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Shhhh! ...I has hidded! :D

Umm yes, I did name this girl Lolcat. :D


Doesn't she remind you of a funny kitty?


I'm not sure whether to keep her this hairstyle, or tame her hair more. But I like afro! Oh well :)

lolcat joke about the Clinton/Dodd voter suppression in Iowa

I have no idea who made it but I do know that it is the best LOLCAT ever.


For me.

the lolcat tribute to 2001

I know I picked the group but its harder than it looks. The picture is hilarious. The words not so much.



edited to add. I have changed it 4 times and am finally please with this the 5th version.

Yes this is my cat Daisyboo and YES she has been featured on icanhascheezburger before. :)

addition to the internet meme collection. :-) LOLCAT!

That white thing above his head is actually a pen in his mouth which he has just stolen from the dresser. He may be cute, but he is a full fledged thief ! We cannot leave any objects lying around or he will take and then hide them. Meredith is still missing a string of pearls !!!!! Anyhow, I guess I have to score him a 10 on the landing.

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