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232.365 // Y3 // 16.10.2010


Up-to-date, phew!


Despite having a huge bookpile, I got some books out of Grays library the other day - one of which is Nancy Mitford's Don't Tell Alfred. Good stuff, and limited brain power required, which is often good. I'm also currently reading some Tom Robbins (<3), Steven Pinker and M G Morris.

Via Ads of the World:


"Chicken and Herb Sausages. Doing what comes naturally."


Agency: FCB, New Zealand

Creative Director: James Mok

Art Director: Dave Brady

Copywriter: Craig Knowles

Illustrator: Dave Brady




Little Boys are natural born killers (?)

January 8th, 2009 3:05 pm by Kelly


As a follow-up to Sunday's disturbing series of ads for Hobie Kayaks (Truth in Advertising: Fishermen are stone-cold killers.), today I have an ad campaign for the Little Boys line of "gourmet" "sausage." Apparently, this New Zealand-based company thinks that little boys are natural born killers.


Here we have two mischievous little rubes, about to decapitate a helpless chicken:


Or, in the words of The Inspiration Room, "One boy with a chicken and herbs, the other with a small axe. What possibly could they be up to next?" Such inappropriately cutesy language to describe animal abuse, dontchathink?


For Act II, the duo of psychotic pranksters have set a snap-trap made of of nails for a hungry duckling:


Observes TIR, "The boys have laid a trap for the duck, using mushrooms as bait. It adds up to Duck Porcini."


Finally, they prepare to blow Bambi to high heaven with some sort of homemade fireworks. Charred chunks of deer corpse, anyone?


TIR says, "One boy holds a cigarette lighter while the other prepares to smoke the fawn below. It all adds up to smoked venison."


Oh, what clever advertising! Well, except for the overworked stereotype of "boys will be boys, and boys will be cruel, and isn't that just adorable?" That's more or less been done to pun intended.


Of course, cruelty isn't a phase that little boys grow out of. Quite the contrary; oftentimes, they move on to larger targets, such as their partners, spouses, and children. In extreme cases, they grow into the next Jeffrey Dahmer or Kip Kinkel. (See, for example, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention by Frank R. Ascione (1999); Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence: Readings in Research and Application by Frank Ascione (1998); HSUS First Strike; and The Lantham Foundation.)


And even if they don't, suffering is suffering, whether it's experienced by a deer, a duck, a pig, or a human. Unnecessary cruelty isn't cute - it's wrong, immoral, unethical. Certainly, it shouldn't be used as "humorous" advertising fodder.


The "What are little boys made of?; Snakes and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails"* gender role, harmful enough in and of itself, also has a corollary: "What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice." Just as boys (men) are naturally devilish and cruel, women are naturally sweet and submissive. Men hurt animals; women empathize with them. Men consume animals; women are animals to be consumed.


Hence the inclusion of these ads in my Animals & Women set. While not as obvious as sexxxy meat, the Little Boys series exhibits an intersection of oppressions. Just as surely as child/boyhood violence against animals is trivialized, so too is the subsequent (though by no means inevitable) adult/manhood violence against marginalized humans, such as women and children. The former is excused, paving way for the latter. As long as we have a strict gender binary, in defining boys/men as vicious and abusive, we set up girls/women as weak and subservient, ripe for abuse.


Here, the lot of non-human animals and women is a shared one. We all live at the mercy of "little boys." Little boys with big guns, bags of money and the power of privilege.


Happily, unlike the Hobie Kayaks ads, there is no truth in advertising in the Little Boys campaign. If little boys were to "do what comes naturally" - rather than "do what comes from socialization" - then most little boys wouldn't derive pleasure from beheading birds or torching Bambi. If these little boys were aware that their sausage is made from the decayed corpses of many different animals - animals they marvel at in the park, pet in the zoo, even chase in the backyard - then they might very well give up meat on the spot. Little boys - little kids - are wise like that.


It's not that little boys are naturally cruel; it's that big boys snuff out their natural sense of compassion.


As an interesting aside, I also recommend SEXUALIZATION AND ADULTIFICATION OF YOUNG CHILDREN OF COLOR at Sociological Images.


Lisa writes,


In her book, Bad Boys, Ann Ferguson argues that while white boys are seen as naturally and innocently naughty, black boys are seen as willfully bad. This is possible because teachers attribute adult motivations to black, but not white, children. Ferguson calls this adultification. Essentially this means that many teachers and other school authorities see black boys as “criminals” instead of kids.


Which makes me wonder - would this ad be considered such harmless fun (by carnivores, not moi) if, instead of two Caucasian boys, it depicted two boys of color about to torture animals in the name of gourmet meat?


