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This childless couple were making babies when I first saw them . . . then came the swan equivalent of a kiss . . .

Taken on the River Dodder, Dublin.


The Peña de los Enamorados mountain seen from within the old castle in the city of Antequera in the Heart of Andalusia.


The Lovers' Rock is named from a legend describing two young Moorish lovers from rival clans, a young man from Antequera and girl from nearby Archidona, who threw themselves from the rock while being pursued by the girl's father and his men.

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Side by side and showing the softer side.


Australian Navy ships open for inspection by the public as ppart of the International Fleet Review. A celebration of the Australian Navy's 100th anniversary.

The first of the Seven Sisters cliffs (or maybe the seventh, not sure which end you're supposed to count them from). Lovers weren't really throwing themselves off the top, but the notorious suicide spot Beachy Head is just around the corner. I liked the soft quality and tones from this £10 lens off ebay, it's a Zuiko 75-150 F4 lens. I think this was the wide end and wide open, it is a much sharper lens at the long end wide open.

I can't begin to express my love for my wife, she's been with me half my life and we have seen a lot together in that time. All of my best memories involve her and I wanted to take this day to testify, she put's up with a LOT! :-) Love you Tonia with all of my heart. Hope you folks make some 'we' time today and every day. Now I have to dash to work so I can afford some flowers. :-)



The sequel to my series Lovers from ..........


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A couple walking in an orchard on a sunny day while apple trees are in bloom.

lovers sculpture in San Diego sea port

Florida State Beach Park, USA

A female tiger teasing her lover :-)


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For all the beer lovers out there.

I don't like beer but I loved that sign when I saw it. I couldn't pass by without taking a photo.

This was in Alcudia, a city on Mallorca's north east. It's definitely worth a visit.


Sony A6000 with Canon lens 50mm

لوحة في متحف اللوفر في باريس

I was featured today in Photographers of Planet Earth. I am never comfortable being in the front row and like to hide in the back. I figured if my story could inspire one person to take up photography it was worth outing myself. I have only shared with a few of you my beginnings so this is old news for you , for the others it was not meant to leave you out I was just not ready yet. My story is no more or no less than any of us have had to go through to get where we are.

This is an old post as it was my first image I took with the intention of doing photography for photography sake so it was the one I chose for the feature. We are more than where we have come from and the struggles we had along the way . It is were we are going to that matters and happier am I if I can get there with a camera in my hand.

model: Ellie @ London Management Melbourne

stylist: Sinead Hargreaves

make-up artist: Kellie Trotman


all pictures and interview on spook mag:

In my sky at twilight you are like a cloud

and your form and colour are the way I love them.

You are taken in the net of my music, my love,

and my nets of music are wide as the sky.


~ Pablo Neruda



Many thanks to Lenabem-Anna & Skeletal Mess for the wonderful textures.


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