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Our Daily Challenge - Letterbox


I'm sending this letter to Helena( jelens)

because October is her month... I hope it arrived in time for her b-day!!!

Dedicated to all those, who suffered WW2

To write a letter - once a vibrating pain in the tissues was enough and a stock of words no greater than an animal's scream.

Nowadays, one needs an outline and an argument, and comparative explorations into the depth of dictionaries.

There are surgical interventions around words, there are word-hybrids, half-words, quarter-words, and there is an ambiguity of letters swollen with wisdom.

And my thirst - a fledgling nightingale is silenced by all these scores and instruments. And when you ask me for meaning, I feel how the branch that supports the frail nest snaps under the crushing load of a grand piano.


By HP (again...)

30cmx30cm Oil on wood panel.

Does your name starts with the letter A?


It represent that you aren't that romantic but you are a hard worker"determined", what you plan for is what you achieve but your not patient. you don't get easilyy cheerful around people who are nice to you..your attractive, poliet, open minded, and you need love and you want to feel appreciated to the other side of the relation, and even though you are determined but still your selfish .

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Athens, GA

Clarke County


The church was built in 1877 and all that remains is the steeple.

This was the site of REM's first show on April 5, 1980.

"While I am denied your presence, give me at least through your words--of which you have enough and to spare--some sweet sem­blance of yourself."

Translation - The Letters of Abelard and Heloise - 12th Century


texture - pixmaniaque - thank you


[June 30, 2011]


please look here, to see the letter


okay, so i know this is really cliche but there really is only 15 more days until the very end.

this is a Hogwarts letter my best friend made me about two years ago.


188 In the beginning of seventh grade, I hated Harry Potter. Actually, I despised it. All I thought of it was a stupid book about magic and kids on brooms. When I told my junior high librarian this, she was appalled and convinced me to give the series a try because she said "One day when you're older, people will talk about this series and you will regret not reading it."

So I did, and it changed my life. And then I told my best friends, and they riduculed me at first until they read it and then it changed their lives too.

If there was one thing in my life I don't regret, it would be reading Harry Potter. And photography of course.

© 2011 by mr P.H.W.J. Schipper LL.M


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Just a memory to the today ending Summer. See you next year my dear friend...


Technique: It is a Polaroid! Scanned and smooth fiddled on Photoshop. Then blown up to monster size (Original "The Great Blue" is 120cm x 120cm). Pola was made in 1985 in Bergen an Zee, the Netherlands and shows the winter capping of a Hotel Swimming Pool. [Remixed in Cologne Sep 2009].


The fantastic textures by courtesy of my friend Jerry "Skeletal Mess" [USA 2009].

The beautiful brushes by courtesy of [USA 2009].


A Letter from my friend is a kind of a poem for me.

when I read her letter, I felt like I was listening to her playing

the Piano in the rainy morning forest.


textured with '1856' by Angela Wolf


captured at Stavoren; Freesland / The Netherlands ; port entrance

the notes I should have written, the comments I should have made............thank you for your wonderful and inspiring company and the friendship all through this year! Very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

My dear friend Anja sent me this fantastic letter , full of great things

I specially like the handmade knitted gloves... She made them with the colors of a robin and with a robin button. They are perfect to wear them when I ride my bike.

Nomade, an 8m high sculpture of a squatting figure made of white-painted steel alphabet letters by contemporary Catalan artist Jaume Plensa.


Nomade looks out across the harbour of Antibes in France.

I like vintage and retro

I received this amazing letter from my dear friend Anja. With this December letter we finished our monthly letter project. This was a year full of good surprises, Anja is always creative and generous...Thank you Anja

Taken on September 26, 2014

One of my sunflowers against a texture from Lenabem and letters from

Imaginary letter from the clouds...

I've wanted to do this picture for so long! It went through several different mutations from being a self portrait to wanting to use a male model...but when I found this outfit that only fit on someone smaller than myself, it seemed obvious :)


I posted a closeup of the writing on the paper in the comments if interested. A bit of a dedication to Gertrude Stein, whose riddles make my heart happy.


My plans changed drastically this week. I thought I was going to drive to the Grand Canyon, however, favoring a shorter drive with more sights, my sister and I are touring California. We went to Santa Barbara yesterday, and today we move on to San Francisco. The next two days are Yosemite (YAYYY!!!) and then back home to LA :)


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A letter box, letterbox, letter plate, letter hole, deed, mail slot, or mailbox is a receptacle for receiving incoming mail at a private residence or business. For the opposite purpose of collating outgoing mail, a post box is generally used instead.

A cast-iron mail slot letter box

Letterboxes or mailboxes consist of four primary designs:

A slot in a wall or door through which mail is delivered (through-door delivery)

A box attached directly to the house (door-to-door delivery)

A box mounted at or near the street (curbside delivery)

A centralised mail delivery station consisting of individual mailboxes for an entire building

A centralised mail delivery station consisting of individual mailboxes for multiple recipients at multiple addresses in a particular neighborhood or community

A warm, spring night.


Eloise sits in her garden and reads the letter she's waited for since a stormy Monday.


A smile plays across her lips.

I sent This Letter


For My Past


Taken by el-mobde3 Moh,3abdeeN


him : me ^.^


with my Photoshop


Background from my friend : (mO)²'s

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