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Something went wrong, I had a movie night planned....


TOTW: Love Your Body

FATOTW: Nightmares

there goes movienight again, at least I have weekend now ;-)


TOTW: Love Your Body

FATOTW: Nightmares

© Cynthia E. Wood | FoundFolios | facebook | Blurb


Many men have loved the bells

You fastened to the rein,

And everyone who wanted you

They found what they will always want again.

Your beauty lost to you yourself

Just as it was lost to them.


Oh take this longing from my tongue,

Whatever useless things these hands have done.

Let me see your beauty broken down

Like you would do for one you love.


Your body like a searchlight

My poverty revealed,

I would like to try your charity

Until you cry, now you must try my greed.

And everything depends upon

How near you sleep to me


Just take this longing from my tongue

All the lonely things my hands have done.

Let me see your beauty broken down

Like you would do for one you love.


Hungry as an archway

Through which the troops have passed,

I stand in ruins behind you,

With your winter clothes, your broken sandal straps.

I love to see you naked over there

Especially from the back.


Oh take this longing from my tongue,

All the useless things my hands have done,

Untie for me your hired blue gown,

Like you would do for one that you love.


You're faithful to the better man,

I'm afraid that he left.

So let me judge your love affair

In this very room where I have sentenced

Mine to death.

I'll even wear these old laurel leaves

That he's shaken from his head.


Just take this longing from my tongue,

All the useless things my hands have done,

Let me see your beauty broken down,

Like you would do for one you love.

Like you would do for one you love.


--Leonard Cohen

"Love your body, it knows what you think. From your emotions spring health or illness. Send yourself positive thoughts all the time."


Walking outdoors this morning. It has been snowing all day today in Toronto. Best seen large by clicking on the photo.


Thanks for visiting, enjoy your week.

I'm shooting a 'Love Your Body' concept tomorrow that I created a few months ago with a small team of 5 - 2 other models and a photographer and makeup artist that I've worked with many times before. Looking forward to releasing more about that project in the near future but in the meantime, thought you guys might like to see a few little selfies I've taken before shoots this year.

More fun with lights this evening.... combo of Strobist stuff as well as light painting.


The more astute amongst you will realise this is not a self portrait..... I used to look like this 30 years ago, but now I'm more of a party keg guy than a six pack guy. (Although compared to most 50 yr old folk I still look fairly fit so happy enough with my body). This is my younger son Sebe.... Luckily quite happy to pose half-nekkid at night in October in the UK (the young are hardy & foolish).


Strobist Info: Bowens GM200 1 ft behind & 6 ft to either side of subject. Both on full power. Triggered by Cactus triggers at start of the 30 sec exposure. Light trails with a hand flashlight triggered by muscle.


As usual, some learning experiences when doing a new technique. I really should have worked out a way to keep his arms still..... initial flash captured him, but during the 30 second long light painting his arms moved slightly & they look a bit thin as a result. Next time I will use some thin black thread for him to tense against & keep arms in absolute position.


OK, so hit quite a few themes with this one.....

FGR - Alien Light Forms

Bench Monday

TOTW - Love your body (I do, but envious of my son's)

Musically Challenged - As chosen by Pikespice.


The song is Halloween by Helloween - supposedly from the 80's so I ought to remember it, but I don't.... of course metal wasn't my thing then (or now). Long long lyrics, so here's the section that is relevant.


I can see a Light comin'

It's comin' nearer

It's shining

It's shining so bright

It's shining on me


I am the one, doom 's in my hands

Now make your choice,

redeemed or enslaved


I'll show you passion ang glory

He Is the snake

I'll give you power and abundance

He's the corrupter of man


Save me from the evil one

Give me strength to carry on

I will fight for all mankind's

deliverance and peace of mind

Jim Shields Photography

I only paid $2.46 for all.


The body shop SALE


Body Focus buy one get 1/2 off

Stretch Mark Improver

Sculpting Body Mask

-Gift set for 50% off- Cocoa Butter Gift Set: Comes with Creamy Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Scrub and Chenille Bath Lily

Papaya dry oil mist

20% Coupon towards facial purchase.

-Vitamin C RE-Texturizing Peel


10% Love your body

$25-8 Point gift

$50 Gift Card I received from Mother's Day.


Love your body no matter what




Yo, quiero conocer el mundo, recorrer el mapa hasta los bordes y continuar, olvidarme de los planes y seguir mis instintos, dejar que la curiosidad sea mi guía, quiero cambiar de hemisferio, dormir bajo otras estrellas y dejar que la aventura se despliegue ante mi!


Oye, eso de que has de estar delgada para salir sexys en las fotos quien lo dice? Si amas tu cuerpo tal y como es, es lo importante!



I, want to know the world, explore the map to the edges and continue, forget the plans and follow my instincts, let curiosity be my guide, I want to change hemisphere, sleep under other stars and let the adventure unfold before me!


Hey, what about being thin to be sexy in the photos who says it? If you love your body as it is, it is the important thing!


