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Here I am with my newborn son, just after he was born and got some mommy time.


Meredith is happy and healthy, and fed him shortly after this shot was taken.


Soooo grateful right now!

Leo and Ansel loved our special tour of the Grand Mosque.


Leo explores the home of a friend.

Just what we ordered


Leo just couldn't resist one more climb.


How far will he go?


Not only has 11-month-old Leo been walking for a while, but he's taken to dancing while he DJ's.


He'll even dance while Meredith and I play guitar and drums!

I think we have the same sense of humor!


Compare with his first photo.

Leo has been toddling for about 6 steps at a time -- woo!

With her new object of spoilage, Leo Thomas.

Here the boy enjoys some peace, while we update his telemetry at TrixieTracker.


He's tracking well - already back up to his birth weight!

He makes the floor lights work like transporter pads.


Leo powers through a train ride at the San Francisco Zoo.

Leo at the farmer's market haystacks, after picking grapes all morning.

Leo loves helicopters.


Hanging out with Momma this time. Look at the love!

His hair is getting longer and more red every day.

Chalk message compliments of the neighbors.

Leo's favorite toy.

Leo wants whatever Macky has.

I let Leo play with our backhoe for a while.


Just kidding, I don't have a backhoe.


Wouldn't that be fun, though?!

We went on a walk near the campus and found this playground with some toys left out for kids to use. Very nice.


Leo went for the horseshoe-crab driving style: backwards.

Leo frequently hoots like an owl.

Someone was inspired by the Olympics

Leo's saying "Did did did."

Mer gave Leo an Alfalfa by wetting his head except for one curl.

Leo uses his hand to make bobble sounds.

Life is rough when you're 7 pounds and change.

Mer snagged this moment for us.

Leo and I traveled to Vancouver to visit Meredith while she's studying science.


We had a blast!

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