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Lunar Eclipse


this was actually taken around 3:30 AM. Time is off on my camera. Need to fix that.


I didn't want to crop in on this at all because then I'd lose all the stars that are visible in the photo. Thankfully it wasn't cold outside last night. Just around 50 degrees F


last night we had a partial lunar eclipse, it looked amazing!!


please view large on black:

Moon - WO Z80 refractor and DFK51 camera

Stars - WO FLT132 refractor and EOS350d DSLR

All taken at the same time and combined in Photoshop

First shot taken at about 6:22pm, last shot taken about 8:12pm

See it Large and On Black

PC210121 (Explore 12/21/10 # 307) The wind was shaking the tripod, and it was brutally cold, but I'm glad I got up to see this at 3:10 am

10 x 3 seconds exposures

ISO 200

Celestron SCT 6"

Canon 550D

Lynkeos > PS

So, I didn't stay up all night photographing the eclipse this time, but now I wish I had with the increased resolution of the 5D MK II. Since I don't have any new images I'll share this shot of the moon in total eclipse I took on Aug 28, 2007. The star field was added from a different image to add depth and context.


My most popular image from the 2007 lunar event, "Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta", can be seen in my photostream. It was part of an exhibit in the Smithsonian.

The Lunar Eclipse process starting from the full moon through to when dawn was breaking and the moon took on a pinkish tone.

Great lunar eclipse this morning. Not really happy with the images, as I don't think my 300mm f/4 Nikkor was in perfect focus. But at least i can say I got up and shot it.


I am sure some of my astrophotography contacts will laugh at this measly image but I was surprised I was able to get anything. It was cloudy when I went to bed but the clouds did breakoff just in time. ( explore # 13 ) my thanks to everyone

Definitely best big: press the L key.


This morning dawned to a total lunar eclipse. I woke up at 5:30 am, donned hat and coat and gear, and was back in bed by 6:30 as visions of orbital mechanics danced in my head.

Me and a friend spent around one hour on trying to take photos of the lunar eclipse. However, my tripod sucks...It was so hard to locate the moon in the viewfinder. Oh, and it was very windy and cold outdoors tonight! That's why it's also so hard to keep the camera stable and get a very sharp shot...


But I really like the stars around the moon.

Photographed from Sevastopol.


Частичное лунное затмение.

Снято из Севастополя.

Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon

This was the last clear image before the clouds started to cover the Moon and spoiled the evening :(

08th August'17

0025 hrs

Gaya, India

series of shots from the lunar eclipse on 4/14/14

Last remains of the June 15 eclipse 2011.

This was the best I could manage of last night's lunar eclipse before the clouds set in.

eclipse proceso completo


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Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011 from Totality to Full Moon as seen from Altea (Spain). Combined composite of different exposures.

Spent an amazing night taking photos of the moon, stars, and sculptures in the moonlight.

Does anybody know what the other dot is??

Uranus is seen on the right side.

Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan.




Lead up to the 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse..... Just before the clouds rolled in and covered the moon, blocking the eclipse...

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