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Europe - France - Paris : Musée du Louvre


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Another shot from taken the "Deutschherrnbrücke". I tried to be a little bit creative and set the focus of the lens different to get a nice bokeh shot of Frankfurt's Skyline.


Thank you guys for the support the last days. The activity on my account raised tremendous over the last couple days.

please, View On Black!


I was captured by these "light cubbies" some days ago, in a pub - the light was always changing inside - and the effect was really fascinating ...


... good morning! :-)



Grand Central Terminal, New York

This LED light tunnel changes it's colors all the time, including a monochrome-grey variation.


Der Londoner LED Tunnel ändert ständig seine Farben. Faszinierend, wie sich damit auch der Charakter der Architektur verändert. Daher hier mal mein Versuch, die Zeit des monochromen "Farb-Abschnitts", der ebenfalls dort vorkommt zu zeigen.


Duomo di Milano


2014 Italia



CANON EOS 5D Mark III + EF 50mm f/1.4 USM | Shot at ISO100, F/4.0, 2.5s.

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With this one I want to thank all of You for Your visits and comments on this year.

I wish you'll find the light that guides Your lifes and your photographies.


Merry Xmas and a Happy Light Year.


Song: The Twilight Garden, The Cure "...where dreams are real..."


bokeh project 291/365

...essa música diz tanta coisa....


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Light and Love in a world gone mad

We are the Keepers

So burn it.

Burn it Bright.


As always, i pray for peace.

In our lifetimes...


I brought both the OMD and 5D (Mk 1) out to play.

Small towns, with big friends.

from SL to RL, to Australia to USA, its a trip like this that it makes me thankful we can sometimes bridge the gap between online and reality, as now i have 2 friends for life.

Here is to more adventures to some wonderful crack heads.

Ivan Mestrovic, The Victor, 1928, Belgrade, Kalemegdan Fortress

Everland, South Korea

U2 ~ "13 (There is a Light)"


'If there is a light

We can't always see

If there is a world

We can't always be

If there is a dark

That we shouldn't doubt

And there is a light

Don't let it go out


I know the world is done

But you don't have to be

I've got a question for the child in you before it leaves

Are you tough enough to be kind?

Do you know your heart has its own mind?

Darkness gathers around the light

Hold on

Hold on'

This one is out of focus on purpose. As in: I switched off autofocus and spun the dial a few times to ensure it. I have an in focus one too, and although I'm not naked it is certainly more risque. I like this one better though.

Wanted to try out some bokeh through glass shots, but ended up trying to figure out how to pour out light. It took a lot of set up, surprisingly, but it came out well!


I really like this end result, and for some reason if gives me a reminiscent feeling.. Maybe because i used my grandmothers old milk bottle? Who knows.


On Black!



We surrended the struggle with the power and are going to have a long weekend somewhere. So i see you all on Monday (hopefully;-) and wish you good one!

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Blowing bubbles with my 3 babies today, we're all fans and I thought it fit the theme quite well. There's not much lighter than floaty bubbles :-) that and I love how the light catches them too!

Pont de Saint Nazaire, par un petit matin pluvieux

Lens: EF 100 f/2.8L IS macro (click to see all my photos with this lens)

100mm f/4.0 6s ISO 100 tripod

lamps in gallery

taken from the street through the window

- The View from the Up Side along with my view of Mraconia Monastery, Get on the light road, RO. -

some blurred night lights



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Camera: Sony RX-1

Lens: Carl Zeiss Sonar 35mm f/2.0



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Carl Zeiss Planar50mm F1.4 T*


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