* Incidentally, I've never understood why the "puppy dogs' tails" in this rhyme is supposed to be a negative - tails are cute, dammit! Especially puppy dogs' tails! Have you ever seen a whole-butt doggeh wag and not melted like margarine?


And, while we're at it - wtf is wrong with snakes and snails?

"The Globe Lawn Mower. The Henderson-Achert Co. Litho. Cin."


This is a good illustration of Dave Cheadle's observation regarding lawn mower trade cards: "To demonstrate the ease of operation, the mower is invariably shown being pushed by a remarkably overdressed girl, boy, or young woman." For additional information, see the "Lawn Mowers and Landscaping" section in Cheadle's Victorian Trade Cards: Historical Reference and Value Guide (Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 1996), pp. 150-51.


Richard D. Sheaff features his own copy of this Globe Lawn Mower trade card in the Gaslight Album section of his dazzling and inspiring Sheaff : ephemera site. As Sheaff explains, lithographers used Gaslight Style to create the illusion of depth: "Type, vignettes, products, and design elements are made to seem multi-layered through the use of shadows, superimposition, dimensional banners and ribbons, turned-up faux page corners, and choice of colors."


In this trade card, the shadowing and complexity of the letters in "The Globe," the flowing "Lawn Mower" banner that's superimposed over the G, and the elaborate border at the top all help to create the multi-layered effect that's characteristic of the Gaslight Style. The careful placement of the young woman and her lawn mower in the foreground, the bounding dog in the middle, and the tree in the background also contribute to the feeling of depth.

Bookpile photos for LibraryThing pirate photo contest September 2006

A modern Pirates Library--It's about the titles


If your sly enough with your mouse, you might be able to click the link in the notes to see the book at

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This image has had the colour values inverted from the original.


Part of a set of front and back views of Fuji Instax 10 mini film (credit card sized photos that develop in a similar way to Polaroid film), which have been individually removed from the cartridge and the black processing chemical squeezed out of the edge storage pouch, and manipulated using fingers and a spoon.


The resulting images were mirrored and (in some cases) further significantly post processed using Adobe Photoshop.


The results are coincidentally reminiscent of Rorschach inkblot test images. (These images are random and should not be used for any psychological evaluation. Still, you cannot help seeing faces and monsters in them!)


Because of the similarities between the Fuji Instax and Polaroid Instant Picture systems, Instax was not officially sold in some markets - by agreement between the two companies. Polaroid previous stopped Kodak producing instant picture cameras over patent infringement issues. Fuji instant film presumably has sufficient differences and innovations as to make the issue less clear cut. With neither side confident on the outcome of a legal fight over patent infringement, there was in effect a "mexican standoff".


Fuji Instax films and cameras are still manufactured and sold.


The fuji system also has the slight cost and materials advantage in that there is no battery in each film pack (unlike the equivalent Polaroid systems). Also, the spring system (that pushes the stack of photographs evenly to the focal plane) is split between the pack and the camera in the Fuji system, and so there are fewer disposable / single use components. The Polaroid spring system is completely contained in each film pack.


In normal use the film is exposed "in camera", and the processing chemicals evenly squeezed over the back of the exposed image (inside the film envelope) by metal rollers when the photograph is automatically ejected from the camera after being exposed.


In these images, the default white film should have been "turned" white by extreme overexposure when removed from the cartridge. (Any unexposed areas - shadows - would turn black.) The colours are presumably artifacts of the extreme over exposure and the fact of the development and fixing process chemicals being applied inappropriately and in very uneven concentrations, and also possible damage to the delicate layers during the physical manipulations.


All the "passive" instant photo development processes depend on diffusion and also presumably wicking to move the chemicals and dyes between the various layers that make up the film. The process is a "tour de force" of chemical technology, arrived at by considerable old fashioned trial and error.


One version of the Polaroid system - using SX70 film - was particularly sensitive to physical manipulation (for a short time) after proper exposure "in camera", and became the focus of a dedicated art / craft movement [flickr group]. The satirical artist and illustrator Ralph Steadman published a book of manipulated portraits called Paranoids.


In 2008 production of official Polaroid film ceased. The Impossible Project was set up by enthusiasts to resume production of suitable replacement stock.

I was going through my Great Grandmother's old school books, and found this "Race Types" plate in Maury's New Complete Geography, copyright 1906.


Almost any viewpoint from the past will be interesting for the contrast to current thought, and race issues especially so. In this case, it's interesting who they chose to highlight as a race, ie, "Scotch Highlander."


Also, this books groups Anglo-Saxon, Arab, Hebrew, Russian, and others all as "Caucasian," and classifies American Negro as "Ethiopian."


Is 2008 better or worse than 1906?

My trusty bookshelves from Ikea have survived three moves. They may look untidy but I know instantly if a book is missing... I couldn't get the whole wall into the pic.

