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A fisher man waiting for fishing in the river in the time of sunset!

"TD" Men Latex Tank FATPACK

"TD" Men Latex Tank ► Hud consist in 10 Textures in total - 10 FRONT/BACK ► This Product contains fitted versions for Signature Gianni ► You may need to use an alpha HUD that comes with the mesh body of your choice. ► Try demo before you buy




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Spotted at the Rock Garden (karesansui, 枯山水, dry landscape) of Ryoanji Temple (龍安寺 or 竜安寺, Ryōanji), Kyoto, Japan. This man in black is cleaning up the pathway, leading to main building and the Rock Garden. Perhaps he is also the man who rakes the pattern of the garden…..

Yesterday I learned from Carol aka 奇芍, that they rake the gravel once a week. So that question has an answer now ;-))


riverside puddle reflection

The white man and the dark girl

A man from Dutse by Irene Becker © All rights reserved.


Farmer Samuel Yahaya from Dutse.

Kadarko, Southern Kaduna, Nigeria.


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The maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America. Its markings resemble those of foxes, but it is neither a fox nor a wolf. It is the only species in the genus Chrysocyon (meaning "golden dog").


This mammal is found in open and semiopen habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees, in south, central-west, and southeastern Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina, and Bolivia east and north of the Andes, and far southeastern Peru (Pampas del Heath only). The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists it as near threatened, while it is considered a vulnerable species by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources. (Source: Wikipedia)


This one was photographed at Pomerode Zoo - Santa Catarina state - Brazil

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.”

Leo Tolstoy



Berkenbaum, Kierspe, Sauerland, NRW

Man's best friend! This beautiful creature of the Father's creation! Their loyalty holds no bounds, even a cruel master is often still loved by this creature! Their love for us is unconditional! Praise be to the Father for sending us such a friend as this!

Man in Fire - Opening of Supercross Geneva 2016

I was trying to capture bicycles driving past on insane high iso , but then he walked right into my frame... had no time to change settings doing all on manual ....and i liked it :) umbrella ella ella ....





Open 1st February - Closed 25th February


This product contains:


- Tattoo for Classic Avatar and Tattoo Layers (Bakes On Mesh) in 4 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75%, Light 50% and UltraLight 30%);


- Appliers Hud for mesh Body in 4 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75%, Light 50% and UltraLight 30%) for:


• Adam

• Altamura

• Belleza

• Legacy

• Omega

• Signature

• Slink

• Vista Bento Hands


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Photo by dimitri74x




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Man in Fire - Opening of Supercross Geneva 2016

a mysterious silhouetted man walking through one of the many back streets of Bath.


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All photos used are my own, manipulated in Topaz Studio 2, Filter Forge and Photoshop.


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A bronze piece depicting a man reclining in attendance to a banquet. It was once part of the support for a bronze bowl. From Dodona, Greece and probably a Laconian work, dating to circa 530-500 B.C.


Now on display at British Museum.

Maned Duck, Chenonetta jubata


When I was a little tacker, they used to be called "Wood Ducks", mostly because I guess they spent a lot of time in trees.

However their name has been changed to the much more descriptive "Maned Duck", just somebody forgot to tell them to stay out of the trees.

E' così che voglio procedere,mano nella mano,sorreggermi e sorreggere.Crescere ed esplorare il futuro che sta arrivando di minuto in minuto.

E' così che voglio imparare a costruire,osservare i cambiamenti e sentire l'aria mutare ad ogni stagione.

E' questo che voglio della mia vita,che non sia un caotico andirivieni di volti,mani e voci.

Quel che ho è il mio desiderio.E desidero conservarlo,viverlo.

E farmi vivere.

Mano nella mano,insieme a chi ha ispirato questo titolo,e ogni giorno ispira questa riflessione.




Best seen large!!!

Man caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. It is, loosely, a male-only space to retreat to

The Green Man is an ancient symbol of rebirth - representations are found all round the world. Statues and carvings more usually have leaves or other vegetation growing out of the mouth or eyes.


This butterfly is very battered and worn and has seen better times but she was still happily flying around in the sunshine. Red Admirals are mainly migrants and fly here from Central Europe in May or June (so it is not surprising that they are a bit tatty by the time they get here). These breed and give rise to the next generation of adults with a peak of emergence between mid-August and early October. (There are a few which now breed in southern England but most seen in the summer are migrants)

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All photos and textures used are my own.


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Bukit Batok Nature Park in Singapore.


“When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard.” – Lakota Proverb





((Mister Razzor)) Isamu Tattoo




DoggMata Bryant Fatpack





Dot be Fashion AHN OUTFIT




Atom Future *RARE* - Booyah Backdrops - The Bearded Guy




Copyright © Sabrina Scucchi

Manning Point, NSW Mid-North Coast

Man walking througfh an alley in the old part of Tunis, Tunesia.

A young man sitting on an old stool Waterfront. photo was taken in Krasnogorsk. (model my son - Vladimir)

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