenbrand, the newest Giant, breaks his bat while hiting in this afternoon's game with the Padres. 1/4000 of a second rocks!

Laganside Art Trails

"Connecting people, places and art"

Over 30 pieces of high quality art have been commissioned and installed throughout Laganside. Through establishing links between art, its audiences and places, Laganside aimed to bring unique and distinctive works of art to the area for the benefit of all both locals and visitors.

Each art piece was chosen to enhance the development space in which it sits. Many have been created by local artists and a number reflect Belfast’s great industrial history, while others celebrate its changing face.

There are three art trails within the Laganside area. A stroll around the art trails will also take you along tranquil riverside pathways and introduce you to many of the buildings of new Belfast.

The art is varied along the three trails, which can last up to two hours each. The pieces include cast iron figures, sculptured brick monuments, tiled and fabric wall murals and bronze and stainless steel statues.

Art Trail 1

Clarendon Dock | Cross Harbour | Cathedral Quarter

Approximate time: 1 hour

Distance: 1 mile / 1.8 km

Art Trail 2

Donegall Quay | Hanover Quay | Gregg's Quay | Lanyon Place

Approximate time: under 1 hour

Distance: 3/4 mile / 1.2 km

Art Trail 3

Maysfield | Cromac Springs | The Gasworks | Haulers Way | Ormeau Bridge | Govenor's Bridge

Approximate time: under 2 1/2 hours

Distance: 2 1/2 miles / 4 km

This has been maybe the best baseball weekend of the year, with the Giants trailing three games behind the wild card leader Rockies and sweeping the three-game series to tie for the wild card lead.

There are still 31 games left, 12 against teams with better records, but the Giants are looking like a postseason team for the first time in a long time.


Here, in last night's game, Barry Zito throws the circle changeup pitch.

Here's how:


A bearded brian wilson came into the Dodgers-Giants game last night to get the save and guarantee another September win for his team.


He is tied for the Major League lead with 43 saves.

home plate, before and after, at the ballpark. that's one shocked pitcher!

Barry Bonds ties the game in the bottom of the 8th inning tonight in San Francisco with his 738th career home run. The ball left the park over the right field wall, as seen in:


Wishing he could have that pitch back is Cardinals reliever Ryan Franklin, at right. Rich Aurilia drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 12th.

..that's what Brian Wilson was fined for wearing orange spikes on his orange shoes.

last night at the Giants-Padres game in San Francisco

my mom knitted some black and orange fruit cozies so i can take apples to the ballgame in my backpack without them getting bruised.


For the first time in seven seasons, the Giants were in first place in the western division on september 19th.

at the Giants game yesterday, at the Dog Days of Summer event, where fans can bring their dogs and sit in the bleachers. Billie's the one with the giant tongue. What a sweetie!

This was sort of an accidental part of a corner of another shot I was taking, but I thought the bokeh and all came out pretty neat.

Maysfield, Milam County


Photographer: Ben Heimsath

Constituted in 1866 with eight charter members, New Providence Primitive Baptist Church has served this rural area of Milam County for over a century. Elders William Thomas and G. W. McDonald were the church's original preachers. Members first held their services in a schoolhouse in Maysfield. This property was deeded to the church in 1899. That same year, members built a white frame structure in which they continued to worship at the turn of the 21st century. The church grounds remain in use as a gathering place for families, and church services continue to reflect the doctrines of the founders. (2001) (Marker No. 12447)

Hi kids. Take it from me, Berry Bonds, taking illegal drugs is the key to a successful career!

Jonathan Sanchez' 8 strikeouts (in a losing effort) were duly recorded as the moon rose over the ballpark tonight during the Giants/Tigers game.

pitching last night in San Francisco

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