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Haleakala, at 10,023 ft., is the highest point on Maui, Hawaii. It is a dormant volcano which last erupted in 1790 and sunrise is reputed to be stellar. I agree!


I rose at 1:30 in the morning to be in position on the western edge of the crater caldera. It was extremely cold and only made worse by a fierce wind. My companion and I both had ample cold weather gear, but were pretty chilly nonetheless. The shots I took made it worth the effort. We rode bicycles down the mountain and it was exhilarating!!

The winds were blowing like crazy this afternoon creating some amazing waves, which in turn creates huge blows from the blow hole.


Kihei Canoe Club's outrigger canoes sit facing the Pacific Ocean.

Botanical Garden off the infamous Hana Highway.

Maui, Hawaii.

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10,000 Ft Sunrise


A 98 megapixel panorama created from six individual photos, showcasing a high elevation (10,023 feet at the summit) sunrise at Haleakalā National Park.


The lack of light/environmental pollution and dynamic weather patterns make Haleakala an sunrises a unique experience. This morning the strong off shore trade winds held the clouds against the visitor center, only allowing small sections of sunrise to be visible.


A 150mp panorama from 7 handheld images... The Haleakala Volcano is an active volcano that stands at 10,000ft. The crater contains up to 14 lava cones, a new lava cone can be formed at anytime.

Looking west from Lahaina, Maui toward the island of Lanai.


Secret Beach, Makena Maui


This photo was taken by a friend of mine who is to shy to post in flickr

It is posted with her consent: Kirsten Rounds. I think it is quite a shot!! She uses a point and shoot...

Taken from the top of Haleakala Volcano (10,000ft up)


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Goodnight from Kalama Park - Maui.

Tonight's sunset was a bit more brilliant after another stellar day!


This is near the summit - this massive depression is 11.25 km (7 mi) across, 3.2 km (2 mi) wide, and nearly 800 m (2,600 ft) deep. The surrounding walls are steep and the interior mostly barren-looking with a scattering of volcanic cones.

There are trails leading into this area that can be done over days or just the day - depending on how far you go.

The air is much thinner up here, so you have to be in very good physical shape to do these hikes.

The colors are simply amazing!

Another shot from the rough, windy side of Maui. About 10 miles past the Ulupalakua Ranch/Tedeschi Winery area that most tourist never get to. If I ever get back to Maui, I plan on doing some serious photography on this side!


Best viewed Large!



Leley Noronha © All rights reserved.


Left behind and forgotten in the backcountry of Maui.

Slowly being claimed by the earth and wrapped in the arms of mother nature.

Off the beach of Maui, Hawaii

Tonight brings us to......Kihei on Maui on Kam II beach for sunset.

The burst of warmth and tropical essence when you leave the plane when first arriving here is very soothing.

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Two versions of the same scene. At the ten thousand foot top of the Haleakala Crater, looking over the ocean and Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. We found a ledge that blocked the icy wind and set up our chairs and ate dinner. It was hard to eat and not take pictures, as the sun sunk into the clouds with their ever changing colors and details.

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In the clouds at about 8-9 thousand feet, while trying to find the Maui Redwood Forest. At this point the visibility closed in to around 20-30 feet.

The peacefulness draws you in when driving by, it is impossible not to stop and take some time to soak in the view.


View Large. Kolea or Pacific golden plover. In non-breeding plumage. On the boardwalk at Keālia Pond, Maui

A change-up from the past that has been in my holding folder forever.

It is a little bit better to view in LARGE. (recommended)


This photo is Non HDR or blended images and taken from just one exposure.


This was on the higher elevation and located on Island of Maui around the area of Haleakala Crater.


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This can be view, was selected and featured in my Pentax Photo Gallery


Lana'i shot from the Maui Jim Sport fishing boat

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No, I'm not in Hawaii. Just another of those old vacation pictures that I liked but never posted.


I used a small pocket flashlight to light the green on the rock.


Now that I have a wide angle lens, I would really like to go back and try this type of shot again.

Another of the many shots I took while out in the ocean with my waterproof cameras. I liked the colors here and tweaked them in photoshop.

125 megapixel panorama of the pacific ocean waves crashing onto the rocky shoreline of the Northern Coastline of Maui, Hawaii.

These beauties come in to bask every afternoon on the beach and recently have been starting to come in during the day - a characteristic that is not common and occurs mainly on the Hawaiian Islands.

Sorry for the double sunset post - I love sunsets smile emoticon

This branch/part of tree had broken off and was just in the water making for a neat silhouette.

This photo was taken several minutes before the first one.

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