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i found a library in the forest

This is actually a bookshop in Cardiff, Wales taken through the front glass window. The chap reading surrounded by a wall of books, is what attracted me to the shot.I tried it in black and white but it looked far better in colour.

Clothes credits :


This is not exactly a simple mish-mash of clothes just for the single purpose of making a blog post, for once, this is actually one of my roleplay character, a widow and a librarian called Scarlett Van Graff. And it's a whole lot of fun to play her !

finally had the guts to upload this. i've been holding on to it for two months.

Let's see... Second law... Second lieutenant... oh here it is...

In the Cancun underwater museum one of the figures is a librarian with his napping dog. The bottles in the rack behind him apparently are for sending notes to people. I guess its been a while since many notes went out since the dog is napping.

Model: Lacy Soto


© 2009 Vara Pappas

Seek my part

Devote myself, my small self

Like a book amongst the many on a shelf

monday, sept 25:


- dark teal turtleneck w/bib & cap sleeves: forever21

- black denim pencil skirt: urbn

- fake red/black snakeskin belt: uniqlo

- goldenrod pumps: trunk sale

- record album cuff: store in chicago


the only thing better than a sexy librarian, is a sexy boy.


(edit 12/20/07): oh man, what's up with that pose?? i'm taking out "sexy" from the title as an experiment. this is by far the most viewed photo in my stream, and i bet it's because of that one word...

Yay Laura came back to visit over Easter and we crammed in as many photo shoots as we could.

Have been wanting to use this location for a while and for a bit we struggled to get any photos both of us were happy with, so I scrounged around in my car which has a prop box inside and we found the old encyclopedia, the bottle and the librarian / nanna glasses...our scene was complete and the sexy librarian was created :)

Kitbashed Librarian. Mainly Sanguinary Guard parts, with a Death Company jump pack, Grey Knight psychic hood and force sword, with the head from scout sergeant Telion.

i am leaving, so for a few days no pics. You could read some books instead!

The blue is a lot more vibrant in real life.


I decided not to use the stuff that normally goes on top of his armour because it makes him look too busy and top-heavy.

"A librarian wearing dark glasses asked him: 'What are you looking for?' Hladik answered: 'I am looking for God.' The librarian said to him: 'God is in one of the letters on one of the pages of one of the four hundred thousand volumes of the Clementine. My fathers and the fathers of my fathers have searched for this letter; I have grown blind seeking it.'" (from 'The Secret Miracle')

Jorge Luis Borges


When viewing this ad in its full-magazine-page glory, the evidence grows clearer that the woman in the blue sweater is supposed to be either a librarian or a bookstore employee. Librarian-on-Liu action! Of course, the woman's got to be a librarian: she's wearing sensible shoes!


(Actually, on pondering this: it's a bookstore. Why else the name tag and the lack of call number stickers?)


(I do like her glasses, though.)

Shots of The Library are for my friend Kristin, a librarian, of course.

Something from the archives today, as I haven't had chance to use the camera these last few weeks.


This was from a photoshoot with Georgi at Cleeve House, which had the most wonderful library!


Remember the old card catalog?

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