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posted during last night's eclipse.

last night we had a partial lunar eclipse, it looked amazing!!


please view large on black:


allen Besuchern und Freunden meines Fotostreams ein herzliches Dankeschön für eure Kommentare und Kritiken, Einladungen und Favoriten.

all visitors and friends of my photostream, a heartfelt thank you for your comments and reviews, invitations and favorites

June 2011 lunar eclipse over Cairns, QLD. Composite of 2 exposures to clearly capture the landscape, galaxy and moon.

First shot taken at about 6:22pm, last shot taken about 8:12pm

See it Large and On Black

10 x 3 seconds exposures

ISO 200

Celestron SCT 6"

Canon 550D

Lynkeos > PS

Blood Moon taken at 6:55 am in Holland, Michigan, October 8, 2014

The Lunar Eclipse process starting from the full moon through to when dawn was breaking and the moon took on a pinkish tone.

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First rays of sunlight hitting the moon just after the total lunar eclipse last friday. It really was a magical moment seeing the moon completely red and then slowly becoming white again and making you feel part of the universe.


I made this image using my telescope with my D800e attached to it making it possible to capture beautiful detail on the moon. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think of it.


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PC210121 (Explore 12/21/10 # 307) The wind was shaking the tripod, and it was brutally cold, but I'm glad I got up to see this at 3:10 am

I am sure some of my astrophotography contacts will laugh at this measly image but I was surprised I was able to get anything. It was cloudy when I went to bed but the clouds did breakoff just in time. ( explore # 13 ) my thanks to everyone

Bloodmoon from friend's house this morning.

Photographed from Sevastopol.


Частичное лунное затмение.

Снято из Севастополя.

My moon! Sorry... just another photo cliché of lunar eclipse of July 27th

lunar eclipse

eclipse lunar

Hier noch ein Zusammenschnitt der Fotos der Mondfinsternis am 27.07.18 im zeitlichen Verlauf von etwa einer Stunde.

Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon

Great lunar eclipse this morning. Not really happy with the images, as I don't think my 300mm f/4 Nikkor was in perfect focus. But at least i can say I got up and shot it.


Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011 from Totality to Full Moon as seen from Altea (Spain). Combined composite of different exposures.

Last remains of the June 15 eclipse 2011.

In 27 July 2018 We saw the completely lunar eclipse in Kuwait and it was a wonderful thing worth seeing...

The recent Lunar Eclipse on the 3rd March 2007

Me and a friend spent around one hour on trying to take photos of the lunar eclipse. However, my tripod sucks...It was so hard to locate the moon in the viewfinder. Oh, and it was very windy and cold outdoors tonight! That's why it's also so hard to keep the camera stable and get a very sharp shot...


But I really like the stars around the moon.

July 27th - Sauerlach, Bayern.


went out of town for less light pollution, it took me some time to find a good spot, so the red was gone and the moon coming out of the shadow again.

I set the camera on a interval and got 300 pictures.

Probably not enough for a timelapse video but i was able to put this pic together.


-200mm, 1/180 - f14 ISO1600



This was taken at around 4:30am.

Unfortunately, I used a new tripod and I was so disappointed that some of the shots show some movement even by the use of a remote! I'll see if I will have the same problem this evening. I am planning on going to shoot the moonrise.


Happy Last Day of January, Everyone!

This is my first try at the progression of the eclipse. I only shot the first half of the eclipse and stacked them into one photo.

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