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Two local Cambodian women make lemongrass tea by first chopping with cleavers. The smell is wonderful!

2nd entry at strobist bootcamp


Tomato Confit with Crab Claws, Truffle and Tomato Broth. East meets West dish.


here with homemade Lemongrass Tea in the B/g


strobist info:

2 softbpxes from behind slightly left (because i only ave small softboxes so I teamed them up to make for a large one.

one strobe bare right behind subject to light the rim of the bowl

(this was taken at the Sule Shangri La Hotel) during our walk and sightseeing by foot, we finally found a cab that could take us here or anywhere "safe" since we were being sprayed by so much water during the water festival...i got kinda sacred,not to mentioned panicky by being ambushed and have to nowhere to run and hide this was a nice relief from the sun and the chaos and mayhem outside.

(larger on black)


85mm f/1.8 USM


Shot along the water downtown looking toward the Port of Seattle. Since I was so kindly tagged by to transcribe 10 facts about myself into a submission, I figured I really had no reason not to. I won't be continuing the tradition of tagging others to perpetuate this little game, if others feel inclined to do so they can willingly. Anyway, let's dive right into it, shall we?


1. I'm a complete nerd. I've been using computers since I was four and partly as a result of that I now work at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. To me anything electronic is interesting to some degree (audio systems, video game consoles, cameras, et cetera), and figuring out how devices work is something I'm easily fascinated by.


2. I am deeply infatuated with sushi, though many aren't aware of the fact that when I was in high school I had a very bad reaction to some sushi. I ate quite a bit that night, got sick and experienced learned food aversion for approximately four or five years. During this stretch of time the smell of sushi alone, or even ginger for that matter would make my stomach turn.


3. I have a broad taste for music, even country. I'm really not much of a fan of R&B, and to a certain extent some classical. I will make mention of the fact that since the FM tuner is broken in my car I've been listening to AM radio for quite some time now, enjoying the earlier side of the 1900s. If you ask me what my favorite genres are, I will likely tell you Classic Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap and Techno/Trance, in no particular order other than alphabetical.


4. I enjoy nature, camping and Burning Man. I can get behind the idea of "roughing it" and utilizing what little you have to survive in a harsh, potentially hostile environment. I think every now and then people should take the opportunity to get away from all of the boundaries and influences of society and enjoy some of the simpler things in life... we take far too many things for granted.


5. I have an affinity for all kinds of food. Anything I haven't tried eating is interesting to me however I do favor spicy food in particular. Having a higher tolerance for spicy foods than many around me has always been something I noticed, so I figure I'll enjoy it since I am inherently part of a specific group of foodies. Many don't cross their boundary when it comes to all the lovely oils that bring us exciting flavors and invigorating heat, so more spice for me.


6. I enjoy writing, but only on my own terms. I used to have a blog (, RIP) however I often found it challenging to write enough content each and every day so its departure was inevitable. I tried again later with another domain since my first one was gobbled up by a squatter (, RIP) but again I was plagued with writer's block once I had gotten into the routine. Flickr provides me with a very elegant balance of two things I enjoy: photography and writing.


7. I don't drink much soda, or where I'm from pop. I used to slam Mt. Dew like it was my career choice. As I grew out of my sweet tooth and got a little bit older I've grown fond of tea. I drink a lot of green tea throughout the day, though I also enjoy Earl Grey, lemongrass tea and our beloved Halo tea: Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang Souchong is worth mentioning as Halo tea because of the smooth influx of energy you receive upon drinking it, perfect for a late night Halo binge on a work night. It’s an acquired taste for certain, given the leaves are smoked and it has a rather deep, earthy taste, but I highly recommend giving it a try.


8. I'm an awful cook. I never practiced cooking as a teenager or when I lived by myself because I never thought there was much of a point, I didn't have to impress anybody. This worked against me when I acquired people to cook for, because now I'm guilted into cooking something delicious so I don't make people suffer through a jar of plain Classico sauce and noodles, or Swedish meatballs with the consistency of porridge... don't ask.


