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All the credits to Dominique ,my wife ,which found this caterpillar . The capture was quite hard due to the wind that day

On Sacred Datura, Miller Cyn, Cochise County, AZ, 26 August 2014

"This is something essential to art: reception is never its goal. What counts for me is that my work provides material to reflect upon. Reflection is an activity."

Karma Police ( In note in image ) & -

& the work of Ed & Nancy Kienholz -


G20 summit begins with chaos as protesters clash with Pittsburgh police


By Mail Foreign Service

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La ventaja de disponer de muchas plantas diferentes es que se va a conseguir una gran diversidad de insectos que se alimentan de ellas. Esta amiga es una gourmet especializada en solanaceas, entre ellas las plantas de tabaco.

Como todavía no he sembrado de esas se las arregló para alimentarse de las Daturas.


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Gardenia lunch .The Tomato Hornworm on Gardenia bush will later morph into the Five Spotted Hawkmoth

Tobacco Hornworm Caterpillar (Manduca Sexta)


These awesome pests attacked my tomato plants. These are the larva of the Hummingbird Moth. Taken with the Nikon D750 and Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 MACRO VC.


Bellbrook, Ohio


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Rorschach Test.. - "The images themselves are only one

component of the test, whose focus is the

analysis of the perception of the images.


The Rorschach test- also known as the Rorschach inkblot test or simply the Inkblot test, is a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex scientifically derived algorithms, or both. Some psychologists use this test to examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning.


It has been employed to detect an underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly.


The test takes its name from that of its creator, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach."


- -


Andreas Scholl - Bach - Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust


Andreas Scholl - Che Faro Senza Euridice


Andreas Scholl - Bach - Geist und Seele wird verwirret

Have a lovely evening friends.. and if you can get a chance; go outside and look

at that moon, it is completely wondrous..

Praia de Manduca Belém/RS

"Lorenzo fue quemado vivo en una hoguera, concretamente en una parrilla, cerca del Campo de verano, en Roma. Se dice que en medio del martirio, exclamó: Assum est, inqüit, versa et manduca (traducción aproximada: dadme la vuelta, que por este lado ya estoy hecho). Su santo se celebra el 10 de agosto, día en el cual según la tradición recibió martirio." (Wikipedia)


... pues carne asada había esta tarde en Lavapiés, en honor al santo. Aunque puedo asegurar que no era necesaria la parrilla. Dan fe mis carnes morenas.

I found another moster eating my tomatoes. But this one was different (slightly). This is a tobacco hornworm, a close cousin.

Both eat the same plants. but the tobacco hornworm has white body stripes that are straight line and bordered by a thin black line while the tomato hornworm has a v shaped white line with no or little black.

Taken with Canon 100mm f2.8 macro.

Beuys - ( Beuys in notes )

This is a Manduca sexta (Hawkmoth) sucking nectar from Datura wrightii (jimsonweed). Taken in Bartlesville Oklahoma. I really enjoyed chasing these guys around in August and September. The flower opens about 15 minutes after sunset and then the moths come.


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All photos are copyrighted and cannot be used or linked to without permission. If you are interested in a photo, please visit my web site at Michael Bryan Photography.


It was recently the Winner of Tulsa Garden Center - 2009 "Portrait of a Garden" Photo Contest.


Shot with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2, 1/125 sec, f/11.0, ISO 200


This is a caterpillar found again by my wife , Dominique . Photographed at the sun set.


N.B. Dominique decided to buy a NIkon camera to compete with me ...sad story.. to follow ... Canon vs NIkon


Cette chenille a été trouveé a la tombé de la nuit par Dominique , ma compagne.

N.B Triste histoire ... Elle s est acheté un NIkon pour faire de l a photo aussi... a suivre


Canon vs Nikon

The Tomato Hornworm develops into the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth

✿ Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!!

This amazing creature is a Tomato Hornworm. It is about 4 inches long and was eating the leaves of our Mill Pond tomato plants at an alarming rate. We moved them to some weeds that they seemed to find just as delectable. They grow to be a mouse gray moth (Manduca quinquemaculata) with a wingspan of almost 5 inches. I had never seen one before and was stunned at how large and vibrant green they are. You can get an idea of their size in the photograph below on my brave friend Paula's hand.

I found another monster eating my tomatoes. But this one was different (slightly). This is a tobacco hornworm, a close cousin.

Both eat the same plants. but the tobacco hornworm has white body stripes that are straight line and bordered by a thin black line while the tomato hornworm has a v shaped white line with no or little black.

Taken with Canon 100mm f2.8 macro.

Copyright © Tony Emmett 2012 All Rights Reserved.


Borage is used in companion planting. It is said to protect or nurse legumes, spinach, brassicas, and even strawberries. It is also said to be a good companion plant to tomatoes because it confuses the search image of the mother moths of tomato hornworms or manduca looking for a place to lay their eggs. Claims that it improves tomato growth and makes them taste better remain unsubstantiated.


