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Proud to present you O'Clock N5


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BeStyle D. Magazine May 2011


All you need to know about fashion in Second Life with the best brands : ALEIDA, Velvetrythms, Show Your Style, SYS, Purplemoon, MEB, DD Style, Angels Dessous, anubis, AgySecret, HOB, Jesuis, YDEA, Alienbear jewels, Moolto, Tukinowaguma, Nemesis, House of Europe, Blush, Sartoria, Dirty Hands, Blackswan.


Interview with RicoRacer Flux by Genevieve Kamala


Thank you to BeStyle Magazine especially Agy and Tesan for this interview. It is an honor.

Ty to Genevieve Kamala for taking the time to interview me especially with her patience and flexibility around my busy RL schedule. Awesome job. =) Tysm


Cover by Peter Driben

magazine - "screen romances" october 1937

GG article. Coop artwork the best thing about this issue.

dibujo para la Popper Magazine Vol.3 :o) -->

I was featured on the cover of this local skateboard magazine called Grind back in the mid-eighties, fun stuff

Fly Afrik Air to read the story!


© Eric Lafforgue

As you will all know I did a promo shoot a while back for my good friends Above The Underground, Now their new album is fast aproaching which I have also been able to do the cover of, which will be shown soon, they have been given various interviews and such with certain magazines. This was the first one and there is my image. Another publication, which I am happy that my image was used in.


So feel free to buy yourself a copy of the mag or go and check out Above the underground at or like their facebook page at where the original image can be seen.


Dont forget to check out my shop


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and my website



日経BP社 刊 日経マネー 


My homie and crewmate getting some much deserved shine after easily being the most up bomber in the Bay Area, CA for several years in a row. When I say Bay Area I mean the whole area too, not just Oakland or S.F. but every damn cutty little city in between and beyond. Dude is a machine and I'm proud to be crew with him. AMC WKT for life.


so i got comissioned to take some photos of a restaraunt. so i did. lol. and they sent me the oublication they are using it in!! :D


It only a local magazine, though its for the posh area of chichester ;)

Should be an interesting read. ;)

My first ever editorial job and they spelt my name wrong. I did a full page for Flamingo Magazine about Craftsmanship and Revolution.


Get the magazine here -

Actually love this as a "comeback" photo!

BTW her dress is the skirt from the LiTD Midge Fashion Pack...and sorry for the blurry seventeen logo

Considered tagged if viewing!!

This was my first magazine!

in 2007 i made it with my friends in high school and we used to sell it Everywhere outside school it had 150 mini pages it was only worth 1 Dollar and it had lots of posters


The computer and the backup files got damaged and me and friends broke up so the magazine was gone:(


and thats the only picture I have left


But now I have Jonas Magazine :D



July 2010 Cover of Tattoo Couture Magazine

Photo by SMP Photography

Hair: HeadsWillRoll


Taken at Irish Rose Tattoo

Photography by Kate O'Brien and lettering by moi.

Tagged by: Tamago_maki & tru_fashionista_luv


They've arrived!!! I just got my Basics 2.5 (2.1 on the box) in and I'm loving them. They probably won't be joining the 'Haus' any time soon (I really just got them for their clothes, accessories and shoes) but since I hadn't gotten around to this TAG game I thought they'd be great for the cover. ..and maybe they might pop up again in the future, who knows ;)

Get VOLO #9

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Cover Photo: Julia Skalozub


With inspiration as the theme, I know you will enjoy the work of Argentini and Skalozub as well as 73 Toro, Vince Hemingson, Art of Dan, Tomekl Tomkowiak, Ruzdi Ekenheim, Scott Watson, and a selection of inspired shots from my portfolio. I am humbled to have so much great work in VOLO #9 and I hope you enjoy consuming the issue as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

Popular Photography article.

July issue "Especial casas actuales" (n°195)




(Born in 1989, based in Paris)


When I was a child I read a lot, odly way more than when I was studying Literature. I have an unforgettable memory of Countess of Ségur's novels or Roald Dahl's tales, which propose a childhood's vision both funny and cynical, but also very cruel. Very adult in fact.

I also watched the same cartoons in loops. Batman was one of them. This anti-hero (because what is a superhero without power?) inspires me my character, Marcelle; a very fearful girl that conquers her phobias when she puts on the mask she found in her attic.

I also studied a lot the XIXth century, and I'm fascinated by the 'fin-de-siècle' and the Decadent movement. This time had plenty of colorful characters who all had one rare thing in common:panache.


