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Blackbird (Turdus merula) We have two Mrs Blackbirds in our garden. One already has eggs in her nest. This one is busy building!

Photo made with Black Dragon




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Hit of the day: Madonna - Material Girl

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This Carolina Chickadee is one of several birds in my yard, including doves and gold finches that were busily collecting nesting materials and building nests.


Taken in Chester County, PA on 4/14/2020, as part of my backyard COVID-19 'Stay-at-Home' series.


2020_04_14_EOS 7D Mark II_2191-Edit_V1

Created using a photo of packaging material

This nuthatch flew to a tree right next to me and began pulling at this fine material for nest building. Completely ignoring me, allowing me to compensate for the strong back light.

"Material Girl - Vintage 1920s Madonna Cover" by Postmodern Jukebox ft. Gunhild Carling


Model: Nina Haiku


Head: GENUS Project - Baby Face

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara v1.4

Hair/Headband: The Row House Downtown Collection "ROSE" Flapper Band



Dress: !dM 2020s - LARA FlapperDress **PEARL**

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Cigarette: [ kunst ] - Old Cigarette Holder


Photo done using Lumipro, FATE Hand Poser HUD and Lelutka Axis HUD Face

ReShade used.


Taken at Calendar Club - 1920s-1940s New York dance hall

With not a lot happening in the garden feeders nearly dry this fella was collecting some nesting material i know these birds are common this time of year but when your in lockdown what can you do but snap away :)

patinated bronze basin. for more images in the vrbs series, click here

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Western Kingbird picking up cotton from the cottonwood trees to build a nest.

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Taken At Backdrop City Taxi Here

I used this portrait as the basis for a new exhibit I have at Kultivate AIR. It's a 3D installation exploring virtual portraiture and, from a more technical perspective, the use of materials and projectors.


Virtual photography has changed portraiture, but that's a discussion for another time. : )


Inara Pey was kind enough to write a blog post about this work and the show.


If you have a chance, please stop by and support all the artists in the show:

Angyel Resident

Anouk Lefavre


DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident

GlitterPrincess Destiny

Jamee Sandalwood

JolieElle Parfort

Kody Meyers

Maaddi Benazzi

Marcel Mosswood

Pam Astonia

Sevant Anatra



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Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

Golden-winged warbler. Michigan. 5/24/2017.

Notice material in beak and source behind and to rear.


A few days later we also observed courtship behavior, albeit a different pair, with a male bringing food to a female, who was not yet on a nest. We got images of the female, but she was pretty obstructed by branches.

Superb starling ready to bring more nesting material for its nest.

I first glimpsed this old house from the corner of my eye while driving along an adjacent street. It was one of a billion such scenes my eye takes in while traveling just about anywhere. In this case I just caught a quick glimpse as I passed. But it left a strong impression and planned to make my way back here for a closer look. I timed my return to coincide with awful weather, unreasonably cold, damp and windy. I wanted this as the visual backdrop. Also working in these conditions minimizes the chances of encountering people. The house simply looked lonely when I first noticed it. But up close the loneliness seemed intentional. The front window was boarded off with well weathered plywood. The first floor windows were covered not with curtains but bedsheets and towels. The upper floor windows were not covered at all. The absence of upper floor window treatments made the impromptu ones on the first floor even more nefarious...not there as a house warming touch but only to block prying eyes. The house and yard bore none of the trappings of family life. No decorations, birdhouses, lawn furniture, nothing at all. The old TV antenna was the only sign of easy living, and even that was a stretch. It's one of those places that you can't even be sure is vacant. I approached nervously, walking the road in front of the house, pausing now and then to look. All the while it felt like I was being observed. Perhaps by someone inside the house, lurking behind the bedsheet curtains. Quite likely someone not enamored with photography. I really just wanted to keep walking but resolved not to leave without getting the photos I came for. I shot from several angles, and continued even after I had moved past the house. This view is looking back uphill. The house actually has more presence from a distance. Perhaps the context of its location up on the hill added to the menacing effect. Felt good to finally get away from here. More like an escape than an orderly departure. I still had some distance to cover walking back to my car. Didn't begin to relax until I had driven away.

This female house finch was gathering materials for a nest at Commonwealth Lake a few months ago.


okay it's MOSTLY raw, i just had to repaint fix a few patches here and there


Raven Bell Umbriel Hair [Mirror] Gradients

Ichigo* -Enchanted Love Glasses

Genus Classic Head

KOOQLA Junya Marble

Mandala ears

pixicat Classy Blazer

smoke/light effect from Maru Kado's Kitsunebi in the Kitsune pack

Mangrove Swallow gathers nesting materials in March near the shore of Crooked Tree Lagoon. Funny Story: this guy sat there and kept eyeing the bigger stick you see in front of him. He finally dropped the small pieces of grass and flew off with the bigger stick which was nearly two feet long! I'm sure the Mrs. was impressed.

Hi!! I hope you like the pic =), for more info about it check the Blog below <3

.Glam trackers. Wifey Material

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Abstract reality composition of sign on weathered building, WW-II Naval Net Depot, Tiburon, Marin County, Northern California, USA.

I got my material out to make a new knitting bag. So glad I found this appropriate material. All ironed and ready to go.

Projects to work on while staying home.



Presenting the shines to the kawaii community! :D

This is a Maitreya only version, I'll add the other versions @ mainstore when the event is closed.


All info about materials here:


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Zodiac shine now available for:

- Bodies supported by Omega Evolved (colorful stars version)

- Legacy version

- Male version

testing out the material rain by Mr Vanmoer

not perfect, but....

HMM 😊 😊 😍


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