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Olá pessoal! Tudo bem? Eu desejo que estejam, porque eu estou muito bem, obrigado.

Essa imagem é a última (talvez não) com a minha câmera semi profissional GE, e é com uma grande felicidade que digo que já obtenho em mãos a minha nova câmera. Estou muito feliz por isso.

Pra começar esse ano com o pé direito tanto na faculdade como na minha vida profissional, estou com um projeto para um concurso que a cada ano é realizado na minha universidade, chame-se OSGA. Sim, é uma versão divertida do Oscar no qual tem várias categorias de curtas metragens. De vez em quando irei mostrar algo novo por aqui, aguardem.

Como percebem, estou um pouco fora deste mundo da internet (Como sempre), mas é por uma boa causa, que é problemas com a mesma.

Enfim, obrigado por tudo, agradeço por cada favorita, visualizada e comentário. Prometo, quando tudo se normalizar, irei responde-los, todos. Até mais.

This photo I made in the very early morning, when I was with my cousin for a walk.

The sun came out of the sky and shone pleasantly. Field and grass was still

frozen, but the sun warmed our faces beautifully.


Cousin lit a cigarette and stood

in the place that you see on the photo. I also lit a cigarette, pulled out a camera

and saw only her silhouette and the countryside beyond.


Camera: Casio EX-Z1200

Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/640)


More information and photos on

Power: 670HP

Top Speed: 336kp/h

0-100 kp/h: 3.3sec

Cylinder capacity: V12 - 6.498 ccm


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Fotografía Nº 303

Hace tiempo que no venia a esta laguna, vine 2 veces antes, la ultima vez estaba seca ya, pero cuando volvi de un tiempo se habia llenado, antes habian dos cisnes, pero uno fallecio y el otro no se donde está!


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Whimsical Musings prompts #76 (instant photo inspiration) and #77 (to be inspired by Pam's mood board). I tried to incorporate as many elements of her mood board as possible including the white artsy misted title, the ombre effect, the sequins, the colours, the flowers.


the journalling block using a paper polaroid (thanks Leslie - still going strong and I still love them!) was inspired by Lynette who used hers as a title base. (


As you can see, I didn't follow the prompt today while I am trying to catch up and get back on track.


I'm happy to be back here at LOAD and hope to finish strong after 10 days out :-)

Una antiguedad en estos años pero que sige funcionando, este auto lo encontre y me gusto mucho el interior, la forma que tenia y los reflejos que me hacia el sol sobre sus vidrios.

An old over the years but sige working, I found this car and I really liked the interior, the shape and reflexes had me at the sun on your glasses.


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I got my inspiration from a few sources today. First Peskypea's amazing use of washi as seen here:


and c1ndyluhu's layout featuring the airmail theme as seen here:


I love my scrappy stuff so I decided to showcase a lot of it on my page. I thought maybe the spinner was a bit over the top, but you know what? If that is wrong, then I don't want to be right! LOL!

Abandoned Drive In in Cape Girardeau County Missouri



Olhar pra traz não é um erro, mas uma forma de reconhecer que errou e mudar o seu caminho a partir dali.


Foto: Ediago Quincó

Modelo: Mariana Bertacini



Prompt: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - 1971

**What moment in your life left you in awe and wonder? Where do you find awe and wonder in your daily life? It might be a big moment or a small one, let’s honour it today!**


Grandkids are the best. I used a sketch from RSG2 for this layout.

Fotografía Nº 181

Juliana de 14 años. Se la ve muy divertida en las fotografías que le saque, esta es solo de un pedazo de su rostro. Con unos ojos que parecen un universo, como cada ojo de cada persona. Que tengan un buen día.

Photo No. 181

Juliana of 14. She looks very funny in the pictures you take, this is just a piece of his face. With eyes that seem a universe, as each eye of each person. Have a good day.


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another not on prompt, but I've been challenged by the girls on my facebook group to do random numbers that they choose form my pinterest board. so I've been having fun with that today.


I used my counterfeit kit for this month to create this xmas themed but not themed page!


thanks for looking xxx

I decided to take the meaning of the quote as the basis of my story. "it’s making a great deal out of the little ones".


We don't manage to get many holidays but we have learnt to make the absolute most of any short break we get - intensively together. We turn any weekend away or even just an overnight in our local hotel into a mini holiday.


This is actually something I have wanted to scrap for some time so this was a great reminder to me to get it done.


Do you ever get a kit that seems to go on for ever and ever? This is one of those kits! I lose count of how many layouts I have managed to make and I still have enough stuff for at least one if not two more although I'd have to get creative with making the embellishments!



A bunch of partially unrelated images.


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Another page with the washi chevrons jut because :)

Pic of my hubby and our girls on a huge snowball that we found :)

This is a paper layout. Since I don't have a wide format printer available, I made nine copies of my photo in Lightroom and cropped these copies into nine separate 4x6 photos which I then printed out and mounted to cardstock. Then I filled in the rest of the canvas with smaller photos (printed 2 or 4 on a 4x6). I love the look of the large photo!

