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Proud to present you O'Clock N5


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In magazines that are widely read by Japanese ladies, there are many articles regarding “How to dress up not to be disliked” or “Lifestyles not to fail” but all of them are really boring.

In specialized or informational magazines, I can get information that I need, but they do not provide any feeling of excitement.

A magazine that I start anticipating while reading is the one trying to give its own unique content or to establish its independence.

The contents of this magazine were well-researched and I think this one is “Magazine to be read”. I am looking forward to reading it:)

Actually love this as a "comeback" photo!

BTW her dress is the skirt from the LiTD Midge Fashion Pack...and sorry for the blurry seventeen logo

Considered tagged if viewing!!

Straight from the camera, unaltered.

For the Macro Mondays theme: Fill the frame.

dibujo para la Popper Magazine Vol.3 :o) -->

My homie and crewmate getting some much deserved shine after easily being the most up bomber in the Bay Area, CA for several years in a row. When I say Bay Area I mean the whole area too, not just Oakland or S.F. but every damn cutty little city in between and beyond. Dude is a machine and I'm proud to be crew with him. AMC WKT for life.


A lot of magazines in a large pile at a friend's place!!


BeStyle D. Magazine May 2011


All you need to know about fashion in Second Life with the best brands : ALEIDA, Velvetrythms, Show Your Style, SYS, Purplemoon, MEB, DD Style, Angels Dessous, anubis, AgySecret, HOB, Jesuis, YDEA, Alienbear jewels, Moolto, Tukinowaguma, Nemesis, House of Europe, Blush, Sartoria, Dirty Hands, Blackswan.


Interview with RicoRacer Flux by Genevieve Kamala


Thank you to BeStyle Magazine especially Agy and Tesan for this interview. It is an honor.

Ty to Genevieve Kamala for taking the time to interview me especially with her patience and flexibility around my busy RL schedule. Awesome job. =) Tysm


Cover by Peter Driben

GG article. Coop artwork the best thing about this issue.

Retrouvez moi dans ce mag ce mois ci , une superbe revue dont je suis fan depuis le numéro 1 ! plein de conseils de photographes et des superbes photos ! ..J'en profite pour tous vous remercier de votre passage sur ma galerie et de vos coms , vive la nature !!


so i got comissioned to take some photos of a restaraunt. so i did. lol. and they sent me the oublication they are using it in!! :D


It only a local magazine, though its for the posh area of chichester ;)

日経BP社 刊 日経マネー 


I was featured on the cover of this local skateboard magazine called Grind back in the mid-eighties, fun stuff

Front cover of Pioneer, an Estonian children's magazine. September 1968.

As you will all know I did a promo shoot a while back for my good friends Above The Underground, Now their new album is fast aproaching which I have also been able to do the cover of, which will be shown soon, they have been given various interviews and such with certain magazines. This was the first one and there is my image. Another publication, which I am happy that my image was used in.


So feel free to buy yourself a copy of the mag or go and check out Above the underground at or like their facebook page at where the original image can be seen.


Dont forget to check out my shop


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and my website



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They've arrived!!! I just got my Basics 2.5 (2.1 on the box) in and I'm loving them. They probably won't be joining the 'Haus' any time soon (I really just got them for their clothes, accessories and shoes) but since I hadn't gotten around to this TAG game I thought they'd be great for the cover. ..and maybe they might pop up again in the future, who knows ;)

Another one for the challenge on Digitalmania, Something in the style of Leyandecker.

Thanks so much for your visit and I wish you a happy Sunday!

June xx

Article & a couple of other pictures inside the magazine.

Esperamos sus proyectos en las áreas de: Arte (Instalación, performance, intervención de espacios).


Diseño (Muebles, objetos, espacios)


Música (Proyectos musicales contemporáneos con intervención en las artes gráficas y nuevas tecnologías)


Todos los proyectos relacionados con el tema "Secretos y / o Erotismo"


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Antes del 15 de marzo de 2009

cover for the time out magazine tel aviv

An illustration I did to accompany an interview for Blü Magazine. You can get a print here.

Photography by Kate O'Brien and lettering by moi.

This was my first magazine!

in 2007 i made it with my friends in high school and we used to sell it Everywhere outside school it had 150 mini pages it was only worth 1 Dollar and it had lots of posters


The computer and the backup files got damaged and me and friends broke up so the magazine was gone:(


and thats the only picture I have left


But now I have Jonas Magazine :D


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