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One single long exposure. No photoedition : straight out of the camera except for contrast/crop.


Light painting session with Yves Lespagnard and Sébastien Ernest


Concept: Tamar Glezerman

Art and Production: Dana Ziv & Anat Nir

Photos and Processing: Grace Lemberger

Design: Lola Kedar

Hair style and makeup: king Effi

Hair: Miss C. - Kate_Cocoa

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Machine (ML)

Skin: Essences - Emma Gift - doux *brown*

Lipstick: [Mock}- Alluring LipColor- Mythic

Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai - First Flower - Earrings (marketplace dollarbie)

Glasses: Frameworks Wireform Glasses (from 2007!)

Jacket: {Social Vintage} Puffy Sleeves Jacket (Group Gift)

Skirt: Destiny's Designs Sea Captain's Lady Skirt

Pocketwatch: House of Rain Bonedance watch - gold-citrine

This is actually a bookshop in Cardiff, Wales taken through the front glass window. The chap reading surrounded by a wall of books, is what attracted me to the shot.I tried it in black and white but it looked far better in colour.

Thanks Jodie for the vintage barbie. You are wonderful!

i found a library in the forest

Curating the library on our extensive estates wearing the grey jacket & pencil skirt from Rua Modena; glasses by HOC and Jeanelle hair from Alli & Ali.


Taken at

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Clothes credits :


This is not exactly a simple mish-mash of clothes just for the single purpose of making a blog post, for once, this is actually one of my roleplay character, a widow and a librarian called Scarlett Van Graff. And it's a whole lot of fun to play her !

I'd been 24, fresh from my Master's Degree in Library Science, and I had my dream job working at the Science Library of the local university. A quiet, sunny cottage in the backyard of a couple of immigration lawyers and a pair of cats completed the perfect life. I'd never dated, although I'd almost lost my virginity when some members of the lacrosse team made a bet one of them could seduce me. Every now and then, I thought maybe I should have gone ahead and given in, but then I remembered his cloying aftershave and general boringness and was glad I'd shut the door firmly in his face. I was likely to die an old maid, but what relationship could come close to the great literary romances? No, I'd choose an evening at home with a novel, or a walk through the woods in search of unusual wasps, over arguments about the toothpaste cap any day.


However, Destiny had other plans for me...


K ENB Extensive ~ .195 binary

Best viewed on black


The last one from my visit to the Utrecht University Library...

Let's see... Second law... Second lieutenant... oh here it is...

Strobist: Alien Bees B800 camera left in a medium gridded softbox triggered with Cybersyncs, Nikon SB-800 camera right rear in a Lumiquest LTp as a hairlight triggered in SU-4 mode, Nikon SB-800 behind her on the background, triggered in SU-4 mode

In the Cancun underwater museum one of the figures is a librarian with his napping dog. The bottles in the rack behind him apparently are for sending notes to people. I guess its been a while since many notes went out since the dog is napping.

Cinematic Street candid in Sittard, Netherlands

A very old law report - The Chancery Division from 1697. It was an awe inspiring experience to be looking at and drawing an English Law Report that is older that the landing of the British First Fleet here in Australia in 1788 .


see more of my book and library drawings at


The Courts of Chancery are an equity court and established in the 14th century. There is still a Chancery Division today and it is part of the High Court of England and Wales, along with the Queen's Bench Family Division.


Scoville Library

First free Public Library in the US

Salisbury, CT

Seek my part

Devote myself, my small self

Like a book amongst the many on a shelf

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