A (very) partial view of my library...


This part of my library is mainly containing computer science books and reference books.

2/3s of the design library at the studio.

Now everyone will be able to find books... sort of.

Labeling to come next.


The full list of books:

Read more about the following new books at Pesky LibraryThing


Surf Craft ... Richard Kenvin


Book pile photos for LibraryThing Pirate Contest

I photoshop'd the top of the bookpile off for esthetics.

Art for the Soul by Richard Lazzara


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Art for the Soul by Richard Lazzara


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Bookpile photos for LibraryThing pirate photo contest September 2006

I bought these at the Colorado Springs flea market a couple weeks ago. Some nice finds. Since they are only 25¢ I could take a chance and buy anything that looked interesting. The Puma Blues issue, which is an indy black and white that I just liked the cover on, has a short story by Alan Moore! Death's Head #8 was a fun read. Harbinger #4 (with coupon) was a nice find, and Eternal Warrior #49 had a low print run. The series Quasar and D.P. 7 were both written by Mark Gruenwald. Three issues of Cerebus that will let me know if Rick's Story collection is worth buying. An issue of Sable by Mike Grell. Parsifal, the 5th opus of P. Craig Russell. Three of the four Grimjack issues were written by John Ostrander. Nemesis the Warlock #8 I wanted solely for the Sam Keith cover. Anything by Timothy Truman is great (Scout #14, 15). Major Bummer was a fun series by the same team as the great series The Mask and The Mask Returns.


Learned to use GIMP's perspective tool.

Me Log 1: AVAST! Hands off me photo, while I parley with Capt' Memo, for photoshoppin' his ship into me photo. Me 'spect to share half the fame, but he get's the booty if we be winnin'! Take a turn 'bout his site, whiles ya wait. 'Spect it'll be fine, but 'cha never know.

Me Log 2: Argh, it do be a much ado about nuthin' as I've seen no information at the site sayin' otherwise, nor heard back.

Me Log 3: AARRGGHH! It be days now with no contact from the captain-perhaps they be lost at sea. As it be by email to their business address I see that as time goes by if it 'twer a problem, I'd heard about it by now. So I be changing the use of it. Until further notice.


Arrrgh! There be readin' to do!


I could have taken this exact photo...but I chose not to spend 45 minutes in traffic trying to get on Clearwater Beach, then find a parking spot, then lug all these book to the right place, then wait for the ship to go by, and NOT get any tourist in the photo..But it worked! This was the exact image I had in my head when I decided to enter the contest. Photoshop! That's The Pirate's Ransom in the background. Not my best photoshop, but I did it at 4am this morning.

I'm stacking books on top of my various bookshelves. I'm running out of the space...


If you are interested with the content of my bookshelves :


I took the picture for a blog entry :

Art for the Soul by Richard Lazzara


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Working on exposure and camera settings, this picture came out.

"apples in the dark" I thought and it reminded me of a book I once read:


Apple in the Dark, by Clarice Lispector





(I love this song)

Foire aux livres, Romainmôtier

Second-hand book fair. Archway between abbey courtyard and main street.

Found my photo blogged here,:

estante de livros

and here

seen on flickr

and here without a credit, grrrr


reblogged from aquabooks without credit here:

iain broome

and re-re-blogged from there, I didn't count how many times.

It would be nice if people would credit me and put a link my flickrstream.


All the credit for this work of art goes to Jan Reymond (Sept 2009 I found out the name of the artist thanks to See

bookpatrol blog

and other photos, other designs

book art set

Complements & accesories of Maze series.

I LOVE BOOKS! Ex libris - see my library detailed here.


It's always a delight to read and re-read Jane Austen. It took a long time for me to enjoy her novels, as I had had to read them as part of undergraduate study, and that put me right off! However, it has to be said, that books you rediscover as you get older, hold more meaning and bring new aspects to light. I found this with Persuasion.


I always see little Asian faces, and Asian scenarios when I read Austen, Dickens, even good old Shakespeare. This of course is testament to their being universal stories, and quite modern, and a mark of excellent literature. And I know they say you shouldn't, but I really like this book cover, and I always look at book covers, and this was also a reason why I bought it... Obsessions!


By the by, I bought this book for £1, a solitary pound - not bad, eh? [still reading]

Segundo intento de ganar una cuenta pro de LibraryThing.

My favorite shot of the bunch.


The four of us gathered up our Harry Potter collections to make a mega-book pile, topped, of course, with Deathly Hallows.


Note, July 31st: This is my first photo to make it into Flickr Explore!

When I saw the Sapien Bookcase (2003) by Bruno Rainaldi at DesignWithinReach I gotta have it because this is exactly how I always do: stack books!


