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My tiny little helpers from little world gave me once more a helping hand. They did the presets for my last manual focus shooting. :)


Die kleinen Helferlein aus little world haben mir ein weiteres Male geholfen. Diesesmal stellten Sie für mich die Blende an einer MF Linse ein. :)


#macromondays #numbers

Today temperatures above 30C, search for water to cool down! To stay in line this photo is processed like a Wet Plate photo.


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Got hit with a late-season snowstorm last week. In what felt like an instant, the verdant greens of early spring were transformed back into the monochrome hues of winter. The mind seems to adapt slowly to winter, and reaches a point where this sort of scene appears normal, if not entirely pleasurable. But to experience sudden switch like this is a bit jarring. The consolation of course is that this is mid-April and any snow that falls now is very short lived. This knowledge motivated me to walk in the snow and experience the (hopefully) last gasp of winter firsthand. What started out as a quick hop turned into a couple of miles for which I was not fully prepared. Yet I found the cold and wind invigorating and a wonderful change of pace from recent experience. There's been a mind dulling sameness to the days as the quarantine lumbers into a second month. I feel a sense of cognitive diminution lately; my mind is just not as sharp as it was before all of this. I have more difficulty discerning what I did on any given day that if further back than yesterday. The calendar date and time of day have grown less important to me as work is a less dominant part of my life at the moment. The mind tends to lose focus with disuse the same way the physical body loses tone when not being worked. In the short term, I'm not sure this is entirely a bad thing, just different. On balance I'm more likely to act spontaneously now. So many of my photos lately fall into the category of "I've always been meaning to do that" and now I finally am. The effort lately seems to count more than the results. Anything that restores the sense of control over life, no matter how trivial or illusory, is a benefit. My winter walk happened to bring me by this old house, one I've long admired but never photographed before. This image is the perfect metaphor for my mindset.

Talat Noi is a working class neighbourhood in Bangkok that houses a range of workshops which deal with used car parts. Here's another worker meticulously cleaning these parts.


I'll be posting a series of photos from this neighbourhood over the next two weeks or so, so if you like, please return for more.


It looks best full-screen so please press "L" and check it

DE999 (LK09EOA) Route U10 at Ruislip, Heathfield Rise

watercolor,nutwater,acryl on fabrianopaper A3.

Nice sunday everybody,thx


Metroline West | TE992 LK59DZT | 282 Mount Vernon Hospital - Ealing Hospital | Northwood Green Lane

Canon EOS 6D + Industar 61 L/Z 50mm F2.8


Lens:50mm f/1.4 G




Focal Length:50 mm

AF Fine Tune Adj:0

Focus Mode:AF-C

AF Area:Dynamic Area (3D-tracking)

Shooting Mode:Single-Frame, [3], Auto ISO, [9]


Metering Mode:Multi-segment


Picture Control:Neutral

Focus Distance:11.89 m

Dof:inf (4.17 m - inf)

HyperFocal:6.40 m


You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus - Mark Twain.


Happy September dear friends♥

Abellio London | 9504 LF59XDZ | 285 Kingston - Heathrow Central | Heathrow Bath Road

Macro Mondays ~Back In The Day

Female Mallard Duck at Burnaby Lake, Burnaby BC Canada


View On Black

Chania, Old Harbor, March 2020


Sony α7 II

Autochinon 50mm f1.4, K mount

Back again folks, photography has been taking a back seat for the last few months hope to catch up on your pics over next week or so.

In preperation for MacroMondays theme “Hand Tool“...


HMM :-)


Shot with my Pentacon bellow and M42 Auto-Revuenon 50mm 1:1.9


Construction workers toiling underneath the brutal afternoon sun..


Bangkok, Thailand

Like many of the Victorian turntables in rural areas, Maldon is manually operated by staff pushing by hand. On 8-10-14 J549 is turned on the Maldon Turntable prior to entering traffic for the day running tourist trains between Maldon and Muckleford

Processed by: Helicon Filter;

Another old manual lens. My new Easter egg :) Looking forward for bit of sun to try it. Taken by old Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 135/3,5 -

The crew of Chicago Terminal 900 jack up the rails on the old bridge over the North Branch of the Chicago River.

DE20019 (YX58DUV) Route H13 at Ruislip, Ladygate Lane

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