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Europe - France - Paris : Musée du Louvre


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* Yes ! finally I did it =P

Bestival 2011, Isle of Wight.

The lights of Heathrow through the perimeter fence.

at the exhibition "Lights" by Dan Flavin at the MUMOK in Vienna

This is the last of my digital uploads from the archives! Next week, I will be posting my film images.


Yes, I shoot film now and absolutely LOVE it! :)


I had the pleasure of borrowing my friend's Contax 645 AF, a Mamiya 645 AF, and a Canon EOS3.

I love the anticipation of using old cameras which were a joy to use and getting the films developed at Richard photo Labs and Indie Labs in the US!


Have a great day, everyone! :)


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Cheers to another HBW ♥♥♥

Otd_7 © || Le Perreux-sur-Marne || France || Février 2012.

Decorative lights in the foyer of our apartment block in Marbella


Front Page, Crème de la Crème, June 16, 2012


Traffic lights through my car's windshield in a rainy day.

E così si ricomincia. Un altro lunedì, un'altra settimana. Per fortuna c'è il sole!

♫ Light in the dark ♫

We surrended the struggle with the power and are going to have a long weekend somewhere. So i see you all on Monday (hopefully;-) and wish you good one!


Carl Zeiss Planar50mm F1.4 T*


Light painting with steel wool, South Shields Photographic Society night out.


Without edit ..

tAkEn by : DnOo


ihope to see your comments ..

Explore #478 May 12,2008

The feng shui crystal in front of the window produced wonderful rainbow colour spots in the whole room when the sunlight came through. Fascinating!

Everytime I go out with my camera, I take some pictures that I like, but since they are not part of the main event i am shooting that day, I never upload them. I have now decided to upload them to flickr rather than let them get lost in one of my external hard drives. they are just random pictures i click. I will call them "Just Clicks". Hope you like some of them.


This picture was taken in a bar on the Christmas Eve, while I was having a few drinks with my flickr friends from New Delhi, India, after a photo walk in Chandni Chowk.


See more "Just Clicks" here:-

Hi everybody! Happy Sunday, next week on Thursday I'll start a new project, stay tuned for that!


Feel free to follow me also on G+, Twitter and Facebook!

With this one I want to thank all of You for Your visits and comments on this year.

I wish you'll find the light that guides Your lifes and your photographies.


Merry Xmas and a Happy Light Year.


Song: The Twilight Garden, The Cure "...where dreams are real..."


Lysandra Coridon in ray of light


Image réalisée avec un de mes élèves lors d'un stage !


please press L to view in the dark.


my candle burns at both ends;

it will not last the night;

but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--

it gives a lovely light!

-edna st. vincent millay


no, my friend, that was the wrong reference

you are a candle in the dark.


for christopher hitchens.




i have recently been moved to send a personal message -- this is a public one.


christopher hitchens' writing and speaking has influenced me on many levels.


yes, i'm a lifelong atheist, and now an unapologetic one, thanks in part to the realizations brought on by him... but it's not only that. whether i agree with him on issues or not, he's helped me to get to the heart of them and think in clearer terms.


obviously, i'm distressed that this person who i admire is ill, but, seeing as how he's handling his predicament, and how he has a unique way of approaching even the direst of circumstances, i suspect he's going to surprise us all with his best work yet.


so, again unapologetically, my blog contains a lot of hitchens, and will continue to do so, as i wish him well.


friends will be glad to know that he's back in action, as he's scheduled to debate david berlinski in birmingham, alabama, on the issue of how atheism poisons everything on september 7th. my thanks to daily hitchens for the heads-up.


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Fuori la luce abbagliante, nitida come solo in Tibet é possibile trovare.

Entro nel monastero.

Un monaco mi prende per il braccio e mi porta con lui, con fare misterioso.

Lo seguo curiosa ed emozionata.

In un ambiente carico di sacralitá e senza tempo, solo la luce di queste fiammelle.

Rimango rapita e gli occhi pian piano distinguono figure sacre dai volti minacciosi e dai colori che intuisco essere vibranti.

Odore di burro di yak e incenso...

Ombre sui muri, la mia... la sua...

Solo prima di andare via scatto la foto in condizioni poibitive, senza cavalletto.

Ma provo... voglio avere un ricordo visivo di quel momento. Non importa come verrá.

Ed eccolo qui... davanti ai miei occhi, quel momento.

Vivido come allora.

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