Harbor Shops, Pulaski Hwy X Lewis Ln

Havre de Grace, Harford

Havre de Grace quad

MBP first county record

Venus As A Boy -.

High School Student, 1927, by August Sandler- ( Venus as A Boy- to me.. )


"August Sander (17 November 1876 – 20 April 1964) was a German portrait and documentary photographer.


Sander was born in Herdorf, the son of a carpenter working in the mining industry. While working at a local mine, Sander first learned about photography by assisting a photographer who was working for a mining company. With financial support from his uncle, he bought photographic equipment and set up his own darkroom.


He spent his military service (1897–99) as a photographer's assistant and the next years wandering across Germany. In 1901, he started working for a photo studio in Linz, Austria, eventually becoming a partner (1902), and then its sole proprietor (1904). He left Linz at the end of 1909 and set up a new studio in Cologne."


Venus as A Boy:


Bjork - Venus As A Boy ( Watch Bjork rub an egg all over her face while she sings her unimaginably beautiful song... )


Bjork - About Venus As A Boy


& live:

Bjork - Venus As A Boy (Tibetan Freedom Concert)


Björk - Venus As A Boy ( Live in Glastonbury )


This post is a celebration of men.

For all the amazing & enlightening, inspiring & consistent men in my life.


Tomato hornworm with parasitic wasp eggs.

What a delight to encounter this Rustic Sphinx Moth (Manduca rustica) today at Blakeley HIstoric State Park.

58,193 "even poetry is more philosophical than history" - Aristotle ( "His case hinges on the poetic genre of tragedy." ) Christian Boltanski, Composition Classique, 1982.


& - - - -


" unlike conflicts such as World War I and World War II, or even the more vaguely defined Cold War or Vietnam war, this is a war where there the front-line can be anywhere and nowhere, where the enemies can be anyone and no one, and where the tactics, strategies, motives and hoped-for achievables are so far removed from what traditional political and military methodology deals with that it requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. 'While the Cold War was characterized by the possibility of balance between two superpowers, it is impossible to build a balance with terrorism because the threat does not come from a state but from incalculable forces and incalculable responsibilities.'


As is typical of Derrida, he sees the relationship between terrorism and communication to be paramount. (I was first exposed to Derrida in theology classes, dealing with the postmodern predicament of looking for meaning in language and behind language in ways that make sense). It is perhaps ironic that the term that springs to mind most when contemplating Derrida is 'deconstruction', which is, in often a dramatically literal sense, what terrorism also hopes to achieve. 'The intellectual grounding of Derrida's deconstruction owes much to the nineteenth- and twentieth-century lineage constituted by Nietzsche, Heidegger and Freud. For Derrida, many of the principles to which the Western tradition has attributed universal validity do not capture what we all share or even hope for.' This becomes all the more problematic when dealing with those outside the Western tradition, such as occurred in Vietnam, Korea, and now in the war on terror." Commenter at Amazon:


"I believe always in the necessity of being attentive first of all to this phenomenon of language, naming, and dating, to this repetition compulsion (at once rhetorical, magical, and poetic). To what this compulsion signifies, translates, or betrays. Not in order to isolate ourselves in language, as people in too much of a rush would like us to believe, but on the contrary, in order to try to understand what is going on precisely beyond language and what is pushing us to repeat endlessly and without knowing what we are talking about, precisely there where language and the concept come up against their limits: "September 11, September 11, le 11 septembre, 9/11."


We must try to know more, to take our time and hold onto our freedom so as to begin to think this first effect of the so-called event: From where does this menacing injunction itself come to us? How is it being forced upon us? Who or what gives us this threatening order (others would already say this terrorizing if not terrorist imperative): name, repeat, rename "September 11," "le 11 septembre," even when you do not yet know what you are saying and are not yet thinking what you refer to in this way. I agree with you: without any doubt, this "thing," "September 11," "gave us the impression of being a major event." But what is an impression in this case? And an event? And especially a "major event"? Taking your word—or words—for it, I will underscore more than one precaution. I will do so in a seemingly "empiricist" style, though aiming beyond empiricism. It cannot be denied, as an empiricist of the eighteenth century would quite literally say, that there was an "impression" there, and the impression of what you call in English—and this is not fortuitous—a "major event."

Shot minutes before its forcible relocation. It had already destroyed one of my tomato plants and moved on to the next one. Children's literature like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" has destroyed my ability to destroy the destroyer, so I clipped the stem it was on and moved it to fend for itself.

Hawk moth caterpillar (Manduca pellenia) from Cusuco National Park, Honduras. June 2010.

La Chinoise is a 1967 French political film directed by Jean-Luc Godard about young revolutionaries in Paris.

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