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Taken with a Canon 70d DSLR and TMB92L refractor. This is the result of 20 images stacked with Registax and processed with Astra Image Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Total lunar eclipse phases through cloud cover

June 2011 lunar eclipse over Cairns, QLD. Composite of 2 exposures to clearly capture the landscape, galaxy and moon.

So, I didn't stay up all night photographing the eclipse this time, but now I wish I had with the increased resolution of the 5D MK II. Since I don't have any new images I'll share this shot of the moon in total eclipse I took on Aug 28, 2007. The star field was added from a different image to add depth and context.


My most popular image from the 2007 lunar event, "Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta", can be seen in my photostream. It was part of an exhibit in the Smithsonian.

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First rays of sunlight hitting the moon just after the total lunar eclipse last friday. It really was a magical moment seeing the moon completely red and then slowly becoming white again and making you feel part of the universe.


I made this image using my telescope with my D800e attached to it making it possible to capture beautiful detail on the moon. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think of it.


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Hier noch ein Zusammenschnitt der Fotos der Mondfinsternis am 27.07.18 im zeitlichen Verlauf von etwa einer Stunde.

Photographed from Sevastopol.


Частичное лунное затмение.

Снято из Севастополя.

lunar eclipse

eclipse lunar

Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011 from Totality to Full Moon as seen from Altea (Spain). Combined composite of different exposures.

Last remains of the June 15 eclipse 2011.

Assemblage de 8 photos de la lune prises cette nuit pendant la deuxième phase de l'eclipse de 6h46 à 7h51, pour une fois le ciel était Clément.

Lunar eclipse January 2008.

View from Tokyo, Japan.

Seems you can have "zoom creep" when the camera's pointed up - hadn't considered that. So 500 mm instead of 600 mm. Lesson learned.

This was the best I could manage of last night's lunar eclipse before the clouds set in.

Shoot free hand, 400mm with IS on.

Time to exposed fully eclipsed moon was 1/15 at f 5.6 and the photographs were still very underexposed, unfortunately this was all I could get away with (sort of) hand held.

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Another shot of last nights lunar eclipse.

Taken from Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.


Taken with a Canon 70d DSLR and TMB92L refractor. This is the result of 30 images stacked with Registax and processed with Astra Image Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Lead up to the 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse..... Just before the clouds rolled in and covered the moon, blocking the eclipse...

This is my first try at the progression of the eclipse. I only shot the first half of the eclipse and stacked them into one photo.

We hurried to catch the blood moon after work and got there in time. This was my first full lunar eclipse and it was quite impressive. Very lucky to have sunsetpeninsula look after Jack patiently while I was snapping away.

My fledgling attempt at astronomy photography. I got distracted by a fire in the middle of shooting this.

Seen on Explore, 10-8-14 #401

Last Friday night I wanted to take an image of the lunar eclipse, but it wasn't visible in the valley where we live. Hence, we decided to drive up the hill next to our house and after waiting a few minutes the clouds moved and the moon emerged. Since we were pretty late I didn't catch the blood moon, but I'm happy that I got an image despite some troubles. First, I'm not yet very familiar with my new Sony A7II and changing settings took me longer than usual. Moreover, my cheap Tamron tele lens doesn't have a tripod collar which means that my ballhead was moving due to the front heavy weight. Anyway, I think it turned out reasonably well. Hope you like it!

Viewed from Washington, USA

Dec, 10, 2011


allen Besuchern und Freunden meines Fotostreams ein herzliches Dankeschön für eure Kommentare und Kritiken, Einladungen und Favoriten.

all visitors and friends of my photostream, a heartfelt thank you for your comments and reviews, invitations and favorites

10 x 3 seconds exposures

ISO 200

Celestron SCT 6"

Canon 550D

Lynkeos > PS

10 x 1 second exposures

ISO 200

Celestron SCT 6"

Canon 550D

Lynkeos > PS

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