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Couple de jeunes jouant de la musique, elle avec une guitare, lui avec une mandoline, Estonie, 20 juillet 1928.


Manolines, which are vegetable slicers and not musical instruments, usually have a guide or handle which is used to hold the food item in place to allow safe movement of the food over the blade. This is the underside of a mandoline guide showing the tiny conical knobs and the 3 small pins which hold the food item securely. The metal pins retract and protract.


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890, Dutch Post-Impressionist painter


Taken for the "Macro Mondays" theme "Contraption"


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Compositionally Challenged Week 5 - 5 Elements of Photography - Color, Space

I used my mandoline slicer to cut a thin piece of lime and placed it on a light table. This is the full shot, no cropping in post.

Zorki 3M

Jupiter 8

Ilford HP5

Fomadon LQR (7,5 min)

Die Goldenen Zitronen: Ted Gaier (Mandoline), Julius Block (Perkussion), Schorsch Kamerun (Gesang), Enno Palucca (Schlagzeug), Stephan Rath (Perkussion) und Mense Reents (Gitarre) live im Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, 01.05.19, Bassist, bass player, Sänger, singer, drummer, Schlagzeuger


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09/52 (Tilt)


I used photoshop and followed the tutorial Michael linked on the "week-9-threat". To make it look more like a miniature, I filled the sky in the background with color (it was pretty grey today...) and boosted the saturation a lot.


Sound: Little Worlds by Mandoline Orange

Taken for the Macro Mondays theme 'kitchen'.


The most vicious tool in our kitchen, the mandoline with julienne blades fitted. It's a blood letting tool really 😆

Anselm Feuerbach. 1829-1880. Joueuse de mandoline. Mandolin Player. 1865. Hambourg Kunsthalle.




Anselme Feuerbach (1829 1880) a débuté sa formation à l'école de Düsseldorf puis ensuite à Paris auprès du peintre français Thomas Couture, qui l'a beaucoup influencé. Il est classé par les historiens dans l'école idéaliste allemande. Plus globalement il fait partie du courant classique qui traverse, sous différentes appellations, toute l'histoire de la peinture européenne depuis le 16è siècle. Ecole remarquable par l'attention apportée au dessin exact et à la peinture parfaitement achevée. Ses thèmes le rattachent à la "Grande Peinture" : mythologie, histoire, religion. Ses parentés avec le romantisme sont évidentes, mais un romantisme qui demeure classique par le style. Il a été actif surtout en Italie, il est décédé à Venise. Il n'a pas rencontré la célébrité à son époque mais après sa mort et il est aujourd'hui considéré avec Hans Von Marées et Arnold Böcklin avec lesquels il était lié comme un des peintres germaniques les plus important de la seconde moitié du 19è siècle. Mais son style, tant par le fond que par la forme n'a pas de postérité dans une Europe qui va mettre à la mode des tendances plus modernistes tant dans la forme que dans le fond.


Anselme Feuerbach (1829-1880) began his training at the Düsseldorf School and then in Paris with the French painter Thomas Couture, who influenced him a lot. He is classified by historians in the German idealist school. More generally, it is part of the classic current that crosses, under different names, the whole history of European painting since the 16th century. School remarkable for the attention paid to the exact drawing and the perfectly finished painting. His themes link him to the "Great Painting": mythology, history, religion. His relationship with the romanticism is obvious, but a romanticism that remains classic by the style. He was active mostly in Italy, he died in Venice. He did not meet the celebrity at his time but after his death and is today considered with Hans Von Marées and Arnold Böcklin with whom he was linked as one of the most important Germanic painters of the second half of the 19th century. But his style, both in substance and in form, has no posterity in a Europe that will put more modernist tendencies in fashion, both in form and substance.


Huile sur toile, 55 x 57 cm, 1889.

Vinyl with Sachi et Pierre avec bell musique ,good voices,wonderfull guitar


Thanks Friends,greetings have a nice sunday


P.S this photo belong to phototricks and is made to surprise .... Sachi et Pierre



How to be a Flickr Rockstar:


You want to be a rockstar, but your friend know you aren't?

The people on flickr do not know here is a quick guide on how to be a flickr rockstar!


Step #1 Lock the doors...last thing you want is for moms to walk in.

Step #2 Position the camera down low so it is not so obvious that you took the photo.

Step #3 Grab an instrument. Obviously you do not have an electric guitar (since you are not really a rockstar). In my case I used a hardcore mandoline.

Step #4 Make sure you have some visable tattoos. As you can see I have my kids names...I hear that is really "Gansta". No tattoos....that's what photoshop is for!

Step #5 Hold your instrument really low. Fact: The lower the more rock you look. Too high and it screams high school jazz band.

Step #6 Use a high ISO when taking the photo. ISO has a direct relation to what type of rocker you are. ISO 100 = Jonas Brothers, ISO 1600 = Radiohead, ISO3200+ = Some death metal band

Step #7 Last and probably the most important step, in being a flickr rockstar, is make sure you have lights behind you to get that really nice bokeh effect flickr loves!


There you have it..before you know it you will be fighting off the groupies!



Macro Mondays "Inheritance"

We're Here! "Sharp and Spiky"


My Grandfather's mandoline. This thing has seen its fair share of onion and cabbage. Still razor sharp, as evidenced by the strawberry. I'm pretty sure that's the first strawberry it's seen.


© All my photographs are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved! The may not be used or reproduced in any way without my explicit written permission!

