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One of two lane markers at Frenchman's Bay, Pickering.

Both are still works in progress, however they should look really cool once both are completed!


5 minute Long Exposure

Canon 24mm TS-E, f16

Lee 105mm circular polarizer

Lee 0.9 ND Hard Grad Filter

Lee Big Stopper

técnica mista sobre papel 300gr 20x20 "New, now in english"

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An old broken groyne marker found at low tide at Kinnegar this morning.


Textures courtesy of SkeletalMess, Pareeerica and Texture Time. Thank you all :)

These are some markers studies I like to do for fun.

The markers leading out of Rhyl harbour, 60 seconds, ten stop, canon 60d

Yellow cat's eyes, road studs or retroreflective raised pavement markers (RRPMs) are used to visually reinforce a yellow no-passing line. The painted passing line can be less visible when the road is wet.

Usually a white cat's eye is used in the centre of the road if overtaking is permitted. If yellow cat's eyes are present they are bi-directional if the line is applicable in both directions, or mono-directional if it's only applicable in one direction and spaced every 10m.

On unlit rural roads the markers are in groups of four, one metre apart, with 10m between each group. Only one of the group of four road studs is required to be reflective.

On no overtaking advance warning lines they are spaced 20m apart.

The yellow cats eyes are the same kind as used in the UK or Australia and they are used in the same manner.


técnica mista sobre papel 300gr 20x20

permanent markers (with a little computer editing)


more Twin Peaks drawings on my personal blog

Scenes from an tiny, community cemetery, just a couple of hundred yards from where I grew up in the village of Lower Nicola, British Columbia.

The marker buoy off Derby Pool left high and dry by the retreating tide. This is using the NEX and one of my Pentax prime lenses via an adapter. These are perfect,for it as you can manually set aperture and focus easily using the rings on the lens This 50mm is arguably much better than the Sony kit. The Sony pancake is very nice though and I love the fisheye too. Lovely to have opportunity to use these old Pentax lenses more.

Another shot of the groyne marker I found at low tide in Kinnegar.

This marker was dedicated in 1960 to commemorate the arrival of the first Japanese naval ship Kanrin Maru in the San Francisco Bay back in 1860. The monument, appropriately situated overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay, reads: ""Kanrin Maru Centennial Memorial, [from the] Osaka City Mayor".


Old fashioned channel marker lighthouse somewhere in the middle of Sydney Harbour equipped with solar power.

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