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Bud Neill (1911–1970) was a Scottish cartoonist who drew cartoon strips for a number of Glasgow based newspapers between the 1940s and 1960s. Following his death, his work has attained cult status with a worldwide following.

The fictional Calton Creek (Calton is a district of Glasgow) was an outpost of the wild west, supposedly located somewhere in Arizona, but its inhabitants bore an uncanny resemblance to Glaswegians and spoke with Glasgow accents. "Lobey Dosser" was the pint-sized, whiskered Sheriff of Calton Creek who, assisted by "El Fideldo" (Elfie), his resourceful two-legged horse, strove to maintain law and order and protect the citizens against the evil plans of "Rank Bajin" ("rank bad yin/one"). The character names drew heavily on the Glasgow vernacular and were often only comprehensible to Glaswegians.




Main characters

Lobey Dosser - Sheriff of Calton Creek. (The name is derived from "lobby dosser", meaning a vagrant who slept in tenement entrance "closes").

El Fideldo (Elfie) - The Sheriff's trusty two-legged horse.

Rank Bajin - Calton Creek's resident villain. (The name refers to "rank bad yin", "yin" being Glaswegian for "one"). Bajin is the only main character in the strip who speaks standard English.

Big Chief Toffy Teeth - Chief of a Pawnee tribe that originated somewhere in Govan.

Rid Skwerr - haunter of the local cemetery, betrothed to Fairy Nuff. ( An ex-spy, the name is a Glaswegian rendering of "Red Square").

Chief Rubber Lugs - Chief of a Blackfeet tribe, apparently from New Jersey, and in dispute with the Pawnee.

Fairy Nuff - A fairy who wears "tacketty boots" and speaks mostly in rhyme.

sherrif and his pal (i'm not on the pony for once)

i shot the sheriff

statue of Bud NEil's GI bride at Partick, Glasgow

Stop #22 on the Kelvingrove Park Heritage Trail: Lobey Dosser Statue (1992).


"Despite being sited external to the park railings, this statue at Woodlands Gate marks the North East boundary of Kelvingrove Park.


It commemorates the genius of Bud Neill, Poet and Cartoonist. Lobey Dosser was one of Bud’s most surreal creations, a famous cartoon strip character appearing in the Evening Times, beloved by generations of Glaswegians. "


Glasgow, Scotland. June 2nd, 2011.


You can access a map, brochure and much more information about every stop on the Kelvingrove Park Heritage Trail at

Bronze Statue in Glasgow. Lobey Dosser is the sheriff of Calton Creek, his 2 legged horse is called El Fideldo, Elfie for short.

Rank Badjin his sworn enemy is sitting behind Lobey!


A lobey dosser is Glasgow slang for an inebriate who sleeps on the stair landings of Glasgow tenements.

Lobey Dosser statue in Glasgow

Taken on our first trip to Glasgow, Scotland (April 1-6, 2008)

The Sherrif of Calton Creek, Lobey Dosser astride Effie, his mighty steed, with the arch villain Rank Bajin ride down Woodlands Road.

Lobey Dosser statue in Glasgow

Lobey's the wee boy.

Statue in Woodlands Road, Glasgow of Bud Neill's 1950's cartoon character. It was unveiled in 1992. Lobey is riding his famous two-legged horse El Fideldo and is bringing in the villain Rank Bajin.

Another photo that's been done to death already but I liked the sky. The statue of Lobey Dosser on Glasgow's Woodlands Road.

statue of Bud Neil's GI bride at Partick, Glasgow

On a recent trip to Glasgow I determined to take a few photos of Lobey Dosser and his faithful steed, El Fideldo. As far as I am aware the only two legged equestrian statue in the UK.

Danger Ted hitching a ride on the Lobey Dosser staue on Woodlands Road, Glasgow. Lobey Dosser was a strip cartoon created by Bud Neill around the 1940s. Neill created a fantasy world where Lobey fought against the villain "Rank Bajin" with the help of his trusty - and strangely two-legged steed "El Fideldo". What an odd fantasy world...

A statue of Bud Neill's G.I. Bride, a sculpture by Ranald MacColl inside Partick Station.


A plaque near by reads:


"Many will recall the G.I. Bride as one of the cast of Bud Neill's celebrated 1950's cowboy cartoon strip Lobey Dosser, She is immortalised here in bronze in her home town of 'Pertick'.


She originally lived in Neill's mythical Calton Creek, a small town in the Arizona desert which was populated solely by Glasgow emigrants. However, like many real-life Scottish women she had married a G.I. and followed him to what she thought would be a better life in American only to return home disillusioned.


In the cartoon strip, she is seen to be constantly trying to hitchhike home to Scotland. We will never know if she made it back but we can salute her guts and determination with this significant sculpture.


The location is doubly appropriate since Bud Neill was born in Partick.


The G.I. Bride is a companion piece to the Lobey Dosser/Rank Bajin equestrian statue on Woodlands Road in Glasgow and was commissioned by patron of the arts Colin Beattie in partnership with SPT and C. Spencer Ltd."

September 4, 2011

Partick Station, Glasgow, Scotland

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