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My lovely dog Spike

:copyright: Non utilizzare le mie immagini senza il mio permesso .

:copyright: Do not use my images without my permission .


Grazie mille a tutti per le vostre visite e commenti !

Thank you all for your visites and comments !

German Shepherd ... sunset

If they do..this is what it might look like . .

A beautiful Golden Retriever . . .

Boston Ter /Pug = Bug

5 yrs old

I have never seen a dog as popular and sweet like this one ...

But then Im a bit bias too , this one is mine .

Jess enjoying the water after her walk.


Today members of the We're here group are visiting the 'One Word Title' group

Mom's dog, Flower, all comfy in the back of the car getting ready to go for a ride. :)

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog of Dylan Thomas is the book I choose for my Summer readings.I always like to read a classic , this time it was hard to choose, but when I see this book, I knew this is the one. I like the poetry of Dylan Thomas, I'm curious about this book.

That heart melting look . . .

Tied up on the sidewalk ...

I met this lovely dog on the beach

Walking in the rain...

She asks me why

I'm just a hairy guy

I'm hairy noon and night

Hair that's a fright /.../


The dog on the photo is called Sara and we've adopted her for a week because she has chosen our Macedonian garden as her home.

Dog and owner will look with the eyes of love, just like mother and son. It is a great truth!

Gretel, a friend's dog, is showing interest because the treats were dug out.

A drawing with a Wacom digital drawing tablet. I started this project with a pencil drawing, took a photo of it and finished it with a tablet in Photoshop. No filter is used, except for some textures.


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission.


© All rights reserved


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Are you looking at my?

.. I love dogs, even if they shake like a whirlstorm :)

my new friend , you remember, here he looks like an icebear ...

Small package of dynamite ... ready to blow the alarm at any moment.

Freddiedog, Now two years old, he learnt so much from Rooneydog. Freddie loves everyone also he continuously sheds... So now instead of having Black Dog Hair over the house, now have Brown :) and thats the way it should be.

I saw this huge dog sitting outside our grocery stored, tied up and patiently waiting for his owner. I suspect he was a mixed breed, kind of shaggy in appearance.He did not mind my petting him at all.

Momentarily distracted . .

Sun, hair and catching a ball...

My sister's wiener dog encountering air resistance.

On a bench in front of a café.

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