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A little preview of this cute guy!!! I'll go to Germany next Wednesday until 25th


When I come back I'll put this little cutie for adoption =DD


Loyda did his cute outfit and the wig with bear ears =D


see ya flickr friends =333

- Happy birthday " Just Ana " el-3mr kellah 7bebti .. sorry for being late : *

- drb il-slama my sweet Cuzns have a nice vacation at Pa'3iii :P

- [-1:New Zealand&Australia] ., gnna miss ya all specially my handsome :')


My Handsome : يحـلا صبـاحي دامي بشـوفك امسييـت ♥

aa5 j3lni afda ur pretty face .. 7y tha il-shof babe

a7bbch moooooot <333


Louis was born in the forest and he always want to have human friends, but he knows that is too dificult because his ears. He's so shy and kind but people are afraid because of him...


Louis the Bear will be for adoption very very soon. We hope that he'll find the love he deserves


Hope you like him^^




Louis nació en el bosque, pero siempre ha querido hacer amigos humanos (o en este caso plasticosos jiji) pero para el es muy difícil a causa de sus orejitas. El es muy tímido y achuchable pero la gente se suele asustar de el...


Louis el Osito estará buscando hogar muy muy pronto. Y esperamos que encuentre un hogar donde le den el amor que el merece


Esperamos que os guste^^

St. Louis cityscape with Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse as focal points.


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PARIS. L'Ile saint-Louis, un soir d'été.

Night summer on Saint-Louis Island in Paris.

WOW! That is so incredible! I was on the train with friends just trying to be a hack street photographer and he was on the train! Had no idea who he was or why he was carrying those awesome bags! Life is so weird! That is the coolest ever! Sounds like an interesting man and artist! SO COOL!

feeling peachy in Leipzig

The Abbey Church was constructed in 1962. It is also known as the Church of St. Mary and St. Louis and the Priory Chapel. It was designed by Gyo Obata of Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum. The church's circular facade consists of three tiers of whitewashed, thin-shell concrete parabolic arches, the top one forming a bell-tower. The arches appear to float upward from their grassy base. They are faced with dark insulated-fiberglass polyester window walls which create a meditative translucency when viewed from within.


The church holds a 14th-century sculpture of the Madonna and Christ child, a 17th-century holy font in the Della Robbia style, and modern sacred art by artists from the United States, Great Britain, Spain, and France. The 2007 AIA|CPC Design Committee bestowed its Twenty-five Year Award on the Abbey Church/Priory Chapel.


On the grounds outside the church sit life-size sculptures of the abbey's patron saints, Saint Benedict, by Lithuanian-born artist Wiktor Szostalo, and the Holy Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, Our Lady of Grace, by American sculptor Philip Howie. The Abbey Church also serves as the home church for the Saint Louis Archdiocese parish of Saint Anselm.

Louis-Thibaud Chambon – Photographie



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Model: Lil Bro's Shoe :P


Hope U like it


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A view of the City building and the St. Louis Arch at sunrise. Taken in May with Nikon D700.


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I’ve shot on the Gateway Arch grounds up from the St. Louis riverfront before but I’ve never been there at sunrise. I’m glad I made it to see how nice the arch lights up in the warm morning sun. The sun star and arch reflection in the reflecting pond were great bonuses.

The St. Louis Cathedral from Jackson Square in New Orleans

"I can turn a gray sky blue (you see)

I can make it rain when I want it to

I can build a castle from a single grain of sand (you see)

I can make a ship sail on dry land..."

Al Green - "I can't get next to you"


Instagram/twitter: @shelserkin

Dobrze wiedzieć gdzie jest sklep Louis Vuitton w Genewie :-)). Te fotogeniczne druty nad głową to trakcja trolejbusu. / Good to know where is Louis Vuitton store in Geneva :-)). These photogenic wires above the head is a trolleybus traction.


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This was shot from the viewing platform at the Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park in East Saint Louis.

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