9. I used to play Trumpet when I was going to school. Having built on that over the years I've developed this bias that makes it very easy for me to listen to, enjoy and memorize the melody, harmony and percussion from a song but damn near impossible for me to extract any lyrics. So if you ask me if I know a song, you'd better know how to hum the melody since there are only a few songs I know by lyrics.


10. I am a Pokémon master.

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Vitamin A se bharpoor lemongrass apni mufarid smell ki waja se qehwa ki shakal mein piya jata hai is continue use se chehre ke daagh dhabbay door ho jate hein or chehre ki khoi hui ronaq bahal karta hai. Din mein 2 3 martaba lemingrass ka qehwa khas tor par khane ke foran baad use kiya jaye to farhat ka bai's hota hai.

This is the result of my first attempt at this bread. Served it with homemade quince jelly and a cup of ginger and lemongrass tea.

Closest to the front of the photo is the deep clean white and deep clean green. They both have lemongrass essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Deep Clean green also has neem powder, which not only gives it texture and helps to exfoliate your skin, but is antiseptic; good for healing blemishes and evening the skin tone.


Made with

Aura Cacia Lemongrass, Essential Oil, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, 1/3 oz. bottle


Hesh Neem Herbal Powder 100g (Pack of 2)


If you are interested in browsing my products, visit Natural Oasis, 288 Monroe Avenue in Rochester, NY for select scents. Also join me on Facebook to be abreast of the most current events where I will be showcasing many scents for your perusal and purcase. Thank you.

Warm thoughts on a frigid morning

Lemongrass is yet one more fascinating plant that originates in the Amazon rainforest. You may have heard that acai berry and other foods found in the rainforest can help prevent and cure disease, including cancer. New research indicates that lemongrass tea may be a cure for different types of cancer.


To use lemongrass as a cancer cure, steep fresh lemongrass in water and drink up to 8 glasses of the mixture a day as a tea. Do this on days when you're going to receive chemotherapy. You can find fresh lemongrass at markets specializing in Thai and other Asian foods.


Researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev have discovered that citral, the element that gives this herb its lemon aroma, actually kills cancer cells. The citral found in lemongrass tea not only can kill cancer cells, but also leaves the surrounding cells healthy and intact. The study describes the effect of citral as causing cancer cells to actually commit suicide.


Source to read more:lemongrass cures cancers


this little light of mine

This was a full cart of lemongrass that the local villagers were using to chop up to make lemongrass tea. It smells amazing!

Macro Monday: Theme - Comfort


As much as I love my morning cup(s) of espresso, I also have a love for tea. It's my beverage of choice throughout the day and an evening doesn't seem complete without my chamomile and lemongrass tea. Such comfort when the kids are finally asleep and I'm able to sit down and relax with a cup between my hands.

My guilty pleasure is the loose tea from Teavana. I spend way too much money on these teas but can't resist the delicious and creative blends. The tea pictured here is Empress of China; a fusion of Japanese Sencha green tea and a Ceylon black tea with guava pieces, marigold,violet, and rose petals. Heaven!


Happy Macro Monday!

Thank you all for Explore!

let's have some tea

green tea..

jasmine tea..

ginger tea..

milk tea..

lemon tea..

lemongrass tea..

lychee tea..


nyem nyem..

Thai lemongrass tea at Teluk Kurau. AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D, wide open.

Lemongrass tea at Gecko cafe in Hue.

with vintage steiff frog and vintage steiff fish

Canon AE-1

FD 50mm f1.8 S.C

© yohanes.budiyanto, 2011


After 2 weeks; 5 cities; 1 island; 4 hotels; 3 resorts; 1 tent; 2 Four Seasons; 2 Mandarin Orientals; 2 Starwoods; 1 Ritz-Carlton and Peninsula; 20 restaurants; several Michelin-rated chefs' meals; 10000 km of flight; 3 airlines; 4 Business Class Airport Lounges; an inaugural 90 mins session of Thai-massage treatment by the jungle; 2 hours of elephant trekking; a few miles riverboat cruising along Mekong River at the junction of three countries; another few miles of beach kayaking; countless servings of pad thai, green curry, ice lemongrass teas, Japanese Slipper cocktails & red wines; extra 5kg weight gained; and one awfully tan skin.. Holiday is finally over now, but the memory stays forever.


