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Running through your veins

was a slow-ticking clock

counting down the days

and no one could make it stop

all of the time that it takes to figure it out

could be the moments

that you can’t live without



It's better to believe in Something than nothing at all...

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The defunct trolley car station on Madison Ave provides an excellent place to set up a tripod in the middle of the road without fear of getting run over. I'm still learning how to do light trails but after playing with this for too long I'll stop and resolve to try again another evening.

Light effects from a Helios 44M 58 lens with a reversed front element.

Europe - France - Paris : Musée du Louvre


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- in a small alpine hotel; couldn't help calling it 'Don Giovanni's' lamp...

Mamiya C330/SekorDS105mmF3.5

Fujifilm pro400


Explore Oct 21, 2008 #367 -- P1110656

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Berlin, Germany


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(Sting, Englishman in New York)


.. Modesty, propriety can lead to notoriety

You could end up as the only one

Gentleness, sobriety are rare in this society

At night a candle's brighter than the sun

Takes more than combat gear to make a man

Takes more than license for a gun

Confront your enemies, avoid them when you can

A gentleman will walk but never run..





Dicembre 2014.

these are our anytime-but--Christmas lights. =)




She asked me when the season of joy was supposed to end & I said I didn't really think there was an exact date, so we left the tree up till June that year.

- Story People


* Yes ! finally I did it =P

Passerelle. Modern Style 1975-79

Night lights are often the lights from skyscraper canyons towering over the land and its people. But lets take a moment to recognize the lights lighting up the night under a bridge, reflecting into the water. Stand beneath these lights and surround yourself in the warm tones of the dimness while hearing nothing but the splashing tide and the occasional reeling from a fisherman. Taken at A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway, Titusville, FL.

Dusk over Lopud


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A singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being.

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