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This is me, I work on the web.


I'm a Ruby developer mainly working with the Rails framework. I'm fortunate to work with some of the best developers/people in the universe and as I'm based in London I get to hang out with many more of them at LRUG


At home I work on Agileista (alpha) and I made MoodMapr as a laugh after being inspired by the amazing people I met at EuRuKo (especially Agata and Marcin of Applicake)


Aside from writing software I have a strong passion for the art of photography, specifically black and white and working with off camera light sources. If I did it all again I'd probably be an architect (the kind that designs buildings)


Many of my friends work in the music industry and I'm considered a member of the Foreign Beggars family. I do what I can to help out at Dented Records which I legally co-founded


Having grown up across three continents in London, Riyadh, Leysin (Switzerland) and Boston whilst also feeling at home in North Cyprus, Dubai and New York, it's the vast network of people in my extended family that make me who I am ("We form like Voltron" as a wise man once said)


I also love music, exercise, football, snowboarding, motorcycles and cars (I love a lot of stuff but I've taken each of these to legal/illegal extremes)


This is who I am, who are you?

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Lightning talk speakers at LRUG February meeting at Skills Matters.

JUNE 10th, LONDON – The London Ruby User Group meet for talks from JP Steadman & Jairo Diaz. See the SkillsCast (film, code, slides) at:

talking about the last 5 years of ruby development

Anup Narkhede - - Anup will introduce the site and the architecture behind id Rails 3.0, Redis, and Resque.

13th MAY, LONDON - Randy Morgan gives 30 minute workshop-presentation, helping each other to get mruby built locally, do a classic “Chunky bacon” test, and have a go at writing our own rbgems to extend the language with custom functionality. See the SkillsCast (Slides, code, video) at:

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