I draw my inspirations from a lot of different sources to stage my dolls. Childhood and XIXth century are my two major anchor points, and each one influencing the other. I take my enjoyment of my work very seriously in fact. Today, I'd describe my universe as bitter-sweet.


I started collecting miniatures early, around 7 or 8. For the dolls, it came later, it was never an interest, even as a child. I found them too well-behaved!

Paradoxically, the first dolls I've found beautiful were those of Julien Martinez. It triggered in me a real passion; they feel alive! I like dolls that are hard to tame, the ones that create something in us. The challenge is to make them beautiful in their own way, when most of them wouldn't be considered as such.

I try to have a very inquisitive mindset and to grow my business from all possible creative outlets.



Traduction :


Quand j'étais petite je lisais beaucoup, paradoxalement beaucoup plus que lors de mes études de Lettres. J'ai un souvenir impérissable des romans de la Comtesse de Ségur (Les Petites Filles Modèles, Les Malheurs de Sophie) et de Roald Dahl, qui proposaient une vision de l'enfance à la fois drôle et cynique mais également très cruelle. Très adulte en fait.

Je regardais aussi les mêmes dessins animés en boucle. Batman en fait partie. Cet anti-héros (car qu'est-ce qu'un super héros sans pouvoir ?) m'a inspiré mon personnage de Marcelle, une petite fille très peureuse dont les angoisses s'effacent après qu'elle ait rêvetu un masque trouvé dans son grenier.

J'ai également beaucoup étudié le XIXème siècle, et je suis fascinée par l'esprit fin de siècle et la décadence. Cette époque regorgeait de personnages qui possédaient quelque chose de rare aujourd'hui : le panache.


Je me nourris de toutes ces influences, de ces souvenirs d'enfance et de mes lectures pour mettre en scène mes poupées. L'enfance et le XIXème siècle sont mes deux points d'ancrage, chacun de ces deux pôles vient en somme contaminer l’autre. Je répète souvent que je m'amuse très sérieusement quand je travaille. Aujourd'hui je qualifierais mon univers d'aigre-doux.


J'ai commencé à collectionner les miniatures assez tôt, vers l'âge de 7 ou 8 ans. Pour les poupées, c'est venu plus tard, ça ne m'intéressait pas du tout, même enfant. Je les trouvais trop sages ! Paradoxalement, les premières poupées que j'ai trouvé belles sont celles de Julien Martinez. J'ai eu un vrai déclic quand je les ai découvertes ; elles sont vivantes ! J'aime les poupées difficiles à apprivoiser, celles qui provoquent quelque chose en nous. Le défi d'arriver à les rendre belles, alors qu'elles ne le semblent pas au premier abord, me plait.

J’essaie aussi d’être la plus curieuse possible et d’enrichir mon travail de toute nouvelle source d’inspiration que je peux trouver ailleurs.

Article & a couple of other pictures inside the magazine.

My submission to the 80's Wednesday group.


These two Thrasher magazines (from 1988 and 1989) are the only skateboard magazines I have left from that era. I used to have boxes and boxes of Thrasher and TWS magazines... unfortunately, I had to dump them during one of my moves in the early 90s.

ODC2 - Fashion




I can't believe I knew straight away what to do for this It just popped up in my head as soon as I read the topic for todays challenge.


Ella and I had lots of fun with this, we got to be real girly and she got to try make-up for the first She LOVED it 8)

Escapade's Annual 1963

Bruce-Royal Publishing, 1963

Cover Photo (from Escapade, April 1962) uncredited

© | images by Tim Wilkerson


Okay, so i appeared on the cover of a local magazine last week. As you can see, the focus was on gay men who are over 40 and still "fierce." I didn't realize how many people read this magazine until just about everybody i know started telling me they saw me on the cover. (My job is a distribution site for the free publication, and there were only two copies left by the time i got to work.)


The issue featured 12 guys in our 40s (including my housemate, Craig Washington). I think it was a pretty positive piece, consciously trying to combat the youth worship that is so pervasive in our culture. The page with my profile is the next (or previous) image in my photostream. If you'd like to see the entire feature online, go to and click on Issue #427.

javertime magazine just came out with the issue that I'm on the cover of/have an editorial in/am interviewed and featured in!


this is a part of the editorial I did for it!


go check out the full preview here:


it's 25% off until mother's day-- just enter the code "MOM" ! help support a lovely magazine and the wonderful person behind it


model : corey



ALSO, just want to let you guys know: I'm now selling all 5 of my curves for a special deal of $14.


if you've already bought both of my two older ones OR all three of my newer ones, you can still get this deal.

see here for details!

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