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A piece of driftwood at Ocean Beach.

With the abacus his mom got him for his birthday.

Here I am with my newborn son, just after he was born and got some mommy time.


Meredith is happy and healthy, and fed him shortly after this shot was taken.


Soooo grateful right now!

Leo observes the rest of Masdar City under construction, due to complete in 2025.


Leo went up and down the entire giant dune about five times.


Leo explores the home of a friend.

How far will he go?


A father's touch.

Leo, ready for "school" on his first birthday.

Leo has been toddling for about 6 steps at a time -- woo!

Our son likes to do things for himself.

Leo's entire foot is the size of my big toe.

With her new object of spoilage, Leo Thomas.

Here the boy enjoys some peace, while we update his telemetry at TrixieTracker.


He's tracking well - already back up to his birth weight!

35,000 feet above the North Pole.


Leo powers through a train ride at the San Francisco Zoo.

Leo likes to use his fingers on the piano, as much as he likes to wham on it.


The boy has dynamics.

Leo latest thing is talking in bbbb's.


Sometimes he just does it to himself, and really quietly, so it sounds like he's purring.


I can't actually make the sound he makes in this video, but it makes me laugh every time I hear it!



So, it turns out that my son, my wife, my grandmom, my mom, AND my dad were all tuned in to iPhoneDevCamp this weekend!


Warms my heart.

Hanging out with Momma this time. Look at the love!

Leo feels the power.

His hair is getting longer and more red every day.

Leo peeks out in search of birds ("aboo") and airplanes ("abvwee!").

Chalk message compliments of the neighbors.

Leo loves his little blanket with a lamb's head.


Fun to grab!

We went on a walk near the campus and found this playground with some toys left out for kids to use. Very nice.


Leo went for the horseshoe-crab driving style: backwards.

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