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Hipstamatic, Vintique and PhotoToaster on Iphone

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What fun you can have with a bunch of dahlias from a Country Fair!

Winter sunset in Maryland on the Middle River.

The silver-gray foliage of this interesting plant creates a beautiful setting for the magenta/purple blossoms. One popular name is Dusty Miller, which is very confusing because so many plants share the same name! I hunted for the botanical name (see tags) in hopes of lessening the confusion a bit. (Zuiko 50mm macro, f/11, 1/320 sec., ISO 640, open shade, handheld)


Click anywhere in the image to see the large view on black (or press "L" to "view in light box" -- same thing).


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A beautiful display of reds over Sydney on Sunday evening. The rain started on the last 2 frames of this 10 image panorama.


Willing the last of the 30 second exposures to finish so that I could get under cover!

Applied some cooler white balance to this sunrise capture from last May in Pennsylvania ... it was a magical morning along this lake.

Our Daily Challenge ... art.


Green leaves inverted and a texture from Skeletalmess added.

Photographed in Ridgewood, NJ


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Cool tones take over after sunset on Bar Harbor, Maine and the Margaret Todd.

That mix of tones as the sunset happens to my back here looking at the Ocean City Fishing Pier.

From the archives. An empty morning scene at the Leuty jetty during sunrise. When I visited here in February, the ice and snow from our winter polar vortex destroyed parts of jetty. It has since been repaired and ready for use again.


Enjoy the weekend ahead :)


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Extending the shutter smoothed out the reflection allowing for the pink 'x' to form.


Cosmo Magenta

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Late evening along Middle River in Maryland.

A nice sunset from a couple months ago...

I borrowed a reverse grad ND this morning during our shoot in Racine, Wisconsin. I was surprised at the color cast, but thought it worked for this one.

The morning lighting at sunrise was pretty down on the rocks and falls ... pretty pink and magenta tones.


Great Falls, Maryland

I didn't have much time today, so made a quick trip down the road hoping for a decent sunset. It clouded over and the sky looked dull, so I started to pack up my gear ready to leave. When I looked up, I could see the clouds beginning to show some colour, so I decided to stay. And I'm glad I did as it was such a fleeting moment. This looks as if I've over-photoshopped it- but the sky was actually this colour.

We had another beautiful day today so I went for a wander around the neighbourhood. The weather is getting much cooler now, so the flowers are beginning to disappear. I love the vivid colour of this cosmos flower. The photo is taken with my 100 mm lens (wish it was a macro) and 12mm and 20mm Kenko extension tubes. This is SOOC with no cropping or adjustment. Best viewed large to see the little visitors.

"Explored" on May 29, 2009. #194


Aamar shopno likhey rakhar ekta khata aachey. Shokaley uthe bhuley jaai, taai ratre uthe shopno likhe rakhi.


Aei bari niye shopno dekhechilam: rupkothar golper moto chotto aei janala diye Magenta rong er jama porey ke jeno eshe dariye chilo.


Aamar choto meye ke shopno likhe rakhar aei chonjollokor buddhi jananor por shey o onek shopno likhey rekheche Golapi rong er ekta dairy te. Sharadin totostho hoye dairy ta ekhane okhane lukiye rakhe. Aami jotoi boli "Maa, tomar dairy aami jeebone o porbo naa", kono laav hoy naa!


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As usual-I have no idea what this flower is! Sorry folks. I bought it from a Florist and it wasn't labelled. (Thanks to 'California Grandma K' for ID'ing it as Cockscomb)


Also thanks to keartona for ID'ing it as Celosia.

Canola field on the outskirts of Regina, Saskatchewan.


Canola is a Canadian invention. According to the Canola Council of Canada, "canola is the world's only 'Made in Canada' crop. It was developed by researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the University of Manitoba in the 1970s, using traditional plant breeding techniques". The "can" stands for Canada; the "ola", for oil.


Read more about canola, and see a great photo (not mine!), here:


RAW image, cropped along the bottom into 16 x 9 format; colour & light adjusted in Aperture 3.


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