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..and the famous Bucks blue mist ;-)

The badgers have had great fun digging up the edge of the field, I would like to sit and watch them one night..when it's a bit warmer! More, less blue, pics in the comments below

The sun shone very briefly this morning. The Chiltern Hills look stunning at this time of year, well worth a visit :-)

...a lovely afternoon for a walk in the Chilterns...

...and unless the weather changes, you're going to be seeing a lot more of these!

I've worked third shift for seven years now. Every morning, I take a few minutes to watch the dawn break. I've probably seen more sunrises than most. Its a magical moment when the dark mysterious night loses its grip and a new day begins. There is a gentle silence, there are rich deep colors embracing you, there is a feeling of calm anticipation that only exist for a few moments between the Was and the Will.

And below, what a difference 50 minutes makes....

Its Friday!!!


I'm sure I heard them mention 'high pressure' and 'sunshine' on the weather sooo hoping to see a Brimstone or two!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone :-)

A phase of the moon scientifically known as the Sliders Moon - meaning over sharpened and over processed...

Should it head to the recycle bin, or Sliders Sunday...?!



I Love You Nik Color Efex and Lightroom 5

HSS :)

So how about........

I bee cropped to the extreme..

I bee outgoing not incoming....

I bee fed up with the weather......


I bee on here instead of doing what I'm meant to be doing :)


Yes you!!

Turn your iPad around so you can see it properly.

I'm waiting.......!

Happy Sliders Sunday Everyone !!!


Best viewed portrait :)

Golden light shines through classroom window - race home - wispy clouds look promising - grab camera bag - hope kids have remembered their door key - race against time to get there before the light goes - realise that sunset is not going to be brilliant - but how good does it feel to be stood on a hill, just me, and my camera :)


A nettle stung me on the cheek when I took this, wasn't expecting that today!

Bluebells. St Leonards, Wendover

If it doesn't speed up soon, I'm taking a Flickr mini-break .......


View LARGE or I'll send him round to eat YOUR lettuces :)

in a plane somewhere over the southern u.s. approaching atlanta near sunset - returning from acapulco in early september


large view

Similar to a recent upload, I do love that dramatic light though.

Thanks for all your comments and faves, they are very much appreciated :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Portland, from Lulworth Ranges.

Don't look too closely - overprocessed, and then processed a little bit more :-)


Right!! Who said it looks like an explosion in a Smarties factory???!!


A tricky photoshoot - my tripod developed droop!!

It refused to hold my camera portrait. Manually focused because auto wouldn't. And I couldn't drink the wine until I'd got the picture right!


Happy New Year! To all my lovely Flickr Friends :-)

...peering over a fence, one that even I couldn't climb over! Loved the bark, the beech leaves, the textures the colours, the ravens cronking overhead. It was good to be out..x

Am putting on two pics today, one bright and one beautiful. Think you'll be able to work out which is which!

Very blowy today, was getting really buffeted by the wind taking this ... It's got the light I crave though, love dramatic light!

The sun did. Brightly. For 30 seconds. And then it rained ...

bench - north ave, westfield, nj

No sun for photography this afternoon, so will plunder the archives. Still have loads of holiday photos from May to sort - so here goes ...

Odd looking body armour going on here...I could have done with some of that, went into the zone watching these guys and got so stung by nettles :-O

The one below in the comments has such a cheeky 'smile' :-)


Not sure what type it is....Eddieee?!!!

Its a Common Darter, thanks E the B :)


Best NOT viewed large......!


turbine - smithsonian udvar-hazy national air & space museum - chantilly, va

sunrise over bogue sound - emerald isle, nc


or, this may have been called "heart of the sunrise", the song by yes, considering it is valentine's day.


companion shot to this one


if you have nasty weather today, please be safe

daytime long exposure in the fog - old orchard beach, maine


large view

One from our hols, seeing as non of my pics taken in Tring Museum came out this afternoon...even using a silly ISO :-/

It's very gloomy in there.

"Can I bring my tripod next time?" I asked

"'s a bit of a health and safety hazard, is it a small one?"


*shifty eyes*

there you are below the george washington bridge - fort lee, nj


large view


for fun, x's axis is the detail of the top of this tower at night

long exposure sunrise on the ocean - rehoboth beach, delaware


large view


beginnings of the delaware set

dusk under the bogue inlet fishing pier - emerald isle, nc


large view

across the hudson river - midtown manhattan, nyc

If I click 'image' and 'flip' in Photoshop, will the spider magically appear on the right side of the web?!


RSI is making my hands hurt :( so although I will continue to upload photos and view yours, I will have to stop commenting on yours for a few weeks (shame..its half the fun!) So please don't feel you have to comment on mine.


One from before the heatwave, think he'd be a bit crispy if he were out today....!

Happy Sliders Sunday everyone :) a 'twangy bit' - I like that Colin! I wonder if this would have turned out different without the two glasses of wine and Marillions Invisible Man on at full volume??!

You think this is weird you should see the red version..... :-o the jaunty angle of those buildings! No amount of correction in LR would fix it, but at least Portland Bird Observatory is upright...ish!

HSS :-)

So now you know what processed frog looks like :)

Platforms 6 and 7, St Pancras Station to be precise.

Or St Pancreas as I always call it.

I took several photos up against the (mucky) glass to lose the fence, but I like the Stained Glass thingy in this one.

Tweaked a bit in Color Efex. And straight...ish :-)

midtown nyc from weehawken, nj

Okay! Okay! Lane Photography ...

I could see a lady walking towards me with her dogs, I wanted to 'catch' her in my web..

but didn't quite pull it off. She scowled at me and called her dogs away - not seeing the cobweb she must have thought a crazy woman was trying to get a sneaky shot of her!


long exposure at dusk over the atlantic where the waves were fairly significant - bogue inlet fishing pier, emerald isle, nc


large view

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