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Lightning storm over the Tenn-Tom Waterway in Amory, MS


Some people made welcomed suggestions on my previous lightning post, so I took these suggestions and shoved them up my photoshop. I treated it differently. I think I prefer this one.


Check this out:



Yeah, that's the same lightning bolt.


[update] I think it's time I say a huge thanks for everyone's feedback on this, it really pleases me :)






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After my lightning on the harbor of Pornic, i manage to change of place, so i dream of a shot like this, take lightning and also fischerys, hope you will like it, have a great week Flickrs friends ;)

Lightning strikes along Middle River, Maryland.

♪ ♫ Live - Lightning Crashes With Lyrics ♪ ♫


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My first attempt at shooting lightning...I had a lot of failures, but a few decent shots.

Lightning strikes in Hamburg, Germany.

Lightning up the sky above the benches ... probably not the best time to be sitting out there :)

My neighborhood has a fairly energetic thunderstorm this evening.

I got some pretty good shots while sitting under the covered walkway.

It's been far too long since we have had a good lightning storm.

This 30 second exposure captured a lightning bolt in the distance over Louisville, CO the other day!

Lightning over Melbourne.

All i can say is the one good thing about having four days of 40+ degrees Celsius is that we can get some amazing light shows.

And finally got my first lightning shots.. very hard to get the timing, location and weather in your favor. Last time i tried i got rained out. wish i had stayed for longer, but had 20000000 mosquito's munching into me.


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My first lightning after several hours of hunting :)

lightning tonight in Oberhausen...

Lightning strike over highveld sky


Panasonic G1

Lumix G Vario 14mm

60 Second

As the thunderstorm approached, my first lightning capture of the evening happened far off across the river above the trees, just beyond the left bench at the end of the pier. I was excited with that ... and then more followed as the evening went on. I like this capture as at this time there was more definition in the thunderclouds versus later when it was darker and the storm was closer.

I can't believe it. My first attempt and a perfect picture. I'm so happy.


Lightning must strike, and a man must die,

a child will cry, a struggling butterfly

will be rained down into the gutter,

and some go muttering and wondering why.

- L. Vroman "Thunderstorm"

Was waiting for years to have the opportunity to photograph lightning and finally the mother Nature offered me this opportunity this time. Along with my good friend Carlos Resende

Adraga - Sintra - Portugal.

Nikon D800 + Nikon 16-35

ND Hitech Filter 0,9 Reverse (

Terrascape Filter Bag CLASSIC (

Tripod Feisol Carbon

My first attempt to Capturing lightnings

Middle River under some intense lightning activity.


Happy Bench Monday too :))

Lightning, Colorado Springs, CO

Project 365: 168/365

- This was my first attempt at capturing lightning. I took 94 shots in 25 minutes, this is shot #12.

One of 120 attempts to catch a flash in the exposure time of 8 seconds...

Lightning over Cape Westall. Eyre Peninsula. South Australia.

The Grand Canal in Venice Italy. Standing on the Rialto Bridge watching as a storm approached, we saw some lightning in the distance. I waited for another bolt and got lucky with this shot.


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Lightnings from 56,111,19, and 92 Squadrons.Scanned from a Postcard taken in 1965

Summer Monsoons bring rain & lightning to the very dry Eastern Sierra Nevada near Bishop, CA. 7.25.13


Nikon D700

Nikkor 24-120mm @ 50mm

ISO 100

0.8s @ f/22

Circular Polarizer

:copyright: 2009 Steve Kelley


Lightning viewed from Jersey City, NJ of a rather large approaching lightning storm. Storm ended up being one of the better lightning shows I've seen in a year or two in the New York City (NYC) area. This is looking towards the Journal Square area of Jersey City and Newark, NJ.


single image


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Met up for dinner with some friends. Had to stop for a quick shot at the Washington Monument tonight. My daughter even got a good one on her iphone. So proud of her. My first ever and successful lightning photo.


Thanks for the Flickr blog feature!

Lightning over Lake Michigan

Explored Mar 27, 2014 #4

Evening Thunderstorm with lightning showing stepped leaders.

Lightning over New Brighton , a very busy storm!


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Explore April 17 2013 #151


More storms and lightning over Beaudesert in Queensland's Scenic Rim.

Merged lightning shots. There is blur in the trees as it was raining very hard but Mother Nature gave us an incredible light show!

lightning storm over Lago di Garda, Italy


Lightning Lake was my first 'photographic' stopover on my Canada trip, after scouting the location the day before I motivated me for a early rise to capture the sun rising over Lightning Lake. Actually I was a little bit too late because when I arrived the sun was already above the horizon and I had to move quickly, luckily I knew where the good location would be.


The location is the one you see here above in the capture. The half hour this morning session covered I got some other pictures too, one of them you see in the first comment post, and the other (2) will be uploaded later.



Lightning Lake, Manning, British Columbia, Canada

This image is also geotagged


Technical stuff:

Exposure: 1/10 sec at f/11 at 0 EV

Taken with: Nikon D90 and 10-20 mm f/4-5.6 at 14

HDR processing: merging in Photomatix, tonemapping in Oloneo

High-pass sharpening on foreground

Lightroom Noise reduction on clouds and water (after the session I noticed my ISO was still set at 800 after the session of the day before, I still had to get me in the rhythm of taking pictures)



All my images are copyrighted, if you want to use it for anything contact me first.


Any comments, criticism and tips are welcome.

Lightning Over Goldfield Mtns 8/25/11 captured without the use of a lightning sensor...


:copyright: 2009 Steve Kelley


First lightning storm of the year viewed from Jersey City, NJ of the New York City (NYC) skyline. This one surprised me since it was fairly close and ended up over exposed but i like the effect.


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