© All my photographs are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved! The may not be used or reproduced in any way without my explicit written permission!

found at a flea market in Berlin

This is just one single shot (No focus stacking). The depth of field was about 10 cm so I put the focus on the g string just at the bridge. To reduce the reflections on the surface of the instrument I used a Nikon circular polarizing filter

Explored # 64, May 08, 2009


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How about a song for this one...something old may be:


Je sais bien que tu l'adores

Et qu'elle a de jolies yeux

Mais tu es trop jeune encore

Pour jouer les amoureux


Et gratte, gratte sur ta mandoline

mon petit Bambino

Ta musique est plus jolie

que tout le ciel de l'Italie

Et canta, canta de ta voix câline

mon petit Bambino

Tu peux chanter tant que tu veux

Elle ne te prend pas au sérieux

Avec tes cheveux si blonds

Tu as l'air d'un chérubin

Va plutôt jouer au ballon

Comme font tous les gamins


~Bambino by Dalida:


Chose your song and post a link for us to listen....


Nikon D850, f/8.0, 1/160 sec, 105.0mm, ISO 100

AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

Jour J

Balances De MIOSSEC

Mirabelle GILIS, Mandoline et Violon

Lower Thames Street, London


Photogravure by Donald Macleish from Wonderful London by St John Adcock, 1927.


'O City City, I can sometimes hear

Beside a public bar in Lower Thames Street,

The pleasant whining of a mandoline

And a clatter and a chatter from within

Where fishmen lounge at noon: where the walls

Of Magnus Martyr hold

Inexplicable splendour of Ionian white and gold.'


- TS Eliot, The Waste Land, 1922


Billingsgate fish market. The Monument to the Great Fire of London is to the right. The tower of St Magnus Martyr can be seen on the left. There were porters here doing this job at the time of the Great Fire. This is my favourite of those I've scanned in so far, I think. So much going on. The building on the extreme right is today the Walrus & Carpenter pub. Was it a pub in Eliot's time? The market moved to the Isle of Dogs in 1982.


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zoek de large.

hoeveel zijn het er?

Prague clock tower

Clock Tower in Prague, Old Town Square, right in the heart of the city. This square takes many people on a journey in the footsteps of the past.

The famous clock in this square was made by Hunus, a professor at Charles University in the late 15th century.

Its aim is to give people a message, as in the Bony Church in Kutna Hora. “One day everyone will return to where they came from, of course, one day they will land and die!”

As soon as he makes the watch, he becomes the most important man in the world. More names are heard from the King because people from all over Europe come to Prague only and only to see the clock. In time, Master Hunus received offers from other countries, but Hunus Usta rejected them. In time, these offers go up to the King's ear, and the King draws miles into his eyes to prevent Master Hunus from making the watch elsewhere. Hunus Usta, a blind man, committed suicide by leaving himself to the watch's mechanism. Its main purpose is to break the clock, it takes revenge by breaking the clock. They can't run the watch for 50 years, then another watchmaker repairs it.

The Master of Hunus is an astronomical clock that shows the positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon. The numbers on the outside of the watch are in Hebrew. This shows the Babylon clock. Hunus Usta (because he made the clock on the Old Town Square, the square is a parallel Jewish neighborhood) did not crush them in a region where the population of the Jews was high, he made a gesture to them and added the clock of Babylon to his watch.

Around the clock there are 4 puppets. These puppets tell people what they shouldn't do. The first from the left looks at himself with the mirror in his hand; It symbolizes “smugness.. The puppet next to him is a Jew with a bag of gold; Symbolizes “stinginess.. A puppet on the side is a skeleton; “Reluctance to life”. The last puppet, the man with a mandoline-like musical instrument and likened to the Turkish man; “Nightlife and fondness ef tells. In short, these puppets are arrogant, stingy, reluctant to life and do not be fond of misery.

Under the clock there are 4 puppets that tell people what to do. These puppets warn us to give importance to science, justice, astronomy and education.

Every hour, the 12 apostles of Jesus pass by the window and perform a small demonstration. With the rooster crowing, the show ends.

Jour J


Balances MIOSSEC


Mirabelle GILIS, Violon et Mandoline

Built by "Raffaele Fornasari - Bologna" about 1890


For MACRO MONDAYS theme: "Member's Choice - Musical Instruments"

Paul Gauguin. 1848-1903. Paris Polynésie. Nature morte à la mandoline. Still life with mandolin. 1885. Paris Orsay.

i was really nervous when i first arrive at roni's party...there were alot of people there i didn't know....and i felt like hiding....but then i sat down next to roni's grandma, and she made me feel at ease......she wasn't a big fan of the karaoke songs, and wasn't shy about expressing it.....during the instrumental break, when no one was singing, she told me about how she use to play the mandoline and guitar for the salvation army band....and then we sang some old hymns together....over the noise of bonie tyler's "total eclipse of the heart".....

Closeup of the slicing mandoline from the kitchen.



He is the second part of the duo, called 'DUO MAGIT'.


MAndoline and GITaar in Belgium.


They should have called themselves MAGIC, because their music was so uplifting and temperamental.


This gent is half Scottish.


I can tell you THIS WAS THE BEST STUDIO-SHOOT and 'the most fun I've had with me clothes on'( this expression needs a Jamaican accent!hihi).


Both quite camera shy, they had brought their instruments, so tuned and started playing.


Only stopped towards the end.


That's when I took those 2 portraits.




THANK YOU, M, (*_*)


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Jour J


Balances De MIOSSEC

Mirabelle GILIS, Mandoline et Violon

Built by "Raffaele Fornasari - Bologna" about 1890


Alternative for MACRO MONDAYS theme: "Member's Choice - Musical Instruments"


05.11.2017 309/365

" illustration d'expressions françaises "


Nikon 50mm f/1.8D

Passage au noir et blanc, c'est tout.


Solveig Heilo of Katzenjammer, Live @ Metropool, Hengelo - Dec 1, 2011


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- Wild Rooster Festival

- Grote Markt

- The Hague 2017

i think that they had been inspired by the blind man who used to sing in " le tunnel".

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