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feeling blue today..

Take care my friends

Explored..Thank you all..

I hope I can find some new.

Have a wonderful evening, people!

"how much of human life is lost in waiting"


~ ralph waldo emerson


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Lost church On Black and large




Thanks everyone for the visit, comments, notes and fave!!!

Happy week end everyone!!!!!!!!


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"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost".


And I just ran out of path!

But eventually you'll find your way..


September 14th, 2008

Espoo, Finland.


Lost In The World


Detroit, MI



song - Lost - Frank Ocean


somewhere in Wiltshire...

Perdidos II_________!!!


Viña Del Mar . V Región


Re-post: Lost, kind of how I am with photography right now.

Its been a hot and blah summer here and have been forced to be inside more than I like. Maybe the fall will bring about change for more that the season.


Peace and prosperity to all. May your days be filled with wonder.


Found; pair of glasses on trail. Glasses are well used, and have some defects. If desired can be found on bridge next to trail. :-)

Poznan, Poland

Stary Rynek


Lost in thought I remain unseen and am able to capture the moment just as it passed. I can relate though as I am often lost in my own little world mesmerized as all of this wonderful light takes shape.


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lost in the clouds


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02 de febrero de 2012-IMG_6861b

Model: Spirit Llewellyn

Photographers: Polly Elan


Dreaming of being lost can mean that you are feeling directionless in your life. You may be at a crossroad and you don’t know which road to take. You are unclear of the direction you’re currently going and where it is leading you to at the end of the road. When you’re feeling this way, seek counsel from a “proven trusted friend”, elder, or clergy. Speak with someone that is on the path you want to go, living the kind of life you wish to live. Only someone who is where you wish to be can lead you or advise you on how to get to where you need to go.


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Lost in Rome. We went for what we thought was just going to be a 5 minute walk to check out our surroundings at our hotel. Before we knew it, we were criss-crossing the Tiber River time and again and fast losing the light. I snapped this with my little canon ixus as it got darker and we crossed the river for the umpteenth time...

Creative Commons CC BY 4.0

Lost ~ Paris ~ MjYj


How to overshot the Tour Eiffel


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Jalan Kia Peng. Kuala Lumpur.


Lost in dimension


As a new raining storm system moves into Oregon this week, I decided to sneak out of work a few hours early to catch sunset. I originally wanted to head to Mt Rainer, but didn't have enough time to make it without stressing for the whole drive. So I decided to head up to Mt Hood. The long winding road to Lost Lake is not one of my favorites, but was a beautiful, filled with patches of fall color, which of course seems to be the theme of fall this year, patches of great color in the middle of no where! It was a gorgeous evening/sunset so tranquil and amazingly quiet which made the drive well worth it!


This image is best viewed large.

Lost World at Lick Designs

Well I am still a little bit behind - not too far though - I have one page of contacts left, plus I have to go through who left comments on my boidies!


I was completely out of time yesterday evening, I was squash training and then back to watch LOST!!! I was Lost in lost - I wont give away any plots - but what did everyone think about it - who else is a fan? My opinion, lots and lots of loose ends.....


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Lost World created by lolmac Shan


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Lost in blue On Black and large


Thanks everyone for the visit, comments, notes and fave!!!


Explore #37


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Sometimes, you can find trully lovely things in the fields. I called this one "Lost" - maybe, it gets found on here :-)



1# lost in focus


I wish I could control time, and don´t lose it. That I could replay the great ones, delete the bad ones and save the precious ones. But that is impossible, or is it. I have the gift to save them, and remember them through pictures.


Guess what, guess what!! Yesterday my new lens came, my new 50mm f1.4..omg..omg. I LOVE IT. He and Bernt (my camera) is getting along so well <3 I have named him Mockinglens..hehe :P


So I have thought about doing something outside the 52, and here it is. I love taking pictures like thís :)




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Signal de Lure - France



Always be careful not to step out of the standard track, you just might encounter an incredible adventure. Seeing scenes with you're eyes that no other people have seen before. Just travel in the woodlands to another place, maybe even, another planet. And who knows, at the end of the mysterious tunnel, maybe you find something really special. Alien life? Brown dwarfs? Yourself?

Let's get lost!

Lost in Kuala Lumpur


Model : Tiffany Chou

Location : Cham Cham


AF 85mm 1.4D @f1.4


On teams : Jethuynh, Duke Pro, Tonten


Saigon, Vietnam 2011

It's easy to feel lost in the vast Norwegian nature.



...but I'm only a few miles from the center of Oslo, so that lost feeling doesn't last long :))


This is another shot from the nature reserve on the island Malmøya just south of Oslo. In mid April it will be prohibited to access this area due to nesting birds :)) Maybe I'll come back in the spring with my 200mm lens and try out some bird shots :))



Comments and critique are as always welcome. Let me hear your opinion, why do you like this, or even better, how would you approach this scenery. Give me your thoughts... not just a Wow!... only then I can improve :))


Luca would have raised the saturation in this shot. I think I already went pretty far on the contrast level: If I raise the saturation, I'm afraid it would tip the image over the edge and be over processed... (my wife feels that it is over processed already :)


Chee Seong thinks the foreground object is a bit too close to the frame, and that it probably would be better if this was shot further back.

The sky was this red for only a couple of minutes so I didn't have to much time to think this through :)) At 10mm (16mm eq. 35mm) foreground objects has to be fairly close to really get in the shot, but this is maybe a little too close...


What do you other Flickrities think?



Thanks @ all you fine Flickrities for nice comments and faves, and a special thanks to all that participate in the discussion :))

In and out of Explore, thanks to all for comments and faves :))



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