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Explore #142


This is a photo of a short film "Pteryga Kapa" by Eirini Dermitzaki.

The movie is based on the book "Cancer Ward" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Sonaatti Miriamille, is the edition published in Finland, of the 2009 novel Sonata for Miriam by Linda Olsson, which has already been published here in New Zealand :D (before we even went to the beach that day)


Here are some of all the other covers around the world. :)

One of my LibraryThing friends send me this beautiful card from Hawaii where she is vacationing with her hubby. I love the colors in this card.

—one of three similar establishments operated by G. W. Wilson in the 'eighties. Activity was seasonal as winter light could well yield as few as a dozen prints from each negative in a day


Illustration no. 63 (unpaginated).


from Victorian and Edwardian Scotland from Old Photographs by C. S. Minto, Batsford, London, 1970.


Photograph credited to The Aberdeen Public Library.


Part of G.W. Wilson & Co.'s St. Swithin Street premises was destroyed by fire in June 1882. See: The George Washington Wilson Photographic Archive: a Postscript by R.V. Pringle (March 2008, rev. January 2011) -

Groningen | Гронинген, 15-09-2011.


Åsa Larsson – Zonnestorm. Amsterdam, Anthos, 2010 (5), 277 pagina's. 2004 (1, Nederlandse uitgave. Oorspronkelijke Zweedse titel: Solstorm (2003), vertaald door Jasper Popma.


Het koude noorden van Zweden, een cult-achtige religie en een vrouw met een verleden. Dat zijn de ingrediënten van deze thriller. Meer op Dit is Suzanne leest.


Åsa Larsson op Wikipedia (Engels)


My Books set


The twelfth day of February was still snowy, so I started with a couple garden shots. This was the day's first photo.


I took several pix along my usual route to the Thriftway, then several more of Swede's Restaurant, which neighbors the store. For 366 Snaps I went with one of those.


On my return to the house I found Taffy'd taken refuge in the covered cat bed, which is too small for her. I wasted a bakers' dozen poorly-lit shots trying to capture that.




Which reminds me: Parts of my daily life are surprisingly well documented:


The photographs, themselves, often tell stories, particularly if you sort the set into time sequence. Facebook logs everything you tell it (only the Swede's photo on February 12). LibraryThing tells me I wrote (posted) a review of Alexander Kent's In Gallant Company on that date, which suggests I finished the book that day. I also posted that review to my blog, a dabbler's journal. Then I duplicated my (December 2009) LT review of James Schmidt's Agent of Vega on dabbler, this duplication being part of a daily project that stretched over several months. I didn't ride my bike on 2/12/2012, but would do so (in the basement, on a rack) the next morning.


I can't, however, tell you what we had for supper, or whether we ate out.


I expect I'll return to this theme on or about March 20. Keep your eyes peeled.




This photograph is an outtake from my 2012 photo-a-day project, 366 Snaps.


Number of project photos taken: 28

Title of "roll:" Around Mulliken [again. my default title]

Other photos taken on 2/12/2012: none.

It's Bflat!


# # #


Part of Maze series.

#284 / 366 - #1745 / Year 5 - 06.12.2012


I finished my 52nd book of the year on this day, thus finishing my 52 books in 52 weeks resolution for the second year running. Whoo! Read my list here, if you're so inclined.


The rest of the day was spent being at work and waiting to be warm and hugging a teddy bear and drinking lemsips and sneezing and feeling generally miserable. Hey-ho.


Bifrost Photography - Blog - Twitter

1889 Land Run memories

Today the research for our Christmas trip to Guatemala and Mexico begins in earnest. It'll be our fifth trip to the region, and par for course we'll mostly be seeing sites that are entirely new. Usually we focus on the Maya -- this time around we'll be seeing many Olmec and Zapotec sites as well.


I. Can't. Wait.

Day 307 // Y4 // 30.12.2011


One of my resolutions for 2011 was to read 52 books in 52 weeks... On the 30th of December I finished book 50 and started book 51. I'm happy to report that I finished book 52 in the early evening on the 31st!


I really enjoyed this resolution, so I decided to do it again for 2012 but with a couple of extra personal challenges (like to read non-fiction books!), and I also decided to keep a track of what books I'm reading on my librarything account because I wished I'd been keeping track of all of the books I read in 2011!

As seen on, sorted by author name

Snapshot easily done with the Firefox extension ScreenGrab


Actually this is not a complete view as our books in Romanian and Hungarian are not yet encoded in


Languages of the books:

383 in French

222 in English

6 in Dutch

3 in Romanian

2 in Chinese

2 in Hungarian

1 in Italian

1 in Spanish

1 in Walloon

1 3 4 5 6 7 ••• 52 53