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Night shot of the "Grund", in the old part of Luxembourg city.

Shot with a 5D2 and reworked as a HDR (slightly, mainly to achieve this golden aspect).


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Viaduc bridge in the background in Luxembourg. To the right on top of the hill is the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community building with the round tower.


Photo published as the advertisement background for a conference in support of Europäischer Kongress (La Fondation jugend-an drogenhëllef) being held 11 & 12 June 2015 in Luxembourg.


Thank you Mr. Delvaux for asking to use this photo.

The Abbey of Echternach is a Benedictine monastery in the town of Echternach, in eastern Luxembourg. The Abbey was founded by St Willibrord, the patron saint of Luxembourg, in the 7th century. For three hundred years, it benefited from the patronage of a succession of rulers, and was the most powerful institution in Luxembourg.


The abbey is now a popular tourist attraction, and owes much of its modern fame to an annual dancing procession that is held every Whit Tuesday. Tens of thousands of tourists, day-trippers, pilgrims, and clergy visit Echternach to witness or participate in the traditional ceremony.

People walking along the green valley that meanders through the city of Luxembourg.

I wanted pictures of the plant seen in the background. The sky was fabulous, so I chose my POV and took the pctures. After developing, I found that the results were not what I expected they should be. I will need to go back for the plant.

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Vianden Castle (French: Château de Vianden, German: Burg Vianden, Luxembourgish: Buerg Veianen), located in Vianden in the north of Luxembourg, is one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine. With origins dating from the 10th century, the castle was built in the Romanesque style from the 11th to 14th centuries. Gothic transformations and trimmings were added at the end of this period. A Renaissance mansion was added in the 17th century but thereafter the castle was allowed to fall into ruins. It has, however, recently been fully restored and is open to visitors.


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Clervaux is a very small town in Luxemburg.(slightly more than 1000 inhabitants). The city was the site of heavy fighting during World War II, in December 1944 (Battle of Clervaux).


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Agfa film

asa 400


Adriana and I spent the day in Luxembourg today. It was actually a really nice day, even though it poured all night long. The city sits atop a series of valleys, so it's been a defensive location throughout much of history. The area has a lot of really cool bridges that remind me of ancient Roman aquaducts, You can also go down into a "village" called the Grund that sort of sits in one of the valleys, and then from there you can look up and see the city walls towering over you.


Luxembourg is technically the 6th smallest country in Europe. Growing up I always thought it was the smallest, so of course throughout the day I'm driving Adriana crazy acting like Cliff Claven and telling her it's a little known fact that Luxembourg is the 6th smallest country in all of Europe.


Tomorrow we're renting a car and heading north to see some of the castles. It's been a while since I've driven so should be quite the adventure! This particular shot was taken around Ponte Adolphe, the bridge that you see to the right. Right at twilight the clouds got really great so I'm pleased with the way this turned out.


I'll be creating a Luxembourg set later this week to show you some other pics from our trip as well.


I recommend pressing "L" to view large on black!

I had a very pleasant and energising walk yesterday evening around the area known as Houffels, near Boulaide in the Luxembourg Ardennes region. The sunset was pretty impressive although at the very end a layer of clouds covered the sun. I was with my friend and fellow photographer Tom Schmitz who knows the area very well since he grew up in this part of Luxembourg.


Ayer hice una caminata magnífica en la zona de Houffels, cerca de Boulaide, en la región de las Ardenas Luxemburguesas. La puesta de sol fue preciosa, aunque al final una banda de nubes cubrió el sol. Estuve con mi amigo y compañero fotógrafo Tom Schmitz que conoce la zona muy bien ya que creció en ella.



Sunset taken on the way back to Luxembourg City from Vianden.

Grund Quarter of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg



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