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seabirds nisting on the rocks around the Butte of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

a yesterday's dash went finally well,it was the last night without moon and i had to grab the opportunity to take some shots of the Milky way, the result made me happy despite the fact that there were lots of lights near to the place.


Location, Korinithia - Greece

One the most photographed cottages and it's not hard to see why, what a location and backdrop.... Only the most photographed mountains in the UK... The conditions were changing by the minute whilst we were here but we enjoyed every second

Healing process activated : Restores peace of mind*

Reine on the Lofoten islands, another village with an amazing location.

That is what decides when you get the sun back! As you can see a handful of houses are already enjoying patches of sun while the rest of us are still in the twilight zone! Taken this morning.


Sorry I am woefully behind with my commenting - I ran out of steam yesterday but am doing my best to catch up today!

The northern Moulton Barn sits at the foot of the rugged Teton range as things start to green up in Teton National Park.


Camera Nikon D800

Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)

Aperture f/16.0

Focal Length 116 mm

ISO Speed 400

Exposure Bias -4/3 EV


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On Location

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Needs work..handyman special...fixer upper...who's lookin! Here's another location.... David's house.

By "on location" I mean that I went for a walk this evening just around the area, took the folding brownie with me and posed her (yes, it's a her) with some irises for bokeh. Lots more pictures from tonight coming soon. It seems to be rose blooming season, so there's lots of those and I think I must have some kind of cat homing device in me or something because I was greeted by no less than 7 cats on my travels. Don't worry, they all got lots of love from me (being the insane cat lover that I am). :)


Happy Bokeh Wednesday!


p.s. I haven't forgotten the daisy pictures! I've just got a bit distracted...

A couple of Gentoo Penguin colonies reaching for the sky at the top of Danco Island in Antarctica.

all'interno del Castello fortezza di Rapallo.

Oggi vi mostro alcune delle foto scattate sabato scorso a Rapallo in compagnia dell'amico Alberto.


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On Location

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My prints and furry four lagged critters prints...I pretty much get to play with no one bothering me now...

Theres something that dont feel right


Just might be paranoid


location:hwela beach/Doha,Qatar.

All by :me


don't just view >.<


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A New Location, I have been looking for new locations over the past week or so and a few days ago i discovered this place on my way home from work. Its a small village that has 2 or 3 fields than contain loads of different small groups of trees, all that are begging to be photographed.These are the days when you dream about getting snow, or having a really misty morning..I went for my first explore this morning and although i didn't have the conditions i had hoped for, i did get some nice clouds. The clouds took on a slight pink tinge which i have increased a touch in Lighroom.

Bosta Iron Age House

The iron age village first came to light after gales in 1993 exposed it. Found at Bosta on the northern end of Great Bernera was a network of 9 stone buildings all connected by tunnels. It is the most completely preserved late-Iron Age village ever found in this country.

Well below freezing and enough wind to shake a sturdy tripod. Found a couple of good shooting locations to head back to with some moonlight and more favorable conditions.

Vélo en location dans ele parc de Vincennes en région parisienne.

B-Rad lining up a shot in the -30C March 1 photo expedition.

I just noticed the shadows of the Caragana on the corner of the barn, good sunset light!

location.href does all the lighting and hard work for me at Mouser Week XVI.

The petals are off this tree now and the eggs have not yet hatched but I'll try to get a shot when they do

This is a Robin by the way


My wife and I traveled to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island, Michigan recently to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We were supposed to go on a sunset cruise under the Mackinac Bridge our first night there, but Lake Huron was too rough. So, instead we drove out to McGulpin Point, two miles west of downtown Mackinaw City to catch the sunset over Lake Michigan. A few other people had the same idea...


McGulpin Point was named after Patrick McGulpin, who was given the patent on the land and held the first recorded deed in Emmet County in 1811.


A cool way to view mine or anyone else's photostream is on fluidr.

In the case of this house, the location is in Bandon, Oregon. I'd say they have a pretty fantastic view!!!!

David has been shopping for property in the Valley - he thinks he could live here - he be living here alone....rattlesnake country. On the other hand, I could sell my Courreges 60's sunglasses and vintage Chanel suits from here and use this photo as my business card...."our store" and I wouldn't be lying. Truth is, I'd live anywhere with David but I would lobby hard for something more me and that would be nothing to do with rattlesnakes.


I've toyed for ages on posting this or not.

Perhaps because this kind of composition would be stronger if I moved in a bit closer and with a wider lens...I don't know. But the light still sells me somewhat.

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This location for this engagement session was so amazing! There was just too many places to shoot and let your creativity run wild.



*Thank you monqiue for the email.*


This is where we'll find it, Francis. I'm sure.


Scouting out this location for an upcoming video I am shooting, A post apocalyptic Mad Max / Book of Eli genre to it.

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The Sesquehanna mainline skirts Lake Grinnell, NJ and provides some lucky home owners a perfect trackside retreat.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II




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