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EXPLORE APRIL 4th 2009 # 57

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This is dedicated to my dear friend Calyn- for her birthday - one my my white roses after a bit of rain from my veranda, like C. they bring me joy so I wish her all the happiness, love and joy for the year to come and thanks for your friendship.


Here is the link for her BIRTHDAY PARTY - do take a look and leave a gift if you want


"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."Marcel Proust




I am sorry but I am a bit OFF - so I cannot comment on all of you but will catch up as soon as I can


October 2011: This is photo is a monthly Admins Choice featured on the front page in the group Weirena's FlowerFaves. Thank you very much!


The title is snipped from the English lyrics of the song "Sway," first made popular by Dean Martin but originally a cha-cha from the 1950s, "Quien Sera." The lyrics relevant to my photo of pink dahlia petals: "Like a flower bending in the breeze, bend with me, sway with me." Here's a more contemporary version of the song as performed by Michael Bublé. (Olympus E-5 & Zuiko 50mm macro, f/5, 1/160 sec., ISO 200, overcast, handheld) Textures courtesy of Kim Klassen Café and Shadowhouse Creations


Very busy at the moment and just can't get to everyone's stream as I would like to.


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Some of my work is available on Redbubble (link on my Flickr Profile page).

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"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

Albert Einstein


"La gravedad no es responsable de la caída de las personas en el amor. "

Albert Einstein



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Lady - Deviantart Faestock

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Thanks to Violet Hill


Thanks to FLOR


Thanks to First Quality


This rose is dedicated to my dear friend Beckie Child of God for her birthday... she loves roses so much(this one from my veranda and my fave)... and for all who love flowers!< HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend!!


“A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.” by F. Buscaglia


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To all my contacts I apologize once again but I am not able to comment on all, will do my best but I am OFF for now ..will catch up as soon as I can.


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I saw exactly two agapanthus plants in bloom last Sunday at South Coast Botanic Garden, which actually surprised me as I thought their season was past. This bloom was exquisite, and I wanted to convey its soft and romantic aspect, thus my choice of a large lens aperture. (Zuiko 50mm macro, f/4, 1/160 sec., ISO 400, open shade, handheld)


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the birthday of my dad (1912 -1972)

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~light summer-colors ~ Abutilon ( Malvaceae) bell calling bumble bees


july flower

Waden Hill (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July

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I took this picture in the beautiful area of Friburgo - on the " Serra " its a wild hortensia - I had never seen one wild - taken during a walk "up in the hills" with my dear friends into the one of the most beautiful natural enviroment I have seen,I was so happy there ... and there it was the bright blue hortensia ... it had just bloomed! .... and as the terrible floods that have destroyed the " Zona Serrana" - just about 100km off Rio- Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis, Petrópolis, Sumidouro, São José do Vale do Rio Preto - this is my small tribute to the victims of this tragedy - meu pequeno tributo as vitimas desta tragedia; may it all bloom again as this little hortensia from Friburgo. My heart goes to all those people and also to my friends over there ... this is my small homage to all the victims of these terrible floods. So all together let us work for this not to happen to our planet


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."


— Mahatma Gandhi


Listen to the music of Madredeus:


re Hortensias -




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I am sorry but I am a mostly OFF - so I cannot comment on all of you but will catch up as soon as I can,I am so behind and busy -

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~ a happy and delight sunday for us all ~

♪♪♫♪♪♫Enjoy your day♪♪♫♪♪♫ ☺


i love to share and dedicate one of the roses i received yester to you

as a lille thanks for all friendship you always share here with me.


next pic of the serie: WOMEN OF THE WORLD!


Cartagena, Colombia

Rumba d'amor


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# giant purple bulbs~ Allium caeruleum ~ surrounded by salvia bokeh


a wonderful tuesday to every one!


♥ Thank you all for your visits, faves, invites and wonderful comments ♥


. trying to catch up .


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"Can you tell me where my country lies?"

said the unifaun to his true love's eyes.

"It lies with me!" cried the Queen of Maybe

- for her merchandise, he traded in his prize."

-- Genesis, Dancing With the Moonlit Knight, from the album "Selling England by the Pound"


Created for the 40th Weekly Contest on Man Ray: Grunge Tree


Dedicated to everyone who has music playing inside their head -- even when the iPod's off.

First page feature on Mono 500 23 November 2008.



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EXPLORED October 24th 2010 # 474

Dedicated to my dear friend IRENE-

Thanks to her hospitality and of her family and unique know-how of Czechia my visit was unforgettable


I apolozige to all my contacts if I do not comment much but still on and off but as usual I shall do my bestxxbb


On EXPLORE: 2009.05.26# (243)

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Thank you very much, for all your much appreciated comments and invites!

Have a nice day everyone!

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I wanted to play with a series of flowers I shot last week. Thought I would begin with something artsy to get me up and going Monday morning.


Sugarloaf: The song running through my mind!



Tazio Gavioli XIV ... Prignano s/S, Modena (Italia)

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Auteur : Alfred De Musset


Que me veux-tu, chère fleurette,

Aimable et charmant souvenir ?

Demi-morte et demi-coquette,

Jusqu'à moi qui te fait venir ?


Sous ce cachet enveloppée,

Tu viens de faire un long chemin.

Qu'as-tu vu ? que t'a dit la main

Qui sur le buisson t'a coupée ?


N'es-tu qu'une herbe desséchée

Qui vient achever de mourir ?

Ou ton sein, prêt à refleurir,

Renferme-t-il une pensée ?


