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Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


multiple textures courtesy of the lovely and talented lenabem-anna

A decidedly un-loved Chevrolet Impala decays in the Nevada desert at the ghost town of Rhyolite


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to lovers,

a moment can be eternity,

eternity can be the tick of a clock.


Mary Parrish

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Bob Marley



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To love is nothing.

To be loved is something.

To love, and be loved, is everything.


My new Granddaughter, Daughter, and son in law.


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Pont des Arts - Bridge of Love in Paris

words glorious words.

delicious words.

my memory wanes and with it my ability to pull the right word at the right time. i blame it on hours on end with toddlers and their language and simple songs, so good for them, not so much for me. knowing the word i want, but not being able to pull it from that part of my brain that used to be sharp is so very frustrating. i envy writers, i wish i could string words together like some. i love the sounds of certain words. serendipity for example, and felicity, fervor. what words do you love?


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...Love and Passion...


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.. or not at all ..( a creation)..happy Sunday everyone ~


una interpretazione di una storia d'amore appassionata e costante

The Sun's love for the Earth at the time of parting.

"The Light now distant shall grow native here.."

The human element and their body language. The son and his mother together, a big hug.


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Bermondsey Underground Station



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LOVE project


started in Japan by Keiko


love in vein | skinny puppy

I love poppies and I love my 85mm f\1.8 lens. On the crop sensor its wonderful, it has the most favourable bokeh, such quality!

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تشرق حياتي وتسعد وياك

يابعد روحي ميت فيك

أثبت وجودي وكفى بيمناك وانت الغلا

وماحد يساويك يا سعد من دايم يلاقيك

ياحظ قلبي يوم يلقاك وادعي إلهى لي يخليلك

الروح يازين تفداك ّّخذها هدية قلب يغليك


Model : LiL sis


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far from a city of strangers

far from the weaving of wheels

the breeze and the bees sense no danger

love is a lavender field


carriages carry the restless

pining for kismet's reveal

blindfolded 'til we are breathless

we meet at the lavender field


amble with me and the angels

nodding toward where we should kneel

blessings on vines twist and dangle

around our sweet lavender field


scent of the blossom entrancing

the zest of your lips is a meal

we find ourselves joyfully prancing

barefoot through lavender field


felicity gleams from the cosmos

beckoning 'heartache be healed!'

home is wherever the love grows

and you are a lavender field


Written by Lyric Everly 2/4/12

I love the way these three flowers dance off one another.

...having a lovely cup of tea together ♥

Have a great day everyone...

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My lilac tree in winter ... with my birds :-))


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Pic Taken by ME =)


- True Love Never Lives Happily ever after.. True Love has No ending ...!! =) -



HAPPY Weekend My Dear Friends.!!!


Copyright © Eralp Ege COSKUNTUNA


song - Love Is Found - Sade


''I know, my eyes already like you, I know, I know, Love is found....''

"Bubble of love"

Model : Thank you Tiffany Chou

Lighting : Thank you Kenny Nguyễn.

Bubble men : Thank you Anh Tuấn ( Kyo Phan)

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