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Macro shots of insects. Not everyone's cup of tea but fascinating nonetheless. Hope you at least find it interesting.

I can't believe he sat still long enough,and let me get this close.

Laugh as much as you want, but I'm one very serious snail !

As always, thank you so much for your visits, comments and faves!


Doing macro shooting of this wet Wild Lily.

My son looking out the window,....:)

HMM everyone!!

Taken a while ago with my 55-300mm lens and a macro attachment. I liked the really fine details on the tip of the stigma and the stamens - these were details so small I'd never seen them before!

Grilled peppers, garlic & chili...

Tasted really good!! :)


A perfect snack while watching Sweden win over Canada in the Ice Hockey World Championship final....;)


HMM Everyone!!!



A nice straight forward Chip Shot. It does look like something from a Sci-Fi movie though!

Polistes dominula


Macro Monday choice ....



This image was taken by Canon EOS 1000d entry level with a kit lens EF18-55mm lens while travelling in W.A Perth . Miss this wonderful place for it beautiful raw seascape n the incredible dramatic skyline hardly seen here in Singapore ...??? why ?? I can never figure out what wrong with our god showering lesser blessing to the photographers here in Singapore ....

Macro Mondays Theme "Black&White" (Feb '17)

"For this challenge ... I want to see photos of cloth as a textile: something that is generally woven, felted, or knitted; and used for garments, upholstery, and many other items. I understand that yarn, silk, floss, thread and fibers are considered textiles, but they will not be accepted for this theme unless they have been woven, felted or knitted into cloth."

-- Janet Towbin, admin and textile designer .


Janet also linked a video about Ann Hamilton, who states:

"There are very few times in our lives when we are not touching cloth. Cloth is the hand that is always surrounding us. It's our constant companion."


My Cloth/Textile Gallery


This is part of a long piece of fabric my sister brought back from Kenya. I cropped it as well as first taking a close macro shot. The D810 has about a 7250 pixel width. Bit of a memory hog ;)


Thanks for looking!

macro mondays ... made of metal ...

hmm !


Another quick macro shot from the Fota Gardens in Cork, Ireland.

Playing with kiwi and macro

Bombus impatiens



Macro dandelion


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Shotgun Casing...

Winnipeg, Manitoba


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