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Macro Mondays : Made of Metal


I shot this magnet through a glass pane. The iron powder shows you the magnetic field of it.


Hope you enjoy!


Happy Macro Mondays!


All my pictures of MM you will find in my album Macro Mondays :microscope:

My husband and I taught an art class at a local school. These are the felt magnet samples. We wanted something easy-all the kids needed were scissors and glue.

Yeap. It's official. The missus is indeed a light magnet. Though we haven't really shot much these couple of years, everytime we headed out, we've got some epic light! Mono Lake, Yosemite, Big Sur, and now, the Oregon Coast..


What was really interesting is that the weather totally called for rain and gloomy skies the last weekend out at the Coast. I thought we were lucky not to get rained upon, much less expect the sky to put up an epic show...


Wasn't really a comp that I liked, and it was pretty much a scramble to get this. But I'm kinda happy with how it turned out!


My heart goes out to the family and friends of everyone affected by the disaster off the Pacific.

Captured by Aida Çepele

I know I'm asking your eyes for a lot with this one. Just trying to do things a little differently with street, and experimenting.


Slow shutter; candid; Los Angeles


Better on black.


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Colorful hair bands wrapped around few magnet rings.. ;)

Five Finger Death Punch + Ministry + Monster Magnet + Code Orange live at Alcatraz Milano, June 6, 2017.

a magnet tutorial for the SEI blog last week, possibly the most fun I've ever had with tiny scraps of paper!


Shadows cast on a beautiful teal stair case. My eyes are drawn to teal like magnets.

I can't believe how this photo has taken on a life of its own. It now has over 7,000 views!

Five Finger Death Punch + Ministry + Monster Magnet + Code Orange live at Alcatraz Milano, June 6, 2017.

Five Finger Death Punch + Ministry + Monster Magnet + Code Orange live at Alcatraz Milano, June 6, 2017.

CameraBag and CameraKit filters.

Monster Magnet live @ Dauwpop Festival 2017

Reaching a point where the gravitational force is competing with the magnetic force. Made with a few thousand 1/4" magnetic spheres and 12 5/8" ball bearings.

Sedan några år tillbaka invaderas mitt hem av tomtepingviner under november månad. Och ibland händer det att några av dem vill prova på skid- eller pulkaåkning på kylskåpsdörren. Då är det bara att ge dem varsin magnet och se upp i köket, så att säga. :)

Recent night shot of this sculpture. The actual name of this tall sculpture by Liu Jianhua is "Global Magnet" and the Chinese name is actually just "磁" ( ="Magnet") - it stands 17.5 m tall in front of the SWFC. See where this picture was taken. [?] ( For further detail please refer to the description plate posted below.) - View On Black


The day version is here.


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Mitt bidrag till Fotosöndags tema "Magnet”.

En mycket vacker och speciell plats, nästan magisk, så man förstår varför den drar turister. (Även om det bu för all del inte är så jättemånga som rör sig där en sen vardagskväll i november.)

Monster Magnet live @ Dauwpop Festival 2017

Alaska had been dened up over the winter in the hope that she would have cubs, unsuccessfully. They had only been allowed out together for a couple of days. Here, they are playing with each other

An abandoned mining town near Waratah Tasmania.

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