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At our bedouin camp.


Leo observes the rest of Masdar City under construction, due to complete in 2025.


They strap electrodes to his head and then emit slight sounds to make

his brain wave.


Here he is totally concentrating, making waves.


Leo has excellent hearing.

I think we have the same sense of humor!


Compare with his first photo.

Leo's entire foot is the size of my big toe.

Leo makes the silliest faces - this was in the middle of a nap, caught on digicam.


Too much.

Leo takes it all in.


Leo feels the power.

Leo loves my guitar! We have lessons three mornings a week.

Mer drums a beat.


Leo drums the beat.


Mer hits the keys and the drum.


Leo hits the keys and the drum.


Breathtaking precision. We were stunned.

With the abacus his mom got him for his birthday.

Leo peeks out in search of birds ("aboo") and airplanes ("abvwee!").

We went on a walk near the campus and found this playground with some toys left out for kids to use. Very nice.


Leo went for the horseshoe-crab driving style: backwards.

Leo _digs_ his new activity center.


Here he is, dedicating this next song to you.

Gretta visited on her way back up to Oregon!

I think he was befuddled by the concept of not having these tasty treats.

Someone was inspired by the Olympics

I tried to get Leo wearing my hat, but he is too quick.


Looks like he's dashing to the rescue, inspired by his shirt!

Mer snagged this moment for us.

Leo is master of the Prawn Style of kung-fu.


Here he is exerting his fu upon the olpc laptop.

You can take a screenshot of your Home Screen on iPhone now!


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Leo does the tongue-out when he's concentrating.

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