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Velvet Ant



Phidippus audax (Female)


Diabrotica undecimpunctata


Coccinella septempunctata




♪♫♪♫... How Deep Is Your Love




Happy Macro Monday !!

Gerbera brotando...uma macro peluda...hehehe...

Macro Mondays: Timepieces


Thanks for all the comments and fave's :)

just another macro:))


will try to catch up, been really really busy:((


hopefully i will be able to go out and shoot landscape soon, haven't been out and now i just have to go out and capture some delicious light:))


tried out a vertorama saturday, and i will not post that one lol, but i sure learned alot:))) lol


anyways hope you like this one??


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, much appreciated:))


have a wonderful week ahead:))



Phidippus audax (Female)


G5 + G1:2.5/14(reverse)



macro mondays … timepieces ... hmm !


listen to The Rolling Stones

and watch Fallen



This is a macro shot of grass in my garden. The dew was so beautiful and I couldn't help thinking of a fortune teller's crystal ball when I looked at this shot!

Macro Mondays: What is that


Thanks for all the comments and fave's :)

Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 105mm macro


Acanalonia conica


Polistes dominula


Bombus impatiens



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Macro Mondays and Glass


Swan of Crystal glass

(4 cm high)


Macro Mondays and Remedy


A capsule is a casing, usually of gelatine, in which a medicine or food supplement is adjusted for use by the patient. There are hard and soft capsules. In the first capsules powders are usually measured, in the second mainly non-aqueous solutions (for example fish oil or vitamin A, D or E in oil). In the presence of water, the gelatine becomes soft and so the content of the capsule is released.


These capsules are gastric acid inhibitors.

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