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I met this lovely dog on the beach

Gretel, a friend's dog, is showing interest because the treats were dug out.

Tied up on the sidewalk ...

Daily Dog Challenge 1956. "Cheery"


Our Daily Challenge - Mar 10, 2017 - "Mellow Yellow"


117 Pictures in 2017 - #47. "Petals"


2017 Weekly Alphabet Challenge - J is for Jut


I think he has all bases covered. :)


Amazing what you can do with two sheets of card stock paper and a plain head band.


The paper was folded into quarters and freehand cut, leaving a short, square tail at the base. Each tail was individually wrapped around the headband and tapped to the back of their petal. Each petal was taped to its neighbor in the back with a small piece of tape.


The results were surprisingly sturdy.


Today's Post (Yellow Flowers) :


Stop on by Zachary and Henry's blog: - The Secret Life of the Suburban Dog

.... outside the Zephyr Cafe in Squamish. Only the really big piles of snow are left now.

My lovely dog Spike

:copyright: Non utilizzare le mie immagini senza il mio permesso .

:copyright: Do not use my images without my permission .


Grazie mille a tutti per le vostre visite e commenti !

Thank you all for your visites and comments !

Walking the streets of Barcelona I saw this dog sitting in a shop doorway so i knelt down to take its photo and it turned into this really good pose..

is owned by a lady across the road. Daisy is such a cute little dog and just loves the attention. She is also quite a poser !!


Are you looking at my?

Friendly dog seen at Cherry Creek Sate park.He seemed to want his picture taken.

One for dog lovers


Free stock image from vlaaitje @ pixabay

Taken after walking around Hodnet gardens, Shropshire.

My dog Zelda. She's getting much better at having her picture taken. Picture taken late afternoon, sun was low.


Camera jpeg

Ground level view . .

Just because s/he's gorgeous - a canal boat dog we saw today while walking along the Regents Canal in London!

Ergo the name "Watchdog"

That heart melting look . . .

Fotografía tomada en La Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia


:copyright: Wilmer Quiceno

My best ever hiking companion:gift_heart:

He is a Finnish lapphund, a bit impatient, very lovable and calm in the house, he loves chasing games and helping out in the garden

Aiko is 3 years old.

His breed used to herd reindeers, and its obviously in his blood - he is trying to herd us too :joy: And his coat is extremely thick, if he gets ticks they don't easily find any skin to bite.

He loves ofc to stay outside and during winter time he loves sleeping in the snow.

He loves loooong hikes and I bring him along on more or less every hike.

Except sunset events tho... He doesn't like to wait that long :grin:

Like a magnet... they came . . .


We tend to think of ourselves as superior to other animals... but in many ways the opposite is true. . . .

Lakewood Ranch, FL What a sweetie.

Cute doggie.... smile for the camera!

Neige (2)

48 photos pour en avoir au final 2 où elle ne gigotait pas.

Don't listen to me, she's a spoiled happy dog.

The title is Ross's nickname, short for 'Doug Ross' of the TV hospital series 'ER'. A character played by George Clooney:-)

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