Estas semanas toca fotografías de viaje! He aprendido a usar colores nuevos y aquí va una muestra!

Photo Credit: Mas Agua Productions


Del Mar Extreme & Del Mar Surf Camp photoshoot featuring Del Mar Extreme instructors and fitness coaches for Love Your Body 2011.

I love your body and your bike ;-))

Know girls who are trying to fit into the social norm

Like squeezing into last year's prom dress

I know girls who are low rise, mac eyeshadow, and binge drinking

I know girls that wonder if they're disaster and sexy enough to fit in

I know girls who are fleeing bombs from the mosques of their skin

Playing russian roulette with death; it's never easy to accept

That our bodies are fallible and flawed

But when do we draw the line?

When the knife hits the skin?

Isn't it the same thing as purging

Because we're so obsessed with death

Some women just have more guts than others

The funny thing is women like us don't shoot

We swallow pills, still wanting to be beautiful at the morgue

Still proceeding to put on make-up

Still hoping that the mortician finds us fuckable and attractive

We might as well be buried with our shoes

And handbags and scarves, girls

We flirt with death everytime we etch a new tally mark

Into our skin

I know how to split my wrists like a battlefield too

But the time has come for us to

Reclaim our bodies

Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral

Offering this fuckdom as a pathetic means to say

"I only know how to exist when I'm wanted"

Girls like us are hardly ever wanted you know

We're used up and sad and drunk and

Perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up

And tell us that we did good

You did good


I know I am because I said am

My body is home


So try this

Take your hands over your bumpy lovebody naked

And remember the first time you touched someone

With the sole purpose of learning all of them

Touched them because the light was pretty on them

And the dust in the sunlight danced the way your heart did

Touch yourself with a purpose

Your body is the most beautiful royal

Fathers and uncles are not claiming your knife anymore

Are not your razor, no

Put the sharpness back

Lay your hands flat and feel the surface of scarred skin

I once touched a tree with charred limbs

The stump was still breathing

But the tops were just ashy remains

I wonder what it's like to come back from that

Sometimes I feel a forest fire erupting from my wrists

And the smoke signals sent out are the most beautiful things

I've ever seen

Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet

And brother, arm wrapping shoulders, and remember

This is important

You are worth more than who you fuck

You are worth more than a waistline

You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim

In the shadows, more than a man's whim

Or your father's mistake

You are no less valuable as a size 16, than a size 4

You are no less valuable as a 32a than a 36c

Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood


You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves sprouting out



Love yourself.




Body - The Shops (Free!)

Hair - Alice Project

Skin (face) - Birdy

Pose - Nani

Necklace - Boom

I have an extra goddess (model no.4) from the 2.1 metallic basics collection and I wanna re-body one of my existing dolls that matches her skin tone to the T. I'm having a hard time choosing who will get a better body so I decided to let you all, my dolly friends vote. So here it is, which one of the 4 dolls on the right should get a brand new body?

Pic by Tonic

Taken At Dixmix Gallery


See rainbows in the moonlight

Feels static on your skin

Your beauty in the twilight


Red wine across your, lips

You've got me out of tention

Cant take my eyes away

Your smiling as I watch you

Your face tells me to stay


Your body is my temple

Your love is what keeps me safe

Your legs will start to tremble

Your lips will speak my name


Your body is my temple


Your love could keep me humble

The stars are in your eyes

Take me away hold my hands over down pulled me glove in the sky

You've got me in your pulse now

Im helpless to your, touch

There's not a note that I plays to the sound of us falling in love


Your body is my temple

Your love is what keeps me safe

Your legs will start to tremble

Your lips will speak my name


Your body is my temple

Your body is my temple

to accept and love your body being a woman is a challenge. society, media, religion, politics, arts, etc. always seem to know better how we should be and look like. pregnancy is a wonder of nature in so many aspects but it is also the chance to just lay back and hand the control over to our body that knows just best...

This is for TOTW – Love your body (Breast Cancer Awareness month)


It’s kind of ironic, because I really am not loving my body at the moment.


I was feeling myself on friday and decided to just go take pics lol.


Skin: Egozy :: Iman

Hair: LCKY :: Raining


When you loved your body from your

Shoulder blades to your rollerblades (Love your body)

And I taught you how to leave the everythings in the moment

Leave your problems, don't go backwards

Flon , the trendy part of LAUSANNE - Switzerland -


Flon, le quartier branché de Lausanne - Suisse

Ah the details! It reminds me a bit of Blumarine and Marchesa and Elie Saab SS '14. It would have been even more dramatic if it were sheer and floor-length but it's still fierce.

--tell your daughters how you love your body. tell them how they must love theirs. tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves - from their tiger stripes to the soft flesh of their thighs, whether there is a little of them or a lot, whether freckles cover their face or not, whether their curves are plentiful or slim, whether their hair is thick, curly, straight, long, or short. tell them how they inherited their ancestor's souls in their smiles, that their eyes carry countries that breathed life into history, that the swing of their hips does not determine their destiny. tell them to never listen when their bodies are critiqued. tell them every women's body is beautiful because every woman's soul is unique.--

Art Journaling - inspired by Nori Z at Sktchy (Ink, soft pencil and watercolors).

