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High Tatras - Štrbské Pleso (Slovakia)

Para la Graella vintage

Located in the Arches NP, Utah near the town of Moab

Explore 26 settembre 2011 # 299


Uno dei masai della spiaggia



100% original mesh -


Compatible with: Slink, Signature Gianni and Belleza (with auto-hide) features.


Fatpack with 1 extra version, 12 tee colours, 3 arm bands with correspondent colours (+1 extra in Fatpack)

Hud driven.


Thank you.



Cicletada del primer martes de cada mes 05.02.06

Palcmanská Maša is the largest water reservoir on the territory of the Slovak Paradise.

My good friends in Tokyo.

harvest time is over

now it's time to start again

Episyrphus balteatus

Buenos Aires desde el Palacio Barolo.

When the sun go down, darkness rise.

One evening at the top of Bukit Larut ( Maxwell Hill )

talent: adik aku

location: depan rumah.. ahhahaha


Kembali Pulang

kagen band


Bintang terlihat terang

Saat dirimu datang

Cinta yang dulu hilang

Kini kembali pulang


Lihatlah dia mulai bernyanyi

Coba merangkai mimpi

Cinta yang dulu pergi

Kini datang kembali


Wajahmu mengingatkanku

Dengan kekasihku dulu

Wajahmu mengingatkanku

Dengan masa laluku



Kekasih yang dulu hilang

Kini dia tlah kembali pulang

Akan ku bawa dia terbang

Damai bersama bintang


Kekasih yang dulu hilang

Kini dia tlah kembali pulang

Betapa senang ku dendangkan

Dan takkan ku lepaskan


Wajahmu mengingatkanku

Dengan kekasihku dulu

Wajahmu mengingatkanku

Dengan masa laluku

…para restaurar, hecha en Francia, las compre en el persa, venían con unas llantas Weinmann de aluminio en muy mal estado. El lado fijo viene con el hilo dañado, seguramente porque ahí estaba sin piñon y recibio un golpe pero no es de cuidado.

Matti Sippola wallrides through a corner in Oulu, Finland.


D700, 85/2 AI-S. Published in Hang Up 4/2010.

Tanker Chemstar Masa upbound on the Hudson River passing between Newburgh and Beacon, NY

This was the oddest fullpipe I've been in so far, a closed capsule with a small opening at each end, nearly 5 meters above ground. There was hardly any light inside and the metal walls rumbled and echoed as you rolled. Since you couldn't see the horizon, being in its belly was really disorientating. Masa's fs ollie is one sick move.


Shot with Mamiya RZ 67 + 37/3.5 fisheye, on Portra 400 NC. I had a set of Nikon SB-28's aimed at the ceiling about 5 meters behind me and a set of Sunpak 120J's aimed at the left wall, thus pretty much all visible light is reflected from the shiny metal surface. PW's for triggering.


Published in Hang Up 4/2007.

Met them on the beach walk in P-Cola. They are from Japan traveling around the world for a year in their Land Cruiser. Good luck guys!

…del martes 6 de enero 2009

2006.05.19 12:13, Tokyo Nezu (根津)


谷中M類栖: 曙ハウス†スウハ曙

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