Ta fleur, hélas ! a la blancheur

De la désolante innocence ;

Mais de la craintive espérance

Ta feuille porte la couleur.


As-tu pour moi quelque message ?

Tu peux parler, je suis discret.

Ta verdure est-elle un secret ?

Ton parfum est-il un langage ?


S'il en est ainsi, parle bas,

Mystérieuse messagère ;

S'il n'en est rien, ne réponds pas ;

Dors sur mon coeur, fraîche et légère.


Je connais trop bien cette main,

Pleine de grâce et de caprice,

Qui d'un brin de fil souple et fin

A noué ton pâle calice.


Cette main-là, petite fleur,

Ni Phidias ni Praxitèle

N'en auraient pu trouver la soeur

Qu'en prenant Vénus pour modèle.


Elle est blanche, elle est douce et belle,

Franche, dit-on, et plus encor ;

A qui saurait s'emparer d'elle

Elle peut ouvrir un trésor.


Mais elle est sage, elle est sévère ;

Quelque mal pourrait m'arriver.

Fleurette, craignons sa colère.

Ne dis rien, laisse-moi rêver.


2.4.09 - © All rights reserved

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Thank you, my friends, for your wonderful support!!


# Pansy -Stiefmütterchen


I thought the athmosphere and colors could represent this easter friday .


~ Good Friday


~ Karfreitag


per me, un verbo colmo di significati

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“Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.”

Jean Cocteau


"El arte produce cosas feas que suelen ser más hermosas con el tiempo. La moda, por otro lado, produce cosas hermosas que siempre se vuelven feas con el tiempo. "

Jean Cocteau


* Photomanipulation - Credits :






Ganadora Foto de la semana 37/ Winner of Photo of the week 37"Vivo por la fotografía"


Ranked #1 at the "Best of the month" - September 2009g in Music & Friends group


Ranked #1 at the "Best of the month" - September 2009 in Favtop 150+ group


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Sainte Lucie


A la sainte Lucie à l’orée de l’hiver

Les étoiles dans le ciel brillent comme le verre

Elles viennent du lointain du profond univers

Et brillent comme un miroir réfléchit la lumière


Ces astres si lointains semblent parfois si proches

Qu’on pourrait les tenir comme une lampe de poche

Ces milliers de soleil qui tremblent dans la nuit

Parfument notre univers ainsi que des bougies


Comme des larmes tremblent et perlent au bout des cils

A la sainte Lucie toutes les flammes oscillent

Tels les fruits suspendus en gouttes de lumières


Elles clignotent sans cesse ainsi que des lucioles

Sur les limbes des feuilles disposées en folioles

Et les branches de sapins issus des sapinières


Alain Hannecart**

Angels for Sale (2) Zermat Switzerland



Victor HUGO (1802-1885)


Quelle est la fin de tout ?


Quelle est la fin de tout ? la vie, ou bien la tombe ?

Est-ce l'onde où l'on flotte ? est-ce l'ombre où l'on tombe ?

De tant de pas croisés quel est le but lointain ?

Le berceau contient-il l'homme ou bien le destin ?

Sommes-nous ici-bas, dans nos maux, dans nos joies,

Des rois prédestinés ou de fatales proies ?


Ô Seigneur, dites-nous, dites-nous, ô Dieu fort,

Si vous n'avez créé l'homme que pour le sort ?

Si déjà le calvaire est caché dans la crèche ?

Et si les nids soyeux, dorés par l'aube fraîche,

Où la plume naissante éclôt parmi des fleurs,

Sont faits pour les oiseaux ou pour les oiseleurs ?


© Claudio Mufarrege 2009 - All rights reserved / Todos los derechos reservados


Winner 3rd. Frontpage Contest - FAVTOP125 group



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Devianart stock (lady) : moonchild-lj-stock


Listen : U2 - Peace on Earth


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Se eu tivesse uma única flor em cada minuto que eu pensasse em você, eu poderia andar para sempre em meu jardim. ~Claudia Ghand


Rainer Maria RILKE (1875-1926)


Combien a-t-on fait aux fleurs


Combien a-t-on fait aux fleurs

d'étranges confidences,

pour que cette fine balance

nous dise le poids de l'ardeur.


Les astres sont tous confus

qu'à nos chagrins on les mêle.

Premier mai : fête du travail. Puisque les fleurs sont le plus pur et le plus bel ouvrage de la terre … (Vincent Voiture) en voici une.


Primeiro de Maio : festa do trabalho. Visto que as flores são a mais pura e mais bela obra da terra … (Vincent Voiture) aqui vai uma.


Mãe Natureza ﶊPirenópolisⓥ2010 (GO)


Auteur:François Payot De Linières..


Le ciel joint rarement l'esprit à la beauté.

Vous avez l'un et l'autre en un degré suprême,

Et c'est, à mon avis, un horrible blasphème

De ne pas vous tenir pour une déité.


Cet esprit, en tous lieux, est justement vanté,

Car vous faites des vers mieux que Malherbe même ;

Lorsque nous les lisons le plaisir est extrême

Et nous sommes surpris de leur sublimité.


Que c'est un grand bonheur d'être belle et savante !

Que votre sort est doux ! Que votre âme est contente

D'avoir de vos vertus mille illustres témoins !


Avec tous ces attraits, si l'on n'ose vous dire :

« Je meurs d'amour pour vous, je languis, je soupire »,

Adorable comtesse, on n'en pense pas moins.

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Thank you for all your suport and taking the time to comment, Invite, I really do so very much appreciate it.

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