Pictured here is the interior of the tent I stayed at the Four Seasons Tented Camp at Golden Triangle, Thailand. It has been Conde Nast Gold List's #1 hotel in the world for the past 3 years and the only one to ever scored a perfect 100 across all 6 categories. Was it a perfect stay? No, but it was close. It is definitely the highlight of the trip..



Hongkong Thailand Celebration


Coming Soon

Lemongrass tea ... lush !

We attended a cookery class one morning in Bangkok, Thailand.

Before it started, we were relaxed with cold lemongrass tea coupled with a few flowers of beautiful orchid. I had my camera with the Plannar attached. As you know, it is only for manual focus and I wanted to shoot some people there. What did I do? Just having guessed the distance and having set the focus ring accordingly (just a guess), and shoot without using the finder.



Not but result, I think. What do you think?



The welcome drink when you arrive at the Luang Say Lodge, served with the Sunset on the mekong river... No it is not alcool ... it is a delicious lemongrass tea ... for the alcool, check the bar and the wine list ! ;-)


If you like to know more about this unique cruise on the Mekong

you can click here

A line of speciality plantation-made coffees and teas for tasting, including coconut coffee, vanilla, lemongrass tea, ginger tea, and ginseng coffee.

Last day of the month!!! Finally, busy busy January is over :-) After spending my weekends on Lean Training, I have finally got my weekends back!


Visit to British Council, followed by a movie, and a quiet evening spent sipping Kashmiri Kahwa tea at a lovely restaurant named "Tea Centre" ! The day cannot end in a better way! The menu card had atleast 30 varieties of tea like - mint tea, lemongrass tea. Assam tea, Nilgiri tea, green tea, Rose tea, Orange flavored tea and many more. If you frequent Churchgate area of Mumbai, you would like to pay a visit to this place. The ambience is lovely and just perfect for a relaxed evening! Secondly with so many coffee shops around, it is good to see a place where tea is served is such a good variety!


Now, why break time? Well, I think I am okay with a schedule as busy as Jan, but can do with a break :) I took this photo last summer and yes, it was an instant click. Red Konkan soil, tar road and clouds indicating monsoon is on its way! There wouldn't have been better spot for our car to halt!


Have a good week ahead my friends :)

Ginger Tea, Lemon Tea, Lemongrass tea, Ginseng coffee, Black coffee, Ginger Coffee, Hot Coffee, and last but not least The Luwak Coffee !

forgot the menu name. But this is a sirloin steak with meat sauce and spaghetti. And of course a cup of lemongrass tea. delicious.

Lemongrass Tea And Pearl Sugar

Botanika complexion soap is formulated to balance and refresh oily, acne-prone skin types. We infused this soap with organic herbs, cucumber extract, aloe vera, French green clay, and a therapeutic essential oil blend of lemongrass, tea tree, benzoin, clary sage, and lavender.

I could have titled this a number of things ;-)

This morning my OH and I went out with the express intention of him doing a portrait shot of me to accompany a magazine article I've written in relation to disability and how photography can be therapeutic. We started here at The Junction Café Blackpill (below) which is a conversion of a derelict, Grade II Listed Building-this was once the generating station for the world famous Mumbles Train (the first passenger railway service in the world). This is my OH's cup of ginger and lemongrass tea - honest!

We then moved on across the road to Clyne Gardens (below) for the shot but due to a storm which blew up into Gale Force 11 measured at Mumbles Head just down the road, we cut short our visit due to branches and twigs falling off trees.

Massamann Curry and Lemongrass Tea

20 May 2011 issue of World News Sugarleaf opening


Thank you Mr. Joseph Ong!


