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Large Lavender Field at Hitchin Lavender, Ickleford

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Landscape with tulips. spring in the Netherlands


Is it HAARP that is attacking? Or did the TPTB invent new WMD's?

Those clouds....Is that not a HAARP effect? Are they busy again? Or is someone warping on a large scale? Who Knows?

kosovo landscape, national park sharr mountains

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Norway's first national touristroad


Sognefjellvegen/Sognefjellveien (Rv55 form Sogndal to Lom in Sogn og Fjordane / Oppland in Norway.


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When the Sun Comes from a side, it gives a golden look to the frame and collect the light in one area so you can get more sharp shot.

of all the places I've shot in, I see that the German Meadows are the most amazing because when you find your self in one then you feel like you haven't touch your camera for a long time and the lens in hungry for much wide frames, it's a great experience and happens once.

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Submitted 06/11/2014

Accepted 28/11/2014



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Taken below Combe Gibbet overlooking the Berkshire, UK countryside at sunset.

landscape of tree casting long shadow over ploughed field in winter


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seen in upper swabia, germany

in Oberschwaben, Deutschland gesehen

I love landscape but my passion is in other kind of photography (as you know :)) but I wanna show you ordinary landscape around my hometown.


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Picture taken with NIKON D50.

Lightroom 5.3


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Submitted 21/05/2014

Accepted 19/06/2014

Arches National Park, Utah, USA


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