I seemed to be attached to so many things LOL, But I guess in the end it all comes back to my phone, computer and iPad that I can't live without. Thank God for weekends- I got this done early today and didn't even realize I could photograph it outside until after I realized the light I use to photograph didn't make much difference during the day :-)

Two page photo. I kept it simple trying to make it look like a magazine spread. I love how it turned out. It's actually an iPhone photo!

Awe and Wonder...this image captures the awe and wonder of love. Simple - because I don't want them to look back and see trendy. I want them to see what endures. The awe and wonder of love. 10 days until wedding!

Digipage created with Pics Art app. Similar to yesterday's layout with the straight lines, flipped it around & changed it up.

Fotografía Nº 242

"Como si estuvieran escondidas pero una pudo haber sido vista, todas tapandose, pero una misteriosa flor quiso asomarse" Jajaja

Photo No. 242

"As if they were hidden but could have been seen, all covering her, but a mysterious flower would look out" Hahaha


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A very draining day, so I had to go off-prompt. I do have an idea waiting, so I will come back to it. Used my October Counterfeit Kit, "Denim and Chambray Soiree" and just had fun with all the bits and pieces in my kit. That's why I love assembling them so much!

Definitely a stretch for today's prompt but I am happy about it


This was hard for me today as yesterday's LOAD LO had no photos, just lots of words and an envelope! So today I've included lots more words and substituted the envelope for a photo!


I have talked politics in my PL and that was enough for me, But I did scrap my VOTE for DIL but don't tell my son, he might abandon ship if know we are thinking she is future wife!

I used the SOS sketch and submitted this LO for the Cupid Challenge-

C- Cut out corner

U- Underlined Journaling

P- Painted stars

I- Ink splatter

D-Dated on the label left of pic cluster

A scraplift of a Stacy Cohen LO. I have never used this much Washi tape on 1 page nor this many rhinestone before;)

*MUST View in BLACK.... Prees L for view in Black.


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All rights reserved worldwide. DO NOT use this image in any commercial, non-commercial or blogging purpose without my explicit permission. Otherwise, you'll face legal action for violating national or international copyright law.

For permission, mail me at:


NO Graphics OR LoGoS PLeASe.

Two pages, one photo on both

Camera: Olympus E-420

Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)

Aperture: f/5.4


More information and photos on

Hace unos días, en uno de los tantos atardeceres que tiene mi Provincia.

A few days ago, one of the many sunsets that has my province.


Prensiona "L" para verlo grande con fondo negro. Se ve mejor!

Prensiona "F" si te gusta. Su "fav" será muy apreciada!


Press "L" to see large black background. It looks better!

Press "F" if you like. His "fav" is greatly appreciated!


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i scrap lifted this from a talented instagrammer! called Juice78de.

Her style is right up my street so i gave this a go.

I was unsure how it would turn out as i was making ti but i actually LOVE then end result.

thanks for looking xxx

Una de las fotografías que hice hace unos unos meses con Natalí Baridón. De las que volves a ver y te llaman la atencion esta vez.


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Just a really quick page as I wait for my next sketch challenge. Very simple but I quite like this one :)


P.s hubby does look like he hasn't shaved properly but was in the middle of shaving his hair and beard off lol

I had actually planned to do something with the bumper stickers and "I voted" stickers and the thank you card from the DNC, but it was going to be a "just for me" page. But Alice asked for it......

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a special memory that I know Pete will always have. I went for silly and playful~ i think he will like it.


(the scanner likes to cast a shadow if I have a bumpy element~ it is actually all white paper)


***the green paper is the backing of Prima alphabets i got in a kit. I have used the packaging more than the letters!***

Are we all sick of this photo yet? As soon as I saw the prompt, I knew it had to be this pic, so sorry I keep bombarding you all with it!! Journaling reads:


Then & Now

I love this photo of us, its my very favourite... although it's a couple years old now, it's still the only recent one of us all together. I really need to sort out getting a new one. But until that

happens, this is the photo I adore. Recently I came across another "Family" pic, taken way back in 1993. We never expected to have a forth.

This is us, then and now, and I cannot wait to see how my little family grows.



One of my grandson's birthday themes. Yin template, google image

No trates de guiar al que pretende elegir por sí su propio camino » William Shakespeare


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Fotografía Nº 334

No soy muy fan del blanco y negro, pero estuve probandolo en esta fotografía y creo que hace resaltar mas el rostro, con un rostro tal vez pensativa y le da mas contraste al cabello!


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the quote didn't really inspire me to go all out. I wanted to stay simple. I found this old photo booth strip with my niece and nephew and kept it clean and easy. I didn't have much time to fuss anyway. :)

Loss *sob*. I'm at the point where I can see an empty nest :(


I'm just trying to catch up ...

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