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The Philadelphia City Hall in downtown Philadelphia. I took this a few weeks ago while visiting Philly during a blue hour photo walk I went on.


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Sunset is at its end, as night wants to take over this little bit of winter heaven on Middle River. What was interesting in this capture is my father stepped outside behind my and that turned on the house floodlights ... and that helped light up the dark piers. A nice touch of soft fill light to warm the what otherwise would have been silhouetted piers.


I also liked the lone 90 second long star trail ;) Most likely Venus.

NOT from the Vault - this was one I took this morning during a sunrise shoot with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins at Merewether beach, NSW; Australia.

We were fortunate to see some nice cloud and color this time - our last couple of sunrise efforts have been dampened by showers!!!

Recent big seas also helped remove some sand from this location revealing some nice rocks as can be seen here!

Strangely - Paul and I noticed that the rocks at Bar Beach South - only 500 meters from here were still covered!!

Hope you like the clouds, colors and features here - have an amazing day and week - thanks for any comments, views or favorites!!!

A somewhat minimal from some time ago.

Taken the same morning as my last two postings at South Bar Beach, NSW; Australia.

Hope you like the light and color in this LE seascape.

Have a fantastic day and week everyone!!

A great Monday to everyone!!! :)


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Have a great day my friends! :)

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Here in Chicago we are bracing for what some are calling a "snowpocalypse" or a "snownami" given that it may be our largest snowfall on record in over 100 years. They are also predicting up to 25foot waves on Lake Michigan just a few blocks from my house. I guess we shall see.


Even though the ground is already white, I wanted to share a picture from downtown Chicago back at the beginning of January before we entered our 3-month snow cover. This little park, which still had up its holiday lights, is located on Chicago Ave, just a block off of Michigan Ave and next to one of Chicago's historic fire stations. I have always thought they should just leave these lights up all year long.


Good luck to my fellow Chicagoans the next few days, and to anyone else in the path of this storm.


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“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”


info: Shot with a Nikon D40 with a B+W ND110 Filter. 604 Seconds.


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i went back the other day to the wharf for some practice sunrise shots but the sun did not really show up...some other day maybe..

Found this one hiding on my hard drive - thought you might like it!

Taken a good while back at Newcastle South Beach, NSW; Australia.

Thanks again for looking, commenting or adding to favorites!

Sometimes the experience doesn't translate to what we might have expected - this was the case from my visit to Susan Gilmore Beach (Newcastle, NSW; Australia) the other day.


I had hoped for more colour in the sky, and expected to see a few coal ships sitting on the horizon - but neither happened!!


So - you have to make the most of what you have, sometimes embellishing with a little PP such as saturation,contrast and curves.


Hope you like.............


Have yourself a Merry Christmas - all the best for the New Year too!!!


Sincere thanks for all your kind and supportive comments throughout this year - hope 2014 brings much pleasure and plenty of new images!!

it's been some time now since i actually took a landscape, so last night walked down the road hoping for a half decent sunset and got one...woo i say.

:copyright: michael fellner 2015 all rights reserved

:copyright: michael fellner 2015 all rights reserved

The season of change when the air gets cooler and crisper, the light grows more dim, the leaves blaze with color, and our thoughts turn to the transience of life


The crisp, cool breeze,

Shakes the leaves from the trees,

Autumn takes away the green,

Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen.


Thank you for your comments.



Copyright :copyright:Maria Gemma June, 2014


another oldie redone and posted larger

Statue de ce cher Napoléon, du côté de Craone dans l'aisne

I don't have much free time, but i'll do my best to visit your photostream my friends ! Thanks for your visit!

Tried to cheer myself up for having had no work this week by getting up early (4:15am) for another 45 minute drive and sunrise - this time at a place in the Port Stephens Shire called Cemetery Point!!


Glad my efforts were rewarded - great location even if the sunrise wasn't anything special!!


Hope your day and upcoming weekend are good for you - thanks again for any comment, viewing or favorite you may wish to give this, or any of my other images.........


Gear: Canon 5D Mkii + Canon 17- 40L lens.

38 seconds exposure at 19mm, f13, ISO50

Lee .6 Pro Glass ND filter + Lee .9 GND Hard used.

:copyright: michael fellner 2015 all rights reserved


Aberystwyth, Wales.


8 minute exposure (with 10 stop filter)


ISO 50


For Izzy ;o)


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Exif data


CameraCanon EOS 5D Mark II



Focal Length60 mm

ISO Speed100


© 2013 Michael Ridley

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Late evening long exposure with pretty colors in the sky.

6 minute exposure at sunset in York, Maine. Was pretty cloudy, and liked the effect of the clouds moving over he ocean and the fine rocks bordering the beach.

1.6 sec. f/ 18 ISO 100

L.C.W. fader-ND MK II

Managed to capture sunrise on Christmas eve with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins at Merewether and Burwood Beaches NSW; Australia.

Some great rock formations at Burwood were accompanied by some pre-sunrise color; aided also by the use of my Haida 6 stop slot-in filter + Lee .9 hard grad filters to create the long exposure effect seen here.

Hope you like it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to a great New Year.

I'm hoping that you will continue to comment, view and add more of my images to your favorites in the New Year as you have done this year - thank you!!!!

Caught up with Steve and Kim at Beachmere for what turned out to be a beautiful sunrise.


Here is my take on the 'famous four' - while i quite liked the colour version, I thought i'd try something different.


Anyway, happy holiday season to you and yours and I will catch you in the new year.


Thanks for viewing (:

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