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Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3

"A room without books is like a body without a soul"

Cicero (probably)

Photoshop Twirl plugin was not harmed during the post processing ;-)


Taken in Helsinki University Library. Awesome place and worth visiting.

The famous Ephesus Library was situated to the south of the Agora. This elegant monument was built in A.D. 135 by Julius Aquila in memory of his father, Celsus Polemaeanus of Sardis, Roman Senator and Proconsul of the province of Asia.


Ephesus is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely 'soak in' the atmosphere of Roman times.

The famous Ephesus Library was situated to the south of the Agora. This elegant monument was built in A.D. 135 by Julius Aquila in memory of his father, Celsus Polemaeanus of Sardis, Roman Senator and Proconsul of the province of Asia.

Ephesus is located in izmir of Turkey.

This library is one of the most beautiful structures in Ephesus. It was built in 117 A.D. It was a monumental tomb for Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, the governor of the province of Asia.

One of two 'libraries' situated inside the outer wall of Angkor Wat. Although they are called libraries, they are more likely to have been some kind of religious shrine rather than manuscript/document repositories.


©Scott Foy

Library Entry Way

November 2014

Wow wat een prachtige ruimte!


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Tyntesfield, Somerset, England.

February 2014.

Fujifilm X100S.

My first image of the new year. Many thanks to Haringey Council for such a stellar new sign.




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In memoriam to Freddie Mercury and Fritz Lang's great movie Metropolis (one of my favorite movies).

Original shot taken at the student library in Göttingen, Germany.

Canon EOS400D, CS4


Metropolis - Queen - Radio GaGa


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A young user of Birmingham's new library enjoys exploring the exiting architectural space.


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phototour in berlin with irgendwienet.


making of


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Wilfredo Pietro, MONA, Tas, Australia

Dublin, Ireland

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Some amazing architecture inside Liverpool's Central Library.


Nikon FM2n, 50mm F/1.8 AI-s

Tri-X, D76 1+1, 9 minutes @ 22C.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, 2014

The exterior of the new library in Birmingham....S

And you thought it was my computer room. :-D


When we drove by Whitehern House in May we just happened to show up on a "Doors Open" day so we had the unexpected fun of touring the house.


Of course, it's always forbidden to use a tripod in these historic places but sometimes one can get away with a monopod. Unfortunately, I didn't have mine with me so most of my interior shots weren't usable, however, the library had just enough light that I was able to get this.


Take a closer look at the bookshelves. They came up with the best idea for keeping dust off the tops of the books: long strips of fringed leather. I'd never seen that before.




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This image was taken in the Old Library Building’s Long Room. (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)


The trinity college was founded in 1592. It contains the largest library in Ireland. The Library is also well known because it is the permanent home of the famous Book of Kells.


Canon EOS, extracted from a single raw file. Unfortunatly I have not been allowed to use my tripod in there.

My other images taken in Irland can be found here.

And even should the cloud of barbarism and despotism again obscure the science and libraries of Europe, this country remains to preserve and restore light and liberty to them.


Thomas Jefferson

A shot of the New York Public Library.

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The book shelves in our new home library. The shelves are Billy from Ikea. Now I'm just looking for the right armchair and carpet... :)


Hard covers to the left. Paperback to the right. Cookbooks and non fiction in the middle.

I'm so glad the sun paid a visit for awhile today. It's cloudy now & sprinkling a bit, but it's supposed to come back tomorrow!


Want to get down on the floor with me? Try this on black!



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Stockholm Public Library (Stockholms stadsbibliotek or Stadsbiblioteket), designed by the Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, one of the city's most notable structures.

Day 51


The Downtown Library is covered with an interesting metal skin that reflects. Can't believe I haven't shot this with the focus on the pattern before.

Plateau Mont-Royal Library built 1895-1896, Montreal


Press "L' or for more fun, press "Z"

Walked by this building after closing and grabbed this shot without a tripod. Auto ISO helped. Straightened the perspective and a little white balance adjustment.

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