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Happy New Year....welcome 2010..


Location : Pontian Johor Malaysia

shot from my Olympus e500 wt 40 - 150mm zuiko

terima kasih - thank you - syukran - for your kind interest & support...really appreciate & take good care always ...rgds tank/sulaiman

Murtabak or martabak, also mutabbaq, is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread filled with a ground curried beef, lamb or chicken filling and egg.


During the month of Ramadan, these food markets are available at the suburb where Muslims can buy the precooked food in time for Iftar - the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.


Many of the vendors offer home-cooked food once a year at the Ramadan Market for some income.


In a multi-racial society like Malaysia, often Chinese and Indians are regular customers at these bazaars too.




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martabak is Arabian pancake with several or variation of topping, they can add fruit, meat, cheese or other topping

one of Japanese food that reminds me of martabak telur ( our own snack ).

made of tofu , shrimp and quail eggs. Try with sweet chili sauce and fresh tomatoes, that will be great savory dish .

We went into Manado town on Monday night and sampled the local food, including some martabak, which was like a crumpet pancake with cheesy chocolate and nuts.

22/52 - Light and Fresh

Night live, batiks & the bokeh!

Canon EF 50 1.8 II


He is peeking at the pancake seller to see whether his order is finally ready.

Chocolate & cheese

I like to pan-grill green onion first before using it. Sometimes, dash of salt & fresh cracked pepper to add, then it becomes my snack for the day.

One of legendary culinary spot in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera

My Breakfast This Morning... It's so Delicious :)

Martabak, Uma Ubud

Canon Powershot S80.

Palembang, May 2009

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