Why am I so obsessed with the size of my waist? It's so stupid. And unhealthy. It's especially stupid because I actually do like the way I look. My husband loves the way I look. So why so obsessed? Why can't I just stop and see that my waist is perfect the way it is? That it is just the way it was meant to be? A 32-year-old-mother of two-waist. Quit obsessing, Colleen. Just eat your damn burrito and shut up. It's fine.

Spotted at the Bloor/Gladstone Library.

for Love Your Body Hunt @ Cleavage



"....So don’t even tell me your name,

All I need to know is whose place,

And let’s get walking...

Say say hey...


All I wanna do is love your body

Oooooh ooooh oooooh oooooooh

Tonight’s your lucky night, I know you want it

Oooooh ooooh oooooh oooooooh......"


BLOGPOST : || All I wanna do is love your body..||


Tune: || Christina Aguilera - Your Body ||




One of the things I've struggled with for many, many years is to love me for who I am, regardless of shape, size or "imperfections". I know that I'm not alone. In fact, a big reason for doing a 365 is to learn how to appreciate me, by forcing myself to look at me (or part of me) instead of hiding from me.


Believe you me...I've got a TON of body issues. LOTS!


Funny thing, though, something that has never really bothered me at all are stretch marks. I think they are beautiful reminders of the lives I've carried inside me. Love Tracks, if you will. I hear so many people complain or talk so critically of their own......I couldn't be happier to wear them (or the saggy jelly belly that hangs underneath). I wonder if its because I remember as a kid seeing my Mom's belly, and thinking that it looked kind of neat. She was always critical of a scar she has on her tummy (from gall bladder surgery back in 1977, right after I was born), but never mentioned a word about the stretch marks and silly skin.


A Flickr friend called them "her own little fingerprints from pregnancy". I think that's beautiful too!


I firmly believe we are all imperfect in one way or another, but God loves us as we are. I'm trying my hardest to do the same :) Go ahead - I Dare you to love you and your body too!


TOTW - Imperfections

FGR& TRP- Draw on Me!

Feb Alpha Fun

Today is International NO Diet Day... yes you heard right no diet day!

What better day could there be right!?

Although I try and eat right and work out when I can or actually remember it's nice treating myself to some good old fast-food. I hate that I even concern myself with my weight sometimes cause really all that matters is what kind of person I am in the inside. What kind of mother I am, wife, daughter and friend if I could be good at those things why should anything else matter.

Sometimes I loose my way and think I should be what I see on t.v. or that plastic surgerey could be an option in the future. But I try and remind myself that God made me the way I am ... and He took His precious time making me... ME. I'm embracing it and it feels really good. You should too!

Now I'm off to In-N-Out to celebrate! :} LOL

I need you

I love your body,

You need love

Touch me

I'll be your daddy


♫ Distorted Love by Enigma ♪


*please read*


I came across this photo about two years ago, and it will always remain in my mind. And quick shout out to Phlearn for teaching about the liquify tool! I've never used it before and kelianne's is way better but I wanted to try it! *This is NOT how I look, I photoshopped myself, I'm way fatter lmao!


And no need to worry, this photo does not apply to me, I'm STRONGLY against eating disorders! I decided to make this because of the many people I know that are insecure about their weight.


I see girls and guys way too often that become overly obsessed with being thin, and deal with it in very unhealthy ways. People starve themselves, feel they need to work out for hours every day, throw up, and never end up feeling good enough.


If you're like this, I want you to do something. Go look in the mirror and look at yourself. You're beautiful. What you're looking at is beautiful. No one can tell you otherwise. Who defined "perfection?" Why does "skinny" have to mean perfect? Because our society defined perfection for us the wrong way. Being skinny isn't being perfect. And many of the people who have these "perfect" bodies are a mess of insecurities and aren't even happy with themselves.


So stop obsessing about being thin, and start working on being happy. You don't want to die and not have ever felt comfortable in your own skin. Before you can love others you must learn to love yourself, and you have all the reason to do that.


Don't Let The Numbers On The Scale Determine Your Worth.


For TOTW (Love Your Body)

copyright © Mim Eisenberg/mimbrava studio. All rights reserved.


Yesterday a circle of 33 female photographers on Google Plus published How We See It…our view of our worlds, and it has become a Staff Pick. The full preview will be available for only a few more hours. To navigate easily through it, click on the Thumbnail icon (the 6 dots) and go to the pages you want to see. To see the text and images better, make your computer screen larger (Apple/+ on a Mac; sorry, I don't remember how to do that on a PC). We hope you'll add the book at least to your iBook library (for $5.99) if you can't afford the softcover or hardcover. All profits go to the NOW Foundation's Love Your Body Campaign. (The shots I chose to present are on pages 77 to 82.)


I happened to catch this fledgling Carolina wren at my front feeder in just the right light. As is usually the case, I shot it through my office window.



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