English translation:


After a couple months of soft-opening, Sugarleaf, a healthy-eats resto-store recently opened its first branch along Wilson Street with a ribbon-cutting and blessing ceremony marking its foray in the restaurant scene in Greenhills, San Juan.


Celebrity couple and healthy living advocates Ronnie and Mariz Rickets and Greenhills barangay chairman Lorenzo Tañada Yam cut the ceremonial ribbon followed by a simple blessing, healthy cocktails and raffle.


Angelo N. Songco remarks “We aim to make organic produce available on a regular basis rather than its current availably limited to weekend markets. More importantly, we aim to serve up yummy food appealing to all ages. One can prepare the healthiest dishes but if it’s not palatable especially to the young ones, it goes contrary to our mission. We want to start kids eating healthy rather than have to struggle with them later on in life – when they already have health issues. The food we take in is something we have complete control of while external factors such as pollution, stress are oftentimes inevitable”.


“In the course of operations, we’ve realized that a big part of what we do is educating more people about the variety of healthier lifestyle and food options available. Aside from our operations, we have gotten a strong following for our health and wellness talks and seminars which cover a variety of topics from super and living foods, all-natural sweeteners, alternative healing, detoxification and a lot more. In fact, we’ve pretty much lined up our calendar with events up until December 2011”.


“We also welcome Goody Kefir into Sugarleaf’s line of healthy eats with its complete line of food and beverages that contain probiotics and an abundance of nutrients. Jeren Cabral, a talented and dedicated food technologist, really made an effort to turn a usually sour beverage into kid-friendly preparations such as fruit smoothies, sandwich wraps and pasta sauces – a hit at the cocktails served during our event”.


Aside from healthy-eat salads, soups, sandwiches and guilt-free desserts, Sugarleaf also serves breakfast, snacks and a line of healthy beverages such as kombucha, organic herb tisanes, artisan roasted coffee and more.


The event was supported by Sugarleaf’s partners in good health: Suchero all-natural sweetener, Roaster Juan coffee, Planet Health kombucha, McRaf fresh-baked bread, Uniwide organic eggs, Geofarm organic lemongrass tea, Bikram Yoga Greenhills and Alabang. Representatives of the EVA Charity Foundation and the Circle of Friends Foundation, Inc. were also present as Sugarleaf supports them by displaying their beautiful hand-made products at the store. EVACF benefits indigenous peoples in Region 3 while COFFI helps people with disabilities.

I tried lemongrass tea at at-sunrice, a gourmet cooking school. It's just an infusion of lemongrass with sugar, but it didn't taste like lemongrass to me at all. More like rose tea!

Yay for Good Mailing Friends!! Thanks so much, Sharon! It's wonderful! It's also the first baby anything we have in the house! :)


Frog Tree Pediboo in periwinkle and grey

Trader Joe's dark choco cherries

Dark chocolate pomegranate

3 cute notebooks

Seahorse note cards

Jelly beans!!

Lemongrass tea

A cute little chewy toy for our baby

A book that is a big hit with S's girls!

Burt's Bees liptastic stuff!

Ceylon Tea Gardens - Green Tea with Lemongrass

15 Exclusive Tea Bags

ingredients: titanium dioxide, turmeric, zinc oxide, cinnamon, coffee, yogurt

oils: walnut, castor, coconut, olive, sunflower, rice bran, Shea butter

essential oils: lemongrass, tea tree, lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary


We were given some samples for tasting. From left to right, ginger tea, lemongrass tea, chocolate, Bali coffee and ginseng coffee. I find all of them nice! By the way, they also sell the powder here so if there is anything to your liking, you can buy it. We bought 1 packet of 450g natural lemongrass tea (100% organic) at Rp 180,000.


Photo used at blog post -

Very delicious, perhaps the best iteration of the "lemon and ginger" herbals I've tried.

Lemongrass tea at the Tropical Spice Plantataion in Ponda, Goa. There are crocodiles in the water.

Herbal gourmet lemongrass.

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