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Low angled sun shining through these mason jars stuck to the top of some A-frame signs advertising food and drink.

So the blur part is the Mason jar, the focus is on the marbles,

so M=marbles


7DOS Beginning with M Focus Friday

A Mason jar, named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food.

You can read more on Wikipedia:


Happy Smile on Saturday


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I am hopeless. I have done nothing all day... so much for all of the projects I had in my mind (where they generally stay...forever). I went back to the abandoned stone house and took more pictures.... and I found these mason jars... and they followed me home....

Someone really needs to save me from myself...

Mason jars are a wonderful thing. You can fill them with treasures... like seashells, or buttons, or clothespins (yes, they are treasures, too) and then add them to the thousand other mason jars filled with treasures.... *sigh*

Compositionally Challenged: Week 12 no distractions.

Compositionally Challenged: March's most versatile: Glass

120 pictures in 2020: 13. Beverage

I added four Shadowhouse Creations textures, and two florabella textures to this yellow popcorn gerber daisy. Was in the mood for a little still life tonight..

Time to pull out the patio lights

Christmas party table piece. Colored lights draped on plants in garden out of focus bokkeh.

35mm f2.0 Nikkor AI with Viltrox speed booster.

With my gratitude to Kirsten Frank for her beautiful textures, generously provided for use.



Just throwing this out there again, in case some didn't see it before:


The wonderful Karrah Kobus is visiting me in December, and while we have a bunch of collaboration shoots in mind, we've also been asked about holding a sort of workshop. We're both totally willing and excited to do one, but we don't yet know how many, if any, of you would want to attend/meet up. It would be around December 19-23ish, so if any of you live in Georgia / surrounding states and would like to drive over, we'd love to have you. Otherwise, we've been considering possibly recording a video of the instruction. Contact me or Karrah if you're interested in either of them!



Did lots of embroidery today. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's Living, you can go see the instructions here.

Adoro estos botes de cristal...

Monarch #2 just hatched from its chrysalis a few minutes ago. We watched for hours, throughout the day, wondering if it was getting too chilly for it to hatch (we have evening frost warnings out for this weekend).


I came back from running errands to find it still in chrysalis. So I set it, in its Mason jar, on a window sill amidst potted herbs to catch the last rays of the sun.


The extra warmth seems to have done the trick, because it popped out just minutes later.


This is the second of four Monarch caterpillars we found in one of our plots at the local community gardens and brought inside to raise, from caterpillar to butterfly, to increase their chances of surviving. :)


Update: wings are almost dry (three hours later) and it just opened them for the first time - it's a boy. :)

Happy Blue Monday everyone hope you have a great day!!


Mason jar used in home canning to preserve food. Or, in my case this one is used as a vase. Named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858.

The Mason Jar Boutique, Clinton BC.

Using Gimp & G'mic - Radial Blur, Whirl & Pinch, Rodilius,simple contrast, Layers,rotate,mirrored array,Dodge highlights,Burn shadows

Macro Mondays- (Begins With) The First Letter of My Name

acknowledging the fact that i'll be completely on my own in a month,

washing the jars before canning/Jelling.


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I had already packed up all my mason jars for the move, so I ran out and bought a couple for today's theme. I made some lemonade for the kiddos to sip while they hung out in the backyard this hot afternoon. :)

And I swerve out of control

If i, if I’d only waited

I’d not be stuck here in this hole

Come here my star is fading

And I swerve out of control

And I swear I waited and waited

I’ve got to get out of this hole


(I really want to go to) ♬: Amsterdam - Coldplay


→: This song really suits my point in life right now. And I really want to go to Holland. I haven't seen my family forever, but we're picking up my grandparents from the airport on Saturday so that's exciting. It's true, you don't know what you have till it's gone.


PS. Thanks to anyone who's ever done a Mason Jar shot before. This was probably inspired by you.




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Day 16 [1-16-2016]


So sick! Ended up getting home at 2:00 in the morning after the predicament Scott and I were in last night. Just to complete the story for anyone interested after yesterdays post being so abrupt and cliffhanger-esque, So Scott and I ended up having to dig his car out of the sand, using his portable car jack to jack up his car and strategically place balsa wood under his tires, and after about three hours of repeating that process we ended up getting out of the sand free of charge. Overall I would rate that experience hellish and would not do again by choice but it is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life without a doubt. For today I woke up feeling like death and am definitely down with a cold of some sort leaving me to the comfort of my bed for a majority of the day. I did spend a couple hours out with my dad looking for potential abandoned exploring sites as well as a nice dinner out with him and my sister. I had a pretty nice day, I just hope tomorrow I wake up feeling much better than I do now.


Can't wait to see what the next day brings!

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