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This image was taken by Canon EOS 1000d entry level with a kit lens EF18-55mm lens while travelling in W.A Perth . Miss this wonderful place for it beautiful raw seascape n the incredible dramatic skyline hardly seen here in Singapore ...??? why ?? I can never figure out what wrong with our god showering lesser blessing to the photographers here in Singapore ....

Bombus impatiens



Polistes dominula


Baru Nak upload gambaq outing perlis ari tu sori la kawan kawan sebab lambat nak upload



Made Explore November 27, 2008.........#432

Gerbera brotando...uma macro peluda...hehehe...

Agapostemon virescens- Female, about 10mm


Have a great Sunday Everyone :)

Neurothemis ramburii, ( Female)


just another macro:))


will try to catch up, been really really busy:((


hopefully i will be able to go out and shoot landscape soon, haven't been out and now i just have to go out and capture some delicious light:))


tried out a vertorama saturday, and i will not post that one lol, but i sure learned alot:))) lol


anyways hope you like this one??


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, much appreciated:))


have a wonderful week ahead:))



more macro fun with my daisies

First upload from The Sigma 105mm macro - ive only done a few test shots with the lens but have been blow away by its sharpness and IQ! I had never used a macro lens before yesterday so to find the DOF as shallow as it is will take some getting used to. Will be doing some reading up on Macro work but im enjoying it so far - Think the mrs will be getting more and more flowers coming her way! Thanks for viewing

The goldenrod soldier beetle

Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus


Walking around with a small water spay bottle will help achieve images like this but remember the second you spray water on your subject it will fly away or take off depending on the insect your trying to capture. Sometimes you get lucky. *_-



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Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 105mm macro


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