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Charing Cross, 6 July 2005

My condolences to friends in London and all of the United Kingdom after the bomb attacks to the transportation system. We in the United States have suffered similar attacks, and God proved Himself faithful. He will do the same for you too.

Psalm 91:3-5


3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare

and from the deadly pestilence.


4 He will cover you with his feathers,

and under his wings you will find refuge;

his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.


5 You will not fear the terror of night,

nor the arrow that flies by day,


New International Version (NIV)

On 6 July 2005, London won its bid to host the 2012 Olympics. The capital celebrated, into the evening.


This is my picture story... it started on 6 July. After work, I took my mobile phone, a k700i, for an evening wander around Trafalgar Square. The following evening I returned, retracing my steps, retaking some of the images.


I didn't know it when I took this photo, but it turned out that the next day, 7 July, was to be a very different one.


I have made a set, starting with this image and with the same title as this shot: 'What a difference a day makes' Probably best to view it as a slideshow, although there are comments throughout, because it's really a narrative.


The pictures, taken on my mobile, are a kind of tale... my story... over those two days in July 2005.


This particular photo, taken in the late evening light of 6/7/2005, was the eve of 7/7... I nearly deleted it... the timing is one of those flukes... but perhaps it's a symbol of hope.

The London tube - shoot from the hip (well, almost).

This one won prize in a Lomo contest and was featured on the official Bmw Magazine.

This was taken at about 3pm, as the standard was adjusting it's print run to cope with the events of the day.


Several bombs went off in London on 7th July 2005. One on a bus, ripping it to shreds, others on the underground.

The 139, heading around Trafalgar Square, towards Waterloo, evening, 7 July 2005

View from my flat inside the area cordoned off by police after the London bomb, looking down Gray's Inn Rd towards King's Cross Station.

onlooker after the bombing

Around 17.00: Buses running as normal but tube stations remain closed.

This is not me, nor taken by me - this picture was taken by Adam Stacey and was originally uploaded here, with a CC licence.

Eight hours after the events: Flag at half mast on Southwark Cathedral, some 1000 meters from where the first bomb detonated between Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube stations. The Foster-designed skyscraper (the "gherkin"), also visible in this photo, stands on St Mary Axe, half way between the two underground stations.

Tube wasn't working - but I needed to get to White City - so I started walking, trying to find the right bus. I'd taken a picture of a London2012 flag just near this bus stop the evening before... I wondered why the queues...

it's been a busy couple of days in the news...


more 7/7 photos here

Police outside station main entrance

Licensed for unlimited noncommercial distribution and use so long as not altered. Copyright 2005 a.a.weiss

Moblog: london underground

It was a lot to take in.


Later on, I saw a girl reading another edition of the paper, with the word "CARNAGE" across the top. I thought that was a bit unwise, as we were on the bus at the time.

Is this version better?

I'm not too much of PS. So if you are really good at it, help yourself !

The spirit is much more important than my "copyright" :)

On sale in Tesco King's Cross, weird!

Station main entrance from across Euston Rd

A view toward Whitehall and the London Eye from St. James' Park, taken on the day that several bombs went off in London.


In much of London, the day felt normal. Albeit with added Siren.

24 hours after 3 bombs went off on the Tube, it was running more or less on schedule. And there were a fair few people on it to boot. Blitz spirit, indeed.

I got into work on the District Line without any problems.


Proud to be a Londoner!

(see the last comment - this is actually Charles Hodson)


I think this is Anderson Cooper (on left) about to be filmed in front of CNN's London bureau, near Carnaby Street, London.


His show's website says: "Our prime-time coverage of Thursday's bombings begins with Anderson live in London on the frontlines of the investigation. "


So if Anderson is "live on the frontlines", why on earth did I see him at Carnaby Street, the centre of one of London's fashion districts?! ;-)


Anderson Cooper's CNN page:

Current poster campaign in light of recent events. From my daily London Underground Tube Blog

We are not afraid Union Jack seen at the Trafalgar Square Vigil. From my daily London Underground Blog

Daily Mirror Report on 19th August of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. From my daily London Underground Blog

Seen at Tottenham Court Road London Underground Station. From my daily London Underground Blog

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