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“Macro Mondays” and “Mysterious.”

dandelion and smoke

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macro mondays ... in a row ...

hmm !


A Prayer Wheel from Nepal

Thank you Justin Odisho for you video on Monochromatic Colour.

Honey and Lemon....warm, it's a soothing remedy for colds coughs and sore throats! HMM :-)

"each drop

trail leaves

deep intense"

Haiku - Semih Bilgic


It's a detail of this little daisy ;-)


For the Macro Mondays theme 'All natural'.

HMM everyone.

Dandelion seed and dew.

Monday December 11 the theme is "stick"


Macro Mondays may 28 theme : allnatural


It was a surprise to see, after the making this macro of the pistel of an Amaryllis, the tiny drops when viewed on a bigger screen. It is no water, but produced by this beautiful flower itself. Probable to attract insects ;-)

Laugh as much as you want, but I'm one very serious snail !

As always, thank you so much for your visits, comments and faves!


I think the wonderful colours in this decaying piece of wood look really beautiful! :-) HMM


7DWF Free theme :-)

Macro Mondays and Glass


Swan of Crystal glass

(4 cm high)


Macro Mondays.



Macro Mondays June 5th theme :



macro mondays theme: blue

Macro Mondays , September 3rd theme : glass


Macro Mondays - Hot and Cold

Captured with Nikon d750 and tamron 70-200mm f2.8 Di LD Macro.

Natural light.

Die Birkenfeige (Ficus benjamina), auch „Benjamini“ genannt, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Familie der Maulbeergewächse (Moraceae). Diese Art ist in Nepal, im nördlichen Indien, in Bangladesch, Burma, südlichen China, von Malaysia bis zu den Salomonen und im nördlichen tropischen Australien beheimatet. Die Sorten dieser Art werden im gesamten Tropengürtel als Zierpflanze an Straßen, in Parks und Gärten angepflanzt. Sie sind auch von dort aus verwildert. Ihre Sorten sind beliebte Zimmerpflanzen.


Blätter Album


Album Olympus E-330


Album Zuiko 35mm 3.5 Macro

During the folding process, I made this macro view of my tessellation 'Mosaic'.

The color is a bit different because of the lamplight, this photo (above) is taken in the evening. I don't mind that color change ;-))


In the first comment box you can see the first version of 'Mosaic', which is folded with different paper ('Anett-paper'), that is suitable for backlighting.


If you are interested to see more, have a look at my tessellation album Origami - Tessellation Progression".

Macro Mondays September 4 theme: Connection


Macro Friday" y "Fruta

Makro Montag -Thema: gezackt

junges Haselnußblatt, die Blattlaus kam erst beim Fotografieren in der Box zum Vorschein - hat wohl heiße Füße bekommen.

young hazelnut leaf,

the aphid only came when taking pictures

in the box to the fore

probably got hot feet


Macro Mondays September 18 theme : evolution



un pinceau et un aérographe

Theme: Monochrome


A very well worn sapphire and diamond ring HMM :-